A Horse with No Name, a Post with No Words

ticSo I’m in the mood where I delete posts I was going to publish. And no, it’s not a WoW mood. Totally IRL mood but I can never bear to delete the pictures, weird, I know. I’ll just leave them with a title. That one is. “Ticks Menacing Our House.”

frank“I know Frank, I totally understand. I’ll try to visit again later.”

greenone“HAHAHA! Makes 2250 gold so far!”

cimpretty“I feel pretty oh so pretty … NO CIM! NO! Come back to the dark side!”

burnings“That’s how it looks to me.”

13 Responses to “A Horse with No Name, a Post with No Words”

  1. “After nine days I let the horse run free
    because the desert had turned to sea.
    There were plants and birds, and rocks and things,
    There was sand and hills and rings.
    The ocean is a desert, with its life underground,
    And a perfect disguise above.
    Under the cities lies, a heart made of ground,
    But the humans will give no love.”

    Oh, now you did it!

  2. acbarberi Says:

    Great pics!

  3. Right. There. With. You.

  4. I see this as you joining in the screenshot thing that we’re all doing. And those are very nice shots! ๐Ÿ™‚

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