Warlock Changing Horses Midstream

midstreamCome on Sasche you can do it, take that first step. Yorik Sharpeye is sitting there watching you, do you want him to think you’re a chicken Warlock, just jump in!

Yeah, Sasche’s been through some hard times. First Cim the Warlock stole her weapon and she was reduced to begging an old one from the Klaxxi in case she got jumped hanging around Orgrimmar and had to defend herself. Now that she convinced my Scribe to make her a new one more trouble struck. That would be me.

Since Destruction is supposed to be all that and more let’s respec! Won’t that be fun! Well, so far … not so much. First she’s having a hard time bonding with that … ah … drooling blob. She can’t even seem to get his name straight, I told her to just call him Rogg and don’t worry. I’m not sure he knows the difference.

One of the reasons she had been collecting dust was the dearth of Horde players on my server. I went to buy her appropriate Destruction glyphs and … no glyphs. No people, no glyphs. So to make it up to her I saw Jade Spirit for sale so bought her that. There, that should be a moral booster! Right Sasche? Right?

So off we go to test out our destro prowess and oh no! Stuff was trying to get her! Ow! Sheesh, that fat drooling blog is no Voidlord he appears to have no sense of loyalty, it’s kinda every man for himself. What? Am I supposed to cast while running away? I feel like a Mage and THAT was disastrous. I must be missing something here.

I found quite a few guides, Saga’s got a really nice one but I’m still kinda of going, wait? Where? What? Is it possible I’m going to have to start from level 1 to grasp Destruction? And no, really, it’s not just an excuse to start another alt. Is it my destiny to be a purple demon and purple demon only?

I’m not giving up yet, I think it’s time for some tough love Sasche. I’m going to plonk you down on Dinosaur Isle until you get it right. It’s for your own good. You have to get this because I’m not paying to reforge you back to Demo. Just not. It’s sink or swim time. Get swimming.

10 Responses to “Warlock Changing Horses Midstream”

  1. Step one – Use your voidlord, the observer is for dungeons and raids

    Step two – when fighting mobs: send voidlord in, then one of two options: chaos bolt if you have an ember, or immolate if you don’t. This is followed by a conflagrate which will give you 3 charges, use those to cast 3 incinerates.

    Step three – rinse and repeat, using your embers to cast chaos bolts when available. switch to shadowburn when the mob is under 20%. Keep immolate up on the target

    Tips – I love to use rain of fire constantly. Not only do you not have to stand there and channel it as destro, but it helps to build embers, especially if you have immolate on the target.

    If you have a group of mobs, use fire and brimstone then immolate. Then cast rain of fire. You will be able to keep spamming F&B incinerate until you run out of embers or the mobs die. If you keep RoF up you should keep your embers full.

    Also, remember you have a ton of abilities to help you survive. Don’t forget to use them as needed. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Those Dinosaurs better look out! You see, I’m a danger to that poor Warlock, I think I was mesmerized by that blobby thing and forgot to let her keep her Voidlord. Sooner or later we will prevail, lol!

      • Don’t forget Havoc to be able to hit two mobs at once. One of my favorite things when leveling with RaF was to hit Havoc and watch four Chaos Bolts go flying. You can also use havoc to make shadowburn hit targets above 20% if there’s another target that is below 20%. That is the best use of it as Shadowburn gets three charges from Havoc where Chaos Bolt gets one.

  2. You don’t have to use the blob- you can haz Voidwalker too – it took me a while to get the nuances of it too, and I’m still learning so much. That blob creeps me out, but comes in handy for single-target nonsense. And that drool never comes clean.

    • I can’t seem to put him away. Maybe it’s the drool, reminds me of my dearest best buddy and dog who if you even say the word “food” starts salivating like an … observer.

      I don’t know why I get so stupid in this spec, I didn’t ever send them out in the world with a Wrathguard when they’re Demo. Maybe it’s too cerebral for me, lol.

  3. Ember tap is your friend! And healthstones! They give you more health. Also, VOIDLORD! He loves to snuggle with mobs. But otherwise Lyss pretty much has it all laid out. But voidlord just needed to be repeated πŸ™‚

  4. Sasche has gone Destro? I feel bad for the mobs she will be meeting in the future because being abused with fire is quite painful I hear. Saga’s write-up is a good one too πŸ˜‰

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