Fighting WoW Ennui

soldserpentOkay, I have multiple problems. I can’t publish a post without a picture … I don’t know, I just can’t. I’ll have to stick something totally unrelated in here because really, the words I just usually put in to space the pictures.

Yes, this morning I’m fighting WoW Ennui … you know, the new boss. Well, the problem is I’ve posted about being in a WoW funk a few times and I’m having to get creative so that I don’t have 53 post titles all proclaiming, “I’m in a WoW Funk.” If you say WoW Ennui out loud it sounds really, really fancy and important. I’m saying it now. It’s like I can speak French!

So I get up this morning and it’s crappy and dreary outside. I’m afraid my mood is tied to weather way more than I wish it were. I go to computer and think … hmm … I don’t even know if I want to login. I have no plan. Got Cim tipped over iLevel 490 to 491 last night. That WAS my plan … now I’m unprepared.

Well I’ll just login to see if anything sold, and DK can pick her Motes at the farm … then … I don’t know.

So I start up WoW and WHAT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN! It’s Thursday! What scheduled maintenance! I HAVE TO GET IN THERE NOW! I have to pick motes! I have to check the AH! Cat has to try out her Anubisath Idol after watching the great video Matty posted! AARRGGGHHHH! LET ME IN! I have things to do!

Oh wow … I guess I should change the title, I don’t seem to have a ennui anymore. Denial of service seems to have cured it. Nah … I’ll leave it to remind myself how to cure ennui. In case it happens again. Which it might. I wish I had such an easy cure for the weather. I’ll just have to fight the urge to have a Firefly marathon while drinking hot chocolate on the couch with me and the dogs in a blanket. Things to do, things to do. Must fight cocoa in a cocoon on the couch since I’m done fighting old ennui.

Picture: Cim wasn’t going to bother with the Order of the Cloud Serpent until she remembered a post she read about Fabulor. 750 gold for that baby! I think she finished in two days thanks to Onyx Eggs! Cha-Ching! Yeah … Cim is totally Ironsally’s evil twin.


8 Responses to “Fighting WoW Ennui”

  1. Fabulor may have the soul of a goblin. ❤

  2. One problem: not sure goblins have souls? Oh sure they do, what am I talking about? Some of my best friends, and all…/hugs Prinnie…

    I know – nothng like a little Blizz reverse psychology to make us all pound down the doors!

  3. Yeah, seems we were all caught off guard by this maintenance. I’m not even getting my tamers or pvp pet battles done much any more. In fact, I finished my last two wins today after picking the quest up last week.

  4. I think we all have prepatch lethargy. I already had my grumbles about the maintenance, but oh that’s a pretty cloud serpent 🙂

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