Brain Vapor Lock Lifted!

easymoneyYeah, this picture has nothing to do with the post, It’s all that’s left of a post I deleted but as usual I didn’t want to lose the screen shot so I’ll title it, “Money for Nothin’ and Chicks for Free” and you can make up your own story.

Yesterday my brain just vapor locked in Azeroth which is certainly preferable to when it happens irl which on occasion it does. There are no Spirit Healers irl so it’s risky business indeed. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Matty, Lyss, Tyledres and Cain. I have no idea AT ALL why I was being so stupid. I don’t send my Demonology Warlock out to do dailies equipped with a Wrathlord so I have no idea why I sent out the newbie Destruction Warlock equipped with an Observer. Thankfully you all stopped me before I set out to battle dinosaurs with that no account blob.

When Sasche and I arrived on the dino island and followed the instructions from Lyss it all just fell into place and I GOT IT! Hey, this is fun! I can’t wait to visit my buddy Al’tabim the valor machine All-Seeing and get an idea how it compares to Demonology because I hit him up for valor all the time, he’s such a friend.

And I refuse to be silenced by Blogger, I keep trying to comment on Tyledres’ post and Blogger is refusing me entry. So I just wanted to say I hope they get to the bottom of it. I do the same thing! My husband says you can hold a conversation with me when I’m asleep which is kinda funny but the bad part is I also wander around while asleep. Geez, I’m glad I don’t have to put up with me. And don’t forget to eat! So there Blogger!

twinsLastly, after Kam commented that the Robe of Doan was worn by Warlock trainers in Stormwind I just had to visit and get a shot of her with her old teachers. I’m sure they had quite a nice reminisce about when she used to throw flaming spit balls in class. I’m pretty sure she logged some serious time in detention.

Thank you all, you fine purveyors of Destruction!

11 Responses to “Brain Vapor Lock Lifted!”

  1. acbarberi Says:

    Well met! Haha

    As a side note: I’ve been intrigued by your posts to the point where my wife and I are going to pick up and start playing WoW again. We’re going to make some new toons. Really bored with our alliance toons, so we’re going to start over and make a horde toon each. I’m going to check server populations though before I pick our server though; I wanna get on a server with high pop so I don’t have to worry about the pop later.

  2. Sorry Blogger keeps eating all your comments. I’d look into it but I’m afraid the internet would beat me. Sometimes I feel so backwards I wonder if I’m really part of my generation. But, yeah, grub, went to get a bunch of snacks so even if I don’t sit down for a real meal I’m at least eating something. Did you know they sell applesauce in little containers that you can sip on the move? I’m not heading anywhere but I swear I’m eating a ton more applesauce just because those things are more fun then using a spoon to eat out of a cup.

    • Maybe it will resolve at some point, it seems like every once in a while Blogger and WordPress stop speaking.

      Sipping Applesauce! I’ll have to check that out. Now I’ll have a mission next time I go to the grocery store. Make it more interesting, lol.

      • Lol, well they’re called GoGo Squeez. They come in boxes with little cartoons on them and different flavors. Anyway – addicted.

  3. That’s one thing I love about wordpress. It’s easy to see who has commented or responded on other WP blogs but I always need to go back and check blogger for responses sometime later.

    That is a great first shot. I’m glad you saved it.

  4. Yay! I am glad my ramblings helped! 🙂

    Maybe I will finally get off my duff and write a quick how to warlock as an update to the original one I wrote forever ago.

    As for Blogger – The only way around it, that I found, was to just sign in with my google account. Nothing else would stick.

    • It really did, for some reason changing from demo to destro felt like a whole new class but things went great after that.

      I’d love to read it if you decide to write it!

      Oh, I’ll have to try that as I ran into the same thing trying to comment on another blog.

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