Looking Back Down the Long Road

lokrunWatching my Shaman run to the mailbox brought a memory back from long ago. For a moment … just a moment, the excitement and thrill of seeing a Draenei Shaman in wolf form was just as bright as it had been the very first time. My Hunter was traveling the roads of Ashenvale when two wolves flashed by her. I think The Burning Crusade had been out a mere 24 hours. This may have been the start of my altoholism, I knew I must have a Draenei Shaman.

My Draenei Shaman is retired now. She does what’s required to get to the level cap and then finds a nice spot to make jewelery and scribe.

I sometimes wonder how exhausting it must be to try to keep ahead of us while we voraciously consume content like a swarm of virtual locusts. I know I’m usually alone when I sometimes do Golden Lotus dailies in the hope I might get lucky and get a Skyshard and on the Isle of Thunder it’s just me and my bud Al’tabim.

I felt extremely lucky to find a group who wanted to do the world bosses over the weekend, the usual response on my server when trying to get a group going is, who needs iLevel 496 gear. So while some still want to do them to … DO THEM, others apparently do them exclusively for gear, then stop. There is a wide range of play styles and I always wonder what kind of thinking goes on over how to, at least try, to make everybody happy. It is a business and not addressing the issues of half your customers is no way to make … you know … money.

Anyway … not my problem, but I don’t envy them.

While traveling my road of nostalgia I saw Nixxiom published a new video.

I love it. Demons still walk this land.

Whelp … time to go back to moping around the Vale of Eternal Blossoms taking screen shots for that time when it too is just a beautiful memory.


6 Responses to “Looking Back Down the Long Road”

  1. acbarberi Says:

    Seeing your Pandaria screenshots reminded me that I don’t like Pandaria very much. I loved fighting the Lich King and I loved how dark Icecrown was; I felt like I was ridding the land of a horrible evil and the world was relying on me to right the havoc being wreaked by the LK.

    However, in Pandaria, I feel like if I don’t handle the sha problem, some of those big ol’ pandas will take care of it for me. Also, the whole panda area is so bright and cheery, I feel like evil is not really an issue. Sure, there’s Dread Wastes which is pretty messed up, but still… it’s just not as exciting as before.

    • My favorite expansion was BC, I guess Demons are my idea of scary foes. And Arthas was one excellent villain. I quite like Pandaria but I think I long for the return some good old evil Dreadlords, lol.

  2. My Draenei Shaman is retired now too – she’s mostly a bank alt. I just couldn’t keep up with the rotation/spell changes (for a lot of classes) as I just want to *play* the game, not re-learn how every time I log on.

    I understand there needs to be tweaks and adjustments, but come on Blizz, let’s pick a priority system and work with it lol.

    Yes, Pandaria is pretty empty for alts – maybe virtual realms will fix it? Although I suspect virtual realms will do more to facilitate the trolls and griefers than it will for the rest of us.

    I actually enjoyed something that isn’t always dark, dread and evil. It gets a little old and predictable. It’s actually refreshing to have the contrast for a while and I’m really not looking forward to when the next patch destroys the vale – back to the same old, same old.

    • I know, I never got over it when they changed Enhancement so a two-hander was no longer a viable option. I just loved playing her then. The only time all their fiddling worked out was Warlocks. It used to be so painful with all that draining souls for soul shards.

      I’m hopeful for virtual realms but like you fear it might just increase the negatives, got my fingers crossed though.

      I like getting scared but I notice I never log out in places like Dread Waste. All my characters hang out in the Vale or Halfhill.

  3. It still takes my breath away, too, Tome – thank you.

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