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I’m No Rockette Scientist but …

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rockettescienceDon’t you think it’s about time for Spirits of Harmony to be BoA? Please for the love of … I don’t know, Einstein. Can we please have AT LEAST BoA Spirits? Whine, whine, whine … please? I have two characters exalted with the Tillers who would be happy to make Spirits for my undergeared Blacksmith, BUT NO! She’s forced to try to grind out those spirits in her crappy gear. Maybe for 5.4? Maybe?

I’m not sure why I care, I can’t actually do anything right now anyway. Latency problems continue, one day is fine the next day unplayable.


So I had started a post complaining about Spirits of Harmony that’s still out there on the internet. Next I was going to complain about the game being intermittently unplayable because of Comcast’s latency issues. Well Comcast must have heard me complaining and I sure got my comeuppance, they showed me all right. Now I have NO INTERNET AT ALL but I’ll continue complaining in the hope that one day I will be able to contact civilization again.

I know who did this, I saw him on the dog walk. A Comcast truck was on the side of the road where all their cables stick out of the ground. Maybe I should go back with both dogs to intimidate him. TURN THE INTERNET BACK ON FOOL!


Anyway … this is Cim. She was my actual second main until something got screwed up and Sasche went first. I’m trying to remedy this but it’s proving hard. On my server at least, Horde side is pretty much dead. I’ve seen forum posts about whole guilds moving off the server. Alliance is a little more active so I’m hoping Cim might see some action.

I had planned on doing some scenarios with her but aside from Saturday when the lag was gone I can’t queue for things if I’m going to be stuck in a five minute cast. Now I’d be sooooo happy to be able to cast one of them or have Cat dig for five minutes for an archeology find. You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

Alright … I’m just stalling, starring at the Network icon in the hope WAIT! It’s back! He must have heard the dog comment! I’m sure the latency problems continue but now I can log in and enjoy those five minute casts!

What? Oh man, you noticed. I know I didn’t actually have anything to say in this post. It was a shameless attempt to crawl one step closer to five hundred posts. It’s taking forever. Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time. Maybe I can film Cat’s five minute digs, that should be riveting viewing!

Catavars and Annoyed Warlocks

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catavatarSo I came upon Cat chatting with El, I figured she was getting carp tips from her but I heard her say something about her catavar. Catavar? What’s that? Well apparently they both play MMOs. I know! I asked if Cat could show me her … ah … catavar.

Um Cat? Why did you pick a avatar catavar with those ears and those eyebrows? What? No! No, I didn’t mean anything’s wrong with them at all, I just thought you’d go for a whole different look. Since you could. You know.

Well yes, many of my characters are human. You’ve got a point, I see what you mean. So you were going for the kinda Human/Night Elf Halfling look? Yes, I see. Very nice.

whitecarpOh see, she was asking El for carp tips! And it worked! Yay Cat, two down two to go.

warlockallyYeah … please don’t say anything … about the … you know, look. I’m in enough trouble with my Alliance Warlock as she had to sit around dressed like that while EVERYONE else got to 90 first. She was NOT happy.

So over the last day or two we rushed through the same quests for the third time in a row. Oh, sweet Elune! She told me she wanted to do Battlefield: Barrens. I don’t know if I can do this again. No one does the champions anymore. One little mob at a time with an underpowered Warlock, oh boy.

But fair’s fair and she did wait patiently … sort of. Deal’s a deal.

warlocknowThere she is looking somewhat better and off we went to do the scenarios. Blood in the Snow went just fine. Yay! We’re almost to the Barrens! I kind of jumped the gun there. Dark Heart of Pandaria did not go well, again and again and again and …

I felt so bad for a little Shaman who finally said they would drop group so we’d be able to finish and although I felt bad for them, we were thankfully able to finish with another player. Yay! Barrens, here we come. Yeah, I was trying to get enthused. Be supportive … she’s been waiting a long time.

So we get there and take the quest to gather 15 of each resource. After that I ran screaming back to Pandaria. Maybe next week. She could use the gear. Just not right now. I can’t, I just can’t.

So I felt really guilty. How to make amends. Let’s see … 40,000 gold should do it. I’m cringing. I really did spend that on her, rather than gather lumber. And to get her to the lofty iLevel of 459 … and don’t tell her I told you … she’s using a borrowed weapon. Yes, Sasche and Cim are sharing a BOA. They have to send it back and forth. I know. But my Scribe absolutely refused to make another Inscribed Serpent Staff. WOULD NOT DO IT. They can share, she told me.

So now I’m broke and and being bossed around by a bunch of virtual characters. But on the bright side, it did take seven years before I caved to them. Come on, that’s something … isn’t it?

Leveling’s Too Easy, Oops … Dead Again

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dkpainI had been playing a lot of Neverwinter and I’m still enjoying it but as soon as I had latency problems with WoW, for some reason it became IMPERATIVE that I play WoW. Go figure. So with all the posts generated by the Community Blog Topic at WoW Insider I decided to get my Death Knight to 90 and see. Is it just right? Too hard? Too Easy? Because …

quintYeah, how embarrassing. I proclaim myself an altoholic and I don’t have that. What in the world have I been doing *cough* pet battles *cough* you might ask.

Death Knight and I go forth. OW OW OW! OMG! Now I remember why she leveled to 86 just by mining. This is painful. I don’t remember having this problem with her through Cata. She was wearing rags then, she was Unholy, I haven’t changed spec. OMG! Leveling must be hard.

We are at Fire Camp Ordo and this stuff is hard, OUCH! WHAT! Crap, as if she’s not having enough trouble already, Korda Torros wanders by and kills her.

I’m just leveling here! Leave me alone! I don’t want your small bag of whatever, go AWAY!

Okay, that settles it, leveling must be hard although I don’t remember any problems with this area on anyone else. Maybe I should take a quick look at MMO Melting Pot’s Death Knight guide.

Okay, let’s see. Yep, yep, yep. Okay. Got that covered. Oh come on.

Make sure you’re in Unholy Presence.

Like who wouldn’t know that, that’s …

nopresenceYES. I have moved the indicatorer into a more visible position for you to see. Apparently it’s not visible enough. This poor, poor, Death Knight has leveled from 85 to 88 without ANY PRESENCE AT ALL. Not the wrong one but NONE.

petexpShe had been so painful to level that I had stooped to any method of experience other than fighting. Does having Unholy Presence turned on make a difference?

Oh hell yeah it does, we are smoking, we are killing EVERYTHING! There is no stopping this Death Knight now. We’ll be at 90 sometime today.

Oh Korda! Hey, Korda! Where are you man? Yeah, don’t want to show your face now, huh, I’m looking for payback!

So apparently leveling’s not hard. I’ve just APPARENTLY been playing so long I’ve moved into my second noobhood. No big surprise there.

Sigh …

The Sha of Latency Strikes a Demoralizing Blow

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zorakarCat finally agreed to leave off pet battling so my original character, my Hunter, could FINALLY get to 90 and fly around looking for beasts to tame. Do you see how pissed off that bear is? I don’t blame him at all. For the past two days doing anything has become excruciatingly painful to endure.

It’s a testament to the unyielding resolve of Hunters that she would not be swayed from her mission. Really more like she figured Cat would be back to play with her pets so this was her only window. She made it by logging in playing until it became impossible, logging out, logging in … yeah, painful. And when I say logging out, that wasn’t even possible, log out had to be done from the Task Manager.

I know nothing about networks but it seems if everything was fine and no changes were made on this end, the latency must be caused by something other than my computer. So I did a pathping, yeah kind of stupid as I have no idea what it says except, that can’t be good.

pathpingAgain, talking completely out my … left ear, doesn’t that looks like Comcast and Blizzard aren’t getting along. Correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m trying to analyze this from a position of complete ignorance. Make sense huh. But that’s how desperate I’ve become.

So I google and find there’s a thread on the forums. And apparently there’s another for Comcast users in the state of Washington. It’s not just me then.

I know better than to try to contact Comcast whose fix would be to try to sell me something. So I looked into doing a ticket but really, I don’t think the WTF folder has ever in HISTORY been responsible for anything. I think it’s blameless. I think it’s just busy work to get us off their back. And they want my MSinfo file that has all my errors. I think that’s too invasive. I took a look and saw an entry that said, “Derp just dropped her tuna sandwich on the keyboard, ha ha.”

Yeah, way too much info there. So here I sit with nothing to do. WoW is unplayable now, but I continue to try. At some point I will probably give up but I have to keep morale up among the troops.

admiredarnMy bank alt was whinging and moaning about not being able to trade. I told her to turn around and admire the lovely scenery … I won’t say what she told me.

Familiar Places, Familiar Faces

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valeCat’s been a tourist lately, flying around the Vale of Eternal Blossoms taking as many pictures as she can. I thought about my leveling habits since Cataclysm. I realized I avoid the zones with the greatest change.

Darkshore and Ashenvale had been big favorites of mine. I spent a BIG amount of time in them back in Vanilla trying to find quest items that didn’t sparkle and failing. My Hunter resorted to grinding mobs out of frustration so some changes I like. Sparkly quest items, I’m looking at you. Other changes, I’m not so happy about. I no longer level through Darkshore and Ashenvale, I avoid them as much as possible as going there breaks my heart.


I used to love Azshara, although there wasn’t all that much happening there, but now I avoid it. I love you my Goblin brethren but you are walking, talking, environmental disasters. One of my favorite zones now is Silithus because it’s the same as it ever was.

I was surprised how much emotion I have invested in these virtual places but there’s no doubt I have. I’ll go to Dalaran just for a shoe shine from Sheddle Glossgleam or to Fuselight to contemplate goat-kicking. There are so many locations I love to hang around in and now I realize just as many I avoid. The incredibly, beautiful Vale will remain ever beautiful here in this post where I can come back and see it, should things change.

fishchairCat finally caught enough fish to gain Nat’s devoted friendship. I knew that I wanted something he’d give me but it took so long I forgot what it was. Oh! Nat’s Fishing Chair! Cat hurried to show it off to Fish Fellreed. Cat thanked Elune that all was the same in Valley of the Four Winds as it had been, all her Tiller friends were fine. I hope they stay that way. Really Blizzard, don’t mess with the Tillers … they’re all my BFFs … really, hands off.

Cheers and Put your Money Where your Mouth … oh

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stranglethornbrewFinally! In all the years I’ve been a member of the Brew of the Month Club I have never once felt the urge to travel to Ironforge to purchase ale until now. I made a special trip just to buy a case of Stranglethorn Brew. I mean who wouldn’t want to be menaced by Angry Jungle Gnomes. Oh! Oh! Please don’t get me little Gnomes! I hope I acted appropriately frightened, don’t want to hurt their little feelings.

firefallYeah … I know … crazy. Well see, what happened was I read a post at Wow Insider about a former WoW developer talking about WoW being too easy. I certainly agree with that but I don’t know how else Blizzard could have handled it. Leveling to 90 would be a daunting task for someone just starting. Maybe give people a Flask of Accelerated Experience and let them decide if they want to zip through levels or not.

But of course HIS new game, FireFall gets everything right. Oh yeah? Put your money where your mouth is buddy, we’ll see about this. It’s like he threw down a gauntlet … I HAD to pick it up. Just had to.

What? Oh, it’s okay … What? Well, I really can’t say. I’ve been stuck in the tutorial since I arrived. I can’t pass it. It’s too hard. LOLOLOLOLOL. I have yet to manage flying around with my jetpack, shooting through hoops while firing fireballs out my …  can’t manage it so far.

Don’t let it go to your head Mark Kern, just cause it’s hard for me. I’m pretty sure my fourteen year old neighbor could do it just fine. Okay, breaks over. Back to school.

The Smoking Death Knight and The Fashionable Killing Machine of Death and …

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A while back I race changed my Death Knight in the hope that we’d be able to bond. I may have made a mistake. Okay, I can overlook the fact that she has allergies, I have them too. So I can understand the constant snorting and sniffing, but man, the voice. This Death Knight sounds like she has a two pack a day habit.

So I was trying to get her to level 88 by flying around battling. We were in the midst of a battle and one of her pets bought the farm. The same instant there was a horrifying sound, I thought we were being attacked by … I don’t know … something terrifying … something … crap, it’s her sobbing. I thought the rhinoceros of doom was incoming.

I WILL NOT do another race change, I have to learn to live with my smoking Death Knight. I don’t know, maybe turn the sound off while playing her. Make her a silent Death Knight, that fits.

tricksterYeah … just, I don’t know. My Rogue Trickster looks like a cross between the Lone Ranger and a Vegas Show Girl by dressing herself in the clothes she just finds by rifling through the dead bodies around her. I mean there are a lot. So far she is a virtual killing machine. I don’t know if it will continue but at this point you can REALLY, LITERALLY, face roll with her and kill every living creature in the area. And look damn good doing it. If things change I’ll have to actually pay attention to her powers but right now I seem to be just along for the ride.

My Control Wizard on the other hand is now getting her hat handed to her at level 38. Her handsome bodyguard is now just eye candy. He’s usually flat on the ground, out for the count halfway through almost any fight now. Be interesting to see if the Trickster encounters the same thing when she gets in her thirties.

mountsCat FINALLY stopped being cheap and bought the remaining mounts to get to 150 and get her new kite. Whew. I don’t know why procuring 500 pets didn’t seem hard at all but the mounts … painful. I asked her what’s on her list of things to do next.

one fish two fish red fish blue fish WHITE FISH

I don’t know if she’ll have much luck with that. She doesn’t even have much luck catching a natfish. That darn Nat Pagle is playing so hard to get, I don’t know when we’ll be bffs. I know, I know. You have to actually FISH to catch them. Come on Cat, equip fishing pool and do eet.

mataoka So yesterday I read two posts at Matty’s. The first was about her lag problems and wishing someone would just make her computer work so she could get on with playing and not have to muck about with trying to fix it.

Then I read this post about needing a propaganda poster for Mataoka, so this one came to mind. Sort of a motivational poster that might make … I don’t know … someone want to help with the computer. I mean who wouldn’t want to help the Queen of the Draenei after all.

Don’t know if it would work hung in a strategic location but darn, it’s worth a try.