catvisitOn maintenance day this week, Cat came to real life to visit. I’m not sure why she did, she spent most of her time playing in the yard with the dogs. When she was leaving she said it was good to see me. Really? We hardly spoke, what’s up?

Um … er … it’s ah … geez, alright, the thing is you’re boring. I mean I like you and all but … yeah, boring. Sheesh Cat, that’s awful harsh. We’ve been doing lots of exciting things. Like … like … Oh I know!

bmahstuffWe’ve been closely monitoring all the exciting things for sale on the BMAH, all the wonderful, highly sought things of … oh … well, forget that. Never mind that. Let’s see. OH! OH! I’ve got one!

bestfriendJust this morning Cim did A Second Hand. While I know she just did the quest to get rid of the annoying question mark over the shrine thingy. See, that’s exciting! She has a best friend, only one but it’s a start. She’s not very well socialized so I’m thrilled about the one, it’s progress.


Now you’re really starting to tick me off Cat. Well what can YOU tell us, how about you come up with tales of heady feats for a change?

Um, let’s see. I know the Warlocks have been doing Onyxia and the whole time they run around yelling, “MORE DOTS!” More weird I guess than exciting, I have no idea why they’re yelling that.

Well what have you been doing Cat? What astonishing adventures have you been on lately?

redcarpAnd you’re calling me boring?

Yeah, but I want the Red Carp and the stupid Crawling Claw. I’ve dug up the Sketch of a Desert Palace something like sixty consecutive times. My luck’s gotta be breaking any time now.

One can only hope. Okay, let’s go back to Townlong Steppes and try for your Tiny Carp while we wait for the patch.

uldumnnAfter that, I’ve notified the Azeroth Postal Services that we will be in residence here for the next two weeks or until that damn elusive Crawling Claw is ours.

We’ll be boring together.

16 Responses to “Booooring”

  1. acbarberi Says:

    Cool beans. Hopefully the grind is worth it.

    My wife and I just created some new toons on an RP server; we have never done any “RP” before. We joined a guild that has 3 “RP Officers” who do “events.” Interesting idea. This is a whole new experience for me and I can’t say I feel entirely “safe” haha.

    • I think I’m laboring under the misconception that if I had a Crawling Claw I could actually win a pvp pet battle, lol.

      Oh, that sounds interesting. I have heard that on RP servers the people are generally nicer but don’t think I have any characters on one.

      • acbarberi Says:

        So far, the people have been incredibly nice! We logged in and we were invited to a guild. I told the GM we needed bags and he flew out to us and handed my wife and I 4x Netherweave Bags each. The other people in the guild were very friendly and very welcoming.

        I feel like many of your posts would fall under the category of “role playing,” which is why I mentioned joining an RP realm. I assumed you were probably on a RP server, but I guess you are not. 🙂

        • I’m on the same server I started out on as a little noob, luckily managed to get on a PvE server by accident. My WoW career could have been really short if I had rolled on a PvP server, lol.

  2. I wish I could trade you all my restored artifacts. I had about 200 in excess after getting the last achievement. I also tried completing the Second Hand quest on an alt but for some reason the only one I was exalted with didn’t give me the option to help me at my farm. Go figure!

    • I started saving all the common ones to keep count but then I sold them, too demoralizing to see them, lol.

      Oh no! Cim is friends with the one who upgrades your furniture so she was happy, although a post box would be nice at some point if she acts nice to people but she is a Warlock so not counting on it.

  3. Yup, I’ve got an entire collection of “Sketch of a Desert Place” rivaled only by “Castle of Sand.”
    Took me 3 or 4 years to get the Crawling Claw. At least it’s a whole lot easier digging up Panda sites and turning in crates than running all over Azeroth hoping a Tol’vir site will pop.
    If you’re only interested in it for pet battles, there are pets with similar skill sets that are a lot easier to get.
    It’s an awesome-looking pet though even if you don’t use it for battles.
    I’m still looking for the bug mount…and a couple of Tiny Carps.

    • I do want it for battles but mostly for its looks, one of the best looking to me.

      I go in spurts, I become dedicated to getting it for a while and then give up and come back in a few months. Last time I quit because I was so disappointed when bug mount came up, I had thought for a second it was my claw.

      Have two Carps to go too, but for some reason I’m happy to wait on those. Makes fishing interesting!

  4. I confess. It was me. I used the office Xerox machine and made 2,349 copies of Desert and some of my bottom during an office Christmas party. Please don’t fire me. I got bored, too. 🙂

    • OMG! That was your bottom? LOL! I read my posts and they are so boring, it’s why I keep deleting them before I publish. I don’t know, maybe I need to drag out the nude synchronized swim team again!

  5. acbarberi Says:

    Hey have you seen the WoW Screenshot a Day challenge? It’s pretty cool. Started by “Tycer Tank”:

    I made a blog about my Paladin in World of Warcraft and I started doing the screenshot challenge. Check it out 😀

  6. Gosh, I love that last screenshot, Tome! 😀

  7. You know, if I were playing right now, my posts would mirror yours. Fishing for turtle, fishing for pets, archaeology for the claw, maybe a new transmog. Poor Del, she’s stuck in her AQ garb until Halloween!

    • Usually I’d just go somewhere else for a vacation but right now there’s nothing that calls to me. My Neverwinter addiction just stopped dead one day and Firefall won the shortest “keeping my interest” title, I think I deleted it after about 20 minutes play time. I guess I’ll just have to wait until 5.4 while I look for that claw!

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