The Problem with The Isle of Thunder

poolsideI hate to sound ungrateful … I really love the Isle of Thunder, it’s a great place for Sasche to try out her new spec but something’s lacking. It really needs some beachfront accommodations. Doesn’t have to be fancy … just some cabins would do. She could get a room and live on the beach until she hits 9,999 bones.

She could be in for an extended stay as SOMEONE keeps buying Spectral Porcupettes with her bones so it would be nice to have somewhere to stay on the Isle. So yeah … not complaining but just want to put that out there in case any developers were pondering doing so. Go for it.

I read the post Cynwise wrote on cognitive fatigue, as always it was compelling reading but for some reason what I took away from it was a GREAT NEED to get Dots for my iPad. Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about either. I don’t know, searching for inner peace or something. So I go to the app store and I’m told my iOS is too old. GEEZ, can’t anything ever be easy.

So I decided to update for which I’d need the cable that came with the iPad. Almost my ENTIRE day was spent searching for this legendary cable. Dammit! There’s no such thing, I’ve looked everywhere, there’s nothing but the cable I use to charge  the … iPad … oh. By the time I updated and restored everything and then went and got Dots I really NEEDED inner peace.

Then to relax I browsed blogs. HAHAHA! My Warlocks loved Anou’s post at Diary of a Gnome Spy, they wanted to congratulate her on being a truly evil, evily, evilest Warlock! They wanted to salute her. But nooooo … once again Blogger refused us entry. Okay, it says you can use your Google Account. Great! Nope. When I did that it wanted me to sign up for a Blogger account. I’ve just about had it with you technology. You have driven me to the breaking point. I may go outside. I may TRIM SHRUBBERY. So there. Stupid little technology.

flamingsasOh wait! Sasche learned some more stuff about Destruction Warlocking. Another use for those ember thingies. Get three of them and then fly around scaring the crap out of unsuspecting, innocent bystanders! See, I’m really learning this Destro stuff!

8 Responses to “The Problem with The Isle of Thunder”

  1. I agree – why not put up a little shack, something, anything, to rest our weary bones while we get bones? I am having the same issue with my Kindle: it damn near sent me over the edge. Sometimes it’s those little straws and the camels, you know? Why my charger for my Kindle would spontaneously break is anyone’s guess. Did it drop on the floor at the perfect angle? Did aliens come in the night and use it for unsavory probing? Perhaps my dog wanted to catch up on his reading and bit the cord by mistake. No one knows. Anyway, thanks for the links – much appreciated!

    • I know, just a shack would be fine. And serve some cold drinks, that’s all she’s asking.

      I think my technology problems were worsened by trying to prepare the computer/monitor graveyard we have for transport to recycling remembering there’s something I just have to get off a drive. Searching for a long lost scsi to usb adapter was even worse than the quest for the iPad cable, lol.

  2. Ooh I might go more often if they had a beach front bar and cabanas. Definitely if they had shirtless waiters of the male variety. One of these days, that mount will be mine but I suspect that will be only when I’ve run out of absolutely everything else to do in-game.

    • I think Cat would go join her if they had those human topless waiters lol! I could make more headway if I’d stop buying the pet, I must stop stealing her bones or she will never get that mount!

  3. You just want another Jurassic Park, right? 🙂

  4. HOly moly that last pic… warlocks are SCARY!

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