The Culprit?

cimvaleI know! I know! Especially after the Cynwise post, I know you’re all thinking, “Well stupidhead, you shot yourself in your own WoW foot doing that. No wonder you feel apathetic.” They just couldn’t help it. When they heard the dailies were going away they just HAD to do them. EVERY FREAKING DAY. Even the chance of a Skyshard doesn’t justify this irresponsible behavior.

I don’t know, it’s kinda like the whole Twinkies debacle. I never, ever ate Twinkies or Ho Hos or Sno Balls. Maybe I had some in my school lunch when I was seven but now I eat twigs and berries and all that healthy crap. No Twinkies. When I heard they were going away I raced from store to store to find that LAST BOX. I was compelled.
valequestYES! Even Cat who is older and wiser and should know better. Of course she’s kinda lazy so she only did ones that she could complete without actually landing like Laosy Scouting and Acts of Cruelty where you just have to flap your wings in his face to distract him and then the stupid Mogu just drops his victim. And really, Lao Softfoot should be left in that cage for his own safety, if you let him out Cat, he’ll just go and get caught again. Don’t encourage him.

So yeah. Stupid, stupid move on my part. This morning when I logged in I found I’d made another mistake. Cat was moving around like a gerbil on meth, bashing into things. Out of control. WTF?

mycharrTotally her fault. For three or four days I’ve only been playing GW2. I apparently grew used to the movement speed of GW2. At first it seemed I was moving under water or through molasses. I’m a mouse turner and in GW2 it seems excruciatingly slow compared to WoW. I must have adjusted and Cat paid the price. I’ll have to remember to at least login and run around once a day to avoid bashing her into the walls in the shrine. She was embarrassed but I pointed out that only the Blingtron sitting there saw her.

Yup. Probable culprit of my recent WoW ennui … Golden Lotus Dailies. Embarrassing really, all this whining and here it was right in front of my face. I should have learned this lesson from the return of the Twinkies. Did I run out to get them when they made their comeback? Oh, hell no I didn’t. I don’t want them. Sort of like Golden Lotus Dailies before they were going away … /facepalm

20 Responses to “The Culprit?”

  1. Mouse turner. I am jealous. I can’t figure that one out. That must be my metaphorical Twinkie: if I could only figure that one out I would be epic. Singing Joni Mitchell’s song in my head now…don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…

    • Way back I read somewhere that if you mouse turned you’d have the A and D keys for keybinds and that was enough for me. Two more good location keys to bind! But I’m waiting for the epic thing to happen and no luck yet, lol.

  2. Oh my gosh that character looks hilarious and much less… scary, no, ODD like the mask from yesterday. I’ve noticed some new rares in the Vale. Some are not new but Golden Lotus mobs from the dailies although they didn’t drop loot like the normal champions of Pandaria.

    • I wanted you to see that she’s really a nice Charr without her mask on!

      I only noticed that I had to kill old Moldo One-Eye practically every day as he kept getting in the way.

  3. Golden Lotus: NOPE.

    • LOL! And it’s not like you didn’t warn me!

      • In all seriousness, since I had no reason to do the Glotus dailies back when they were relevant, I only hit them with the idea of doing them before they went away. One night of trying them out and I was all… you have to be kidding me.

        I’m lucky that I’m in a position where the only thing I’m giving up is a chance to do them before they’re gone – I honestly feel bad for the folks who did them and didn’t like them but did them because they felt they were necessary. (If you enjoyed them, this is good! I’ve met folks who did. I didn’t.)

        • I did all the way through them one day on one character, just to be able to say I had seen them. After that I just did the first section and went to do something fun. As soon as I hit revered I quit. When the ability to grow crops on my farm to gain rep with them was introduced, I finished them off that way. They suck.

        • I’m thinking there will be a lot of dancing around the flames when they’re toast, lol. I do have to admit I did like the one quest where you got to roll down the wall.

        • Heh. I’ve only done Golden Lotus on one character, Kamalia, because as my main Kam is the one who ‘does everything’ and because I needed it to get the Pandarian Kite mount.

          I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my leveling of alts in the Pandaria range really took off after the Shado-Pan and the August Celestials rep grinds were uncoupled from having to get to revered with the Golden Lotus first. I do Shado-Pan with everyone for the hat, and I’ve done August Celestials with a few, but Golden Lotus? Nope. Well, when my Priest gets to 90, she will do Golden Lotus for their pretty white and gold tabard, but everyone else? Nope, nope, nope.

        • I’m kind of the same. Cat does everything and then all the rest do dailies for the faction that has recipes they want. My Alliance Warlock did a lot of grumbling when she had to get to exalted with the August Celestials for that bag recipe!

  4. OneCrazyPaladin Says:

    Dailies are fail. End of story. Lol

    • I really don’t mind them usually but the Golden Lotus ones seemed endless. I thought I’d never get to revered the first time through. Now I fly through areas and stop to do any that I don’t have to land for to get pocket change, lol.

  5. ok, I have done the GL dailies and I must say, I do like them. Made exhausted too. But I have not found any keys for those magical boxes, nor have I seen skyshards or heard anything about a flying kite. What are they Tome? Thanks.
    PS – I am doing them on another 2 toons to get to exalted before patch tuesday. Like I said, I like them. Just never how to do them before. 😀

    • I’m glad you enjoy them so that someone’s helping the Golden Lotus!

      I did have lots of keys drop when I did them but the skyshards used to make a Sky Crystal to get to Alani are far and few between. Hmm, I know if you get all the Pandaren reputations to exalted you get a Kite mount as a reward.

  6. oh 2 more things – I never did the roll down the wall either and don’t talk trash about twinkies. you don’t want an angry dwarf on your doorstep, lassie. 🙂

    • Oh, that quest is so fun! I hope you don’t miss it!

      LOL! I’m sure those twinkies are quite wonderful but since I’m on a healthy eating or bust kick the only splurge I have on occasion is pizza, just can’t live without that once in a while!

  7. I had no urge to do the dailies after reading his post. …I thought good riddance. Now I have this urge to do them. .. Thanks a lot ancient!

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