When Turtles Fly and Should you Seek Medical Attention for Dramatization?

flyturtleOkay, so I put in a ticket to trade the stupid wrong weapon I made for the mats. Blizzard said, “Ha! Ha! When turtles fly!” Um … Blizzard? Oh Blizzard? We have lift-off! The turtles are IN THE AIR! Can I have my mats now?

Yeah … I’m making all that up … except the flying turtle part and the part where I can’t trade my stupid weapon for my mats. Nobody will buy it, pretty much nothing sells here anymore so I have high hopes for this virtual realms thing in patch 5.4. I’m saving all my junk that won’t sell and hoping to flog it all off on my new compadres.

So anyway, I think Blizzard is expecting a little much. A doofus who makes herself the wrong weapon is probably not going to be on top of things enough to meet their expectations. So if you ever make the wrong weapon, SWIFTNESS is key. Learn from my mistake. Here’s the sad part of the response. Sniff …

“Sadly, in this case it looks like the Blade was crafted too long ago for us to be able to restore.  Whenever an item is crafted there is a very small window of time (2 hours) afterwards in which we are able to reverse the crafting.  So, since your ticket was put in outside of that 2 hour window, I’m sorry, but we will not be able to reverse the crafting for you.”

See, even THEY were saddened, we’re ALL sad.

OMG! And here I’d been thinking this was a simple matter of deleting my weapon and sending me the mats. I had no idea the spell of reverse crafting had to be cast, that probably involves Mages whose hourly rates are so high Blizzard can only afford to have them hang around for two hours. So always remember … act swiftly or there will be no reverse crafting for you.

The very nice email goes on to say … apologize for any frustration or inconvenience that this has caused. Thank you, but for the first time in seven years I find it’s caused anger. I have contacted support to the best of my memory maybe three or four times. It has never helped except for the time I fell in a crack in Nagrand in BC and was stuck. I have given thousands of dollars to this company, I have not unsubbed once. I’ve had their back for seven years through good and lean times and they can’t take the freaking weapon in her bag that says on it made by Janinna and give me five freaking Spirits of Harmony? Really?

Happy happy joy joy deep breaths … more deep breaths …

Maybe this coupled with constant oppressive latency from an internet provider too big to give a shit has made me a tad grumpy.

So to cheer myself up I took a look at recent search terms. They did not disappoint.

what check ups to do when your dramatized

Now see, I did not know this. I didn’t know medical attention was required if you’re dramatized. I could see that if you CAUSE a lot of drama something might happen to you that would require medical attention. Anyway, I hope they get back to me with the tests you need done in case it happens to me.

born on the back side if it werent for bad luck i

I love incorrect song lyrics and if you’re going to do it, it should be born UNDER a back side which just makes it so much better. Thank you whoever you are, I had so much fun. I went to YouTube and listened while loudly singing, “BORN UNDER A BACKSIDE.” It was wonderful, I might do it again.

So yes, I’m totally cheered. I’m not saying I’m ready to go grind 50 motes of harmony for that weapon yet but still, things are looking up. At least I wasn’t born under a backside. HAHAHA! Okay, I can’t help it, I’ve got to have another sing-a-long.

All together now!

Born under a backside. I’ve been down since I began …

18 Responses to “When Turtles Fly and Should you Seek Medical Attention for Dramatization?”

  1. You need to write them again, telling them the problem is not solved. Never, ever give up on this one. Ever. Ever.

    HOTFAB it Tome. That is completely ridiculous – two hours? How the HELL would anyone know that?

    So angry right now….shammy rage….

    • I can only sustain a fight with one evil mega company at a time, lol. But maybe I will don the HOTFAB to continue fighting the Comcast boss! FEAR ME, YOU WILL DO MY BIDDING!

  2. I accidentally bought another Sha socket and then found I couldn’t use it but luckily I sent my ticket in within the hour and I was able to get my 7k refund. It does seem like a very short window but seeing at how much data they hold for all accounts, I guess it makes sense. I’ve had the jump up an down song in my head since reading the latest From Draenor comic. Better than having the hiccups three times in 24 hours I guess. True story!

    • Well I know now to not sit around goofing off before I send in a ticket. I’m glad you got your 7k back for being speedy!

      OMG! Hiccups three times in 24 hours, ouch. And there’s no trouble ticketing those hiccups!

  3. Two hours to reverse crafting? Uh, what? That’s a thing?

    I’m sorry that happened. Part of me wants to think, “Oh, it’s just pixels,” but… the time investment, if nothing else! Like you said, FIFTY MOTES. /tableflip Yes, I’m flipping a table on your behalf!!

    • I know! Reverse crafting? Do they think I just fell off the turnip truck, lol.

      This kind of stuff usually doesn’t bother me, I really think the real culprit is Comcast, the latency is grinding me down and support … I don’t even want to go there.

      Thank you! I had forgotten, next I log in Cat will be flipping the table repeatedly or more likely the table will hang in the air while I lag but that should be satisfying too!

  4. 5 spirits of harmony? was that all? what were you trying to make and what did you make?

    It’s like the mounts at $25 a peice – I will never ride them because they move too – too much bounce on the toon – aggravates my condition. So, I just use the same flying mount as what I started with – a gryphon. The problem is you can’t tell how they move until it is bought and use it for a second or two. By then – no money back (according to Blizzards point of sell and the customer phone support people). Yes, I have bought up to the bat mount and that’s the end. Nor can I ride the flying serpents because of the twisting.

    • My Blacksmith made the wrong weapon and she’s so underpowered it takes her forever to grind those motes. I had hoped they would trade me the weapon for the five spirits back but alas I’m too slow, got to be quick, quick.

      Yeah, me too. I love the look of the serpents but riding them makes me queasy.

  5. I think I might have been born under a backside. ..

  6. If it weren’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all.

    I’d put in another ticket and say the issue hasn’t been resolved. Tell them you originally didn’t know it was possible to fix that sort of problem until a friend told you, and if you had known you would have put in the ticket right away.

    • I’m letting this one go as I need all my fortitude to continue the Comcast support fight. They replaced the cable from the house to the box and consider things done. I’m trying to work my way up to support staff that can read a pathping and see once and for all the ONLY place there’s no problem is getting out of my house.

      They must train customer support to convince you the problem’s in your house. They are draining my customer support dealing mojo, lol.

  7. Oh great, now even my earworm has the wrong lyrics!

    Sigh, I know what you mean about Comcast. I’m getting ready to deal with my parents’ phone company, because I’m pretty sure part of their issue is due to needing a splitter for their DSL line at the junction box, so any crap that is picked up in the house isn’t passed along to the phone line upstream. I’d put in the splitter myself, except that they don’t have a regular junction box like a house ought to have. Urg.

    As for the turtles part, the next time somebody tells you “when pigs fly!”, you can say “But they DO in Cincinnati!”

    The Flying Pig Marathon


    • Aw, damn. The image link didn’t work.

    • I’ll never hear that song the same way again, lol. Oh! I see the mythic flying pig! Cincinnati must be a magical place!

      I hope it goes well for you on your parents phone, back in the day it didn’t seem as excruciating to deal with these companies but maybe I’m wearing rose-colored glasses of good old days.

  8. This post slayed me, Tome. Those searches and how you approach them is just hilarious. I’ve had several encounters with “saddened” Blizz employees too. Boy do they make me crazy with their answers, albeit funny and imaginative, why the fridge can’t they just swap the mistake and end my misery??!!

    As for the turtles… Chickens on my farm are often turtles, but the moths at the Shrine become white bear cubs! Funny how those highly-paid backstage mages have enough time to turn chickens and moths into turtles and bears though, isn’t it…

    • Anou, I never thought of that! That’s why they have no time to fix tickets. It’s all that turning moths into turtles that’s taking up their valuable time! I think what’s so crushing too is that you wait over a day to get your dreams of a fix squashed!

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