Sympathy for the Devil

oonastyYeah no, not him. He’s not the devil, the devil comes later. The devil ruined my theory.

So yesterday I was so excited to get into a raid doing the four world bosses with Cim the Warlock. After my three LFRs I decided to forgo them no matter what that little bossy Wrathion wanted, get your own sigils, geez kid. People are unpleasant to each other in there. Not how I want to spend my time.

My theory is that world bosses are done by the people on your server so they’re less likely to act like, I don’t know … yes I do but I’m trying to think of a polite alternative. Oh I know! Godmother says it and I’ve always admired it and wanted to use it. Gits! There, that’s perfect!

We do Nalak first. Admittedly it took a good deal longer than I remember when he was first up but these could all be people on their sixth alt like I am, trying to gear up. I was happy, the boss dies it’s a success to me.

So someone asks, where to next? Someone says, I’m paraphrasing here but I distinctly remember one word. They said, “Like I want to do anything else with you bunch of retards.” Oh my, I guess killing the boss wasn’t enough for them, we didn’t do it in style … darn. There goes my theory … first time that’s happened … WAIT! My theory still stands, this git’s from Azjol-Nerub not Fenris!

Raid leader said goodbye to them and kicked the git. We ended up at Oondasta. The only time I did this before there were two raids, it was practically over before it started that time. Not so this time. I thought I’d have to take out a loan for repairs. I did not see one nasty comment. We would get him almost down and he would turn around and Frill Blast killing almost everyone. At one point I thought I was clever and stood by a big rock, when he did it again I hid and lived. Very bad idea, I lived to get his full attention. OW OW OW.

We got a few more people and a new tank and yay! Down he went. Yeah, they were all stingy and didn’t drop anything but aside from the git from Azjol-Nerub everyone was nice even through the agony of multiple Frill Blasts. And oh, I’m not trying to besmirch the good name of Azjol-Nerubians, we had another from that server in the group who was most definitely not a git.

There, my theory stands. People are more likely to be nice when they’re on the same server.

So off I go to do dailies on the Isle of Thunder. HERE’S where I meet the devil. I come back to the base to turn in quests. I’m not paying attention, I’m standing there busy disenchanting, making cloth. I then notice chat. An Alliance Paladin … PALADIN, Sweet Elune, that’s so wrong, has been spitting on me for some time. He must have gotten tired of no response as he’s nowhere to be seen.

That stupid devil ruined my theory. It’s damned hard to have sympathy. Maybe he just transferred from another server and doesn’t know we all hold hands and sing kumbaya here … well in MY mind we do anyway.

Well … so much for my theory. There be devils ahead.

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a Paladin of wealth and … SPIT


sigh …


16 Responses to “Sympathy for the Devil”

  1. I’m afraid that some Pallies ruin it for the rest of us.

    I feel your pain. I really do. Having been in enough BGs, it can get really nasty at times.

  2. Well, paladins are a conflicted lot, that’s for sure…all that talk of hero worship an dall, and really, some have PTSD and need years of therapy. I wish there was a way that if a certain class does something it puts a debuff back on THEM – “retribution” is part of their MO, you know…

    • OMG! I didn’t think I could have sympathy for that Paladin but you have a point. All those years fighting the good fight may have taken its toll but on the other hand I do like the idea of the retribution debuff, lol.

  3. Your posts always make me laugh! Even if there’s a serious message like spitting paladins. I am imagining you hiding behind a rockand living to feel the full wrath of oondasta.
    I get spat on heaps. Definitely a pvp thing. Such gits. I never spit. I’m not a camel.

    • Yeah, I thought I was so clever hiding and then he came around pounding after me, lol.

      Poor Sasche has been spit on but at least it was by the other faction not her own. Yep, no spitting for me, not ladylike. They may be Warlocks but they’re still ladies.

  4. I must admit I find it strange that Blizzard go on about wanting to reduce “toxic” behaviour but leave things like /spit, /stink etc in-game, not to mention the spittoon that the MoP gave us.

    In one Silvershard Mines today I got spat on 27 times by an unfortunate Shaman. Ended up being a bit like one of those old movies with the chase scene as he chased me spamming spit and Mr Harpy and a nice overgeared warrior chased him spamming /chicken and /sigh respectively.

    That said, at least he had a reason for it, that Paladin doing it randomly is just ….

    • LOL! I have a movie going in my head of the spitting and chickening!

      I do expect that from the other faction but I sometimes am left wondering who in the world is behind that computer. I also wonder how parents are raising their children. At least hopefully that wasn’t an adult, yikes!

  5. acbarberi Says:

    True story. I like CRZ for low-level areas so it’s not so boring in Elwynn and other places, but we don’t need CRZ on the Isles or anywhere high-level; tons of people are already up there. People from other servers definitely do not care if they offend people.

    I also feel like people are invading my server when I see CRZ people.

    • As a matter of interest how can you tell when you actually ‘leave’ _your_ server? Are you the CRZ dude to them?
      I agree with all the above comments about “Why Bliz?”. I’ve never used them. Must confess I’ve never learnt them either 🙂 too small a brain I suppose, so I can’t even use them on the opposition.
      I also must confess it’s this git-like behaviour from the oiks of the world that keeps me out of dungeons et al almost entirely.
      PS. Not sure if oik is even a word anymore. It was when I was young lo those many moons ago.

      • acbarberi Says:

        Really you cannot tell. In actuality, I’m probably invading their server. However, I saw them on my screen, so it just felt like an invasion. I know it’s not reasonable. I like having more players, most of the time, but not when they’re being nasty or taking my loots… haha

      • Oh! Another cool word to use, I don’t know if it’s still current but I’m keeping that for future use! Watch out you spitting oiks!

    • I do kind of like CRZ in low-level areas where I’m not really doing anything since my server is pretty dead the times I’m on. Not sure how I’m going to like it once shared servers are implemented.

  6. I remember someone spitting on me as a greeting of sorts on my old server. I never liked it so on one occasion I told him that if he didn’t stop, I’d tell Cool to kick his ass via a duel. Oh wait, no that was the other one who kept emoting that I licked his manboob all the time… =/

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