The Forsaken’s Lament

saschewaitsIt’s been weeks since I last spoke with my partner. A quick request to send my weapon to another, that’s all. I waited in an empty Orgrimmar for word … none came. I decided to wait this out among my own people, those who understand me best.

Since we’ve been together she’s always spent time with sweet, silly Cat and her pets. I didn’t mind. But now it’s different, now she rides with another Warlock … still human … pretty. She knew this Warlock before we met, I don’t know why she’s come back.

I can’t help but wonder if I’m at fault. Is it my silence? I don’t think so, she of all people understands companionable silence but then what … what have I done? I don’t know … so I wait here in The Undercity walking familiar streets until the day she returns. I am patient. I know she will return. She would not forsake me. She would not do that to me. I wait.


Sometimes I think you can have an overabundance of imagination in a bad way. This is what I think poor Sasche feels. She doesn’t know that she’s been put aside over nothing she’s done. Horde is so quiet on my server at least when I’m on, it was impossible to do much of anything. Yes, there it is, I feel sorry for my virtual character, I feel guilty.

It’s not the only time. Almost every day Cat uses poor Morulu the Elder to level baby pets. He always tells her, “These old bones have much knowledge to impart.” I cringe. He’s so polite and nice and she’s about to kick his ass nine ways to Sunday.

So yeah, I’m hoping Sasche will read this and know she’s done nothing wrong. I’ll be back Sasche.


8 Responses to “The Forsaken’s Lament”

  1. This entire summer I have also been exploring the ‘too much of a good imagination” theme. Maybe Sasche and I can get a family-rate on cognitive therapy. She looks beautiful, by the by, and you can tell her, too, I know someone who has ten of eleven characters, all Forsaken, in his ranks. True story.

    • Oh I will tell her, it will make her happy as she’s been feeling competitive about that “still human” Warlock. The human has some weird ideas about clothing, I’d forgotten, lol.

  2. Poor Sasche. She is one of my favorites because she’s Horde. Lucky she doesn’t know but hey she’s doing a good job pet levelling!

  3. acbarberi Says:

    I would comment more here, if I knew what was going on. I may have to do some research haha

    • LOL! I know what you mean. You need like a last season synopsis to know about all my characters. I tend to write about them as if everyone knows who they are. I should give them their own page one day.

  4. Awww, stop neglecting the Dead. It’s a shame her and Sprout can’t meet up and over tea and mushrooms (or whatever Undead eat these days) and complain about us.

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