The Lesser Hot Dog of Pet Leveling

mailLast night Cat logged in, she had an hour or so and saw that she had about 40 minutes left on a lesser hot dog of pet leveling. Well, that’s it then, leveling pets it shall be. Who needs leveling? She ran out of the Shrine and then noticed  she had mail. Hmm … must have mailed myself something and forgot.

What! It’s not from me! It’s from Helke/Ishtla/Ravenpayne! I’ve had mail from her before! It’s the very most wonderful kind. There was a Lumpy and a Living Sandling attached!

helkeI know. Cat looks stunned doesn’t she, well I think she was!  Thank you so much Helke, she will take very good care of them and make sure they do their lessons and become well-schooled level 25s in short order. I introduced them to Ravenpayne who can show them the ropes as he’s already a lofty 25 and has lots of experience to share with them!


12 Responses to “The Lesser Hot Dog of Pet Leveling”

  1. Rock on! Literally! Those two look like they can take on any comers…go get ’em!

  2. Looking at that picture, it’s a massive shame we can’t make 3 v 3 teams mixing pets and people. That sandling looks like it could give most gladiators a run for their money.

  3. Omg potion of many pets would be…. amazing!!!!
    And that Helke is not only fashionable but generous and wonderful!

  4. They look fantastic. At first I thought this was a rant post about the dodgy hotdog and I was going to say I’ve never used the hotdog and rissole before for a bit of uber pet levelling.

  5. I have no idea what you three or four or even five are talking about. hot dogs, rissole, wut the heck?!?

    • I think it might mean we’re all hungry, lol. The icon for the Lesser Pet Treat that increases battle pet experience by 25% for an hour looks like a little hot dog. Always makes me want to barbeque!

  6. I’m glad that Cat was able to give those two troublemakers a good home. I can think of no one better to keep them in line.

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