Restless Warlock on an Empty Server

searchMaybe Fenris is jumping at night but it’s sure deserted when I’m around. Now as you can see Cat doesn’t care. Cat is spending most of her time in the Vale, soaking up the beauty in case it goes away. She’s on top of the shrine where she can hear if any groups are forming for the world bosses and tell Cim.

farmerdkDeath Knight turned farmer doesn’t care. She finally became exalted with the Tillers and now she can plant her OWN Motes of Harmony instead of unsuccessfully begging support to give them back to her. Since she takes roughly 10 minutes to kill any one thing I think this is a good plan. The little virmen that pop out of the ground are about all she can handle. Soon she will be able to make the CORRECT weapon and then may be able to take on two at a time! It could happen!

Cim the Warlock DOES care. Being the sixth to arrive she’s missed the boat on the world bosses, which without LFR is the only way to gain better gear. Frankly she’s pissed at me. I need to find her an outlet. Empty server, no one around … wait! No one around … quick Cim, head to Stormwind!

My mother tells me that as a little girl I would hang on her leg hiding. If asked what was wrong I would sniffle, “They’re looking at me!” Unfortunately I haven’t changed. I wanted to try the Brawler’s Guild but without an audience. I didn’t want it ruined by a bunch of snarkiness, I can do LFR if I want that.

Yay! A perk of an empty server! And apparently there must be quite a few! Finally my weird hours pay off! No one’s here! I felt kind of bad as someone came in, probably with the same idea and took one look at me and left.

clockemIt was a lot of fun, Cim’s mission was to obtain a Clock’em for Cat. All went well until Ixx where I had a little trouble telling his front from his back which is rather crucial but Cim sorted that out and got Cat her pet.

So now everyone’s happy. Cat’s got another pet to level, Cim something to look forward to. Farmer DK is happily digging in the dirt and no one else is unhappy. Big happy family. I do however think Cim should try to break iLevel 490 before continuing. She got a little close to some enrage timers. Maybe she’ll WANT to accumulate valor so she can continue.

So if you wanted to try it but didn’t want to learn in front of an audience, now’s the time! In ilevel 480s after a watch of Icy Veins videos it’s a lot of fun. See Cim, it finally paid off being sixth!

25 Responses to “Restless Warlock on an Empty Server”

  1. The best reason to be on an empty server is getting the Explorer tab. Back when my Horde toons were on Stormscale-US (PVP) which was a West Coast server, I’d be up at my usual 6 AM EST time exploring the Alliance areas, which were 3 AM server time. I credit that for not having to do a boatload of runbacks.

    Of course, nowadays the young whippersnappers get flying in the Old World and don’t need to worry about that sort of thing.

    • I’d imagine being on a PvP server would make you permanently jumpy, lol! Although Ironsally’s on one now it doesn’t seem to bother her as she knows she can’t defend herself, but thankfully that server’s pretty empty too.

  2. Okay – first – no one is looking at you. Promise. Even if another player is in there, they are probably alt-tabbed, drinking coffee and hiding WoW from their bosses (real ones) or reading strats on how to get to the next level. I have never once looked at another player in the Brawler’s Guild, except for one time a gnome’s tiny body spawning repeatedly, JUST LIKE MINE. I realize and respect that introverts never trust the word of an extrovert, but really – no one is. There. Free therapy. Next – I was thinking that for some of my ungeared alts a tour around the Lion’s Landing may be just the ticket – things I can do on my own, no LFR involved, and the gear score is fairly decent, especially for your DK. King Wyrnn is still recruiting able-bodied…whatever the hell we are.

    Anyway, congratulations on the happiness levels. And that transformation in the top photo – how did you get that again? That is sho-kewl!

    • Oh, I’m always watching other toons when I’m waiting for things like a BG (or a TOR Flashpoint) to pop. I think it’s a legacy of being on a PvP server for the first year of my WoW career; I never quite let down my guard.

      • Redbeard, don’t tell Tome that! Dammit, man! When she’s in the Brawler’s Guild she shouldn’t worry about other players being there. Sigh. Back to the therapy couch.

        • Oh, she’s got nothing to worry about if she’s on a PvE server. I seriously doubt people care that much there.

          But on PvP, let’s just say that Tarren Mill still makes me twitchy.

    • Yeah, her book was great. I thought it should be required reading for bosses, lol. My daughter, another introvert just not as bad gets so tired of being told, “You need to come out of your shell.” Hey! Hey! We’re not in a shell, read that book!

      But honestly, there are people watching. Introverts watch and listen all the time. Trust me I know. But it’s unlikely they’ll start with the snarky so they’re safe!

      • I know no one believes me, but now that I think about it, I am an “ambi-vert.” If I don’t get my time to myself I do go a little crazy and take everyone with me. I think about all the times in meetings when I would get steam-rolled by angry, loud people, or all the times others says “group work!” and shove it down my throat. I have had to advocate for the introverts, and I think I know why I ‘get them.’ I was told to “smile” constantly throughout my teens and twenties. Ugh. I just sent the link to my own boss. We’ll see. People are always “interpretting” me for her. Gets…a little old. Anway – I hope you didn’t misunderstand me when I said don’t worry about the Brawlers’ Guild – my comment had nothing to do with PVE vs. PVP servers, but the self-conscious factor in those closed environments. No encouragement of group work here, in fact the opposite – have fun and get in your own groove.

        • Ambivert! That seems like a good thing to be, not too much of one or the other and you could understand both sides!

          You know after the first fews rounds I don’t think it would have mattered if people showed up as I was so into it. I mean if they’d thrown tomatoes I might have noticed but I was really having fun, lol.

  3. Oh, congratulations on the ranks and pet. I’d really like some better gear so I can get past my bottlenecks šŸ˜›

    • Thanks! I know, I doubt she’ll get any higher than somewhere in the 490s so I don’t know how far she’ll go. I kind of wish they’d done the gear normalization for this so you’d know it was doable if, big if, you had the skill. I’ll keep going until it becomes painful, lol.

  4. Grats! Mr Harpy had the same idea and got his at around 5am on Sunday morning. I’m still toying with the idea. I’d like to see if it’s possible as a Mistweaver but I’m not convinced so would rather try it out when there isn’t anyone watching me.

  5. The barrens quests might give you some gear upgrades with 489 gear. I got some there with my Mage. I was able to buy the “token” off the AH really cheap instead of grinding for the extra items to buy from the quartermaster or trying to get the drop. Although I’m not on an empty server so the AH may or may not work as well. Askmrrobot can show you which items are decent bets for upgrades if you show “random items” on the upgrades list.

    • Thanks Talar! She did get two pieces from the Barrens but then I ran out of stamina, lol. The first time I was lucky and a group was doing the champions but the second time was one at a time, I wore her out!

      Hmm … all the times at Mr. Robot I never noticed a “random items” option, I’d better go take a look. I might be missing out on something good!

  6. I think an empty server is great for getting rare spawns like TLPD, camels or Aeonaxx. And you got clock’em grats!!!

    • I guess it would be, I haven’t noticed what it’s like in areas where they spawn. I always go to Drak when I’m looking for something so Ironsally will feel useful, lol.

      Thanks! Cat is happy with her new pet!

  7. acbarberi Says:

    Neat post! I find empty servers relaxing… not too much chat spam and not too many players stealing my loots! haha

  8. and here I am about to stop playing for I feel I have hit the wall of no more armour or weapon upgrades, as I dont do instances, dungeons, scenarioes, LFG, LFR and can’t live long enough to solot thunder Island. And of all peeps – here is Tome getting all the way to 480. Gwad, L feel like such a dweeb.

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