Foxy Lady

foxyOkay, nobody’s going to get that reference unless they’re fans of electric-guitar players but still, it fits so I’m sticking to it.

I have stupidly made a bad condition worse by not backing away from the computer. Sitting here working and playing in front of a computer for sometimes 12 or 14 hours is … stupid. Among other things I now have tennis elbow without having stepped outside. I hopped around GW2 a little looking for vistas trying to do it one-handed. I got tired of dying. So I haven’t logged into WoW for a while, I’m trying to be good so I’ll be ready for the patch.

I logged in just to say hello to Cat, really that’s all. I had mail, must have mailed myself something and forgot. OMG! It’s from Cymre! It’s a Fox Kit! Thank you so much Cym! I’d been trying to remember to do the Tol Barad dailies to get the fox and I CANNOT seem to remember. At the rate I was going I’d have been level 100 before I got my Fox Kit.

I had to name the little fox, wouldn’t do to introduce the fox to all the pets as just … you know … fox. I already have a Jade Owl named Cymre, let’s see. Foxy Cymre! That’s it! And look at her dance! That fox has moves!

Since she’s such a good dancer I don’t think I’m going to let her battle, I don’t want an injury to interfere with her dancing career. Maybe just get her to level 25 so she won’t feel left out and then she’ll retire from the battling scene.

Thank you again Cym and rest assured Foxy Cymre will live the life of a prima ballerina. Dining on only the finest … um … mice and squirrel … and berries. Right now she’s teaching the others to dance … aw, so sweet. Hey! Stop! Stop! No twerking! No! Minfernal! Stop that at once! Although on second thought it might come in handy as a battle strategy. Hmm … it’s okay Foxy Cymre, teach ’em everything you got!


25 Responses to “Foxy Lady”

  1. I was wondering where you were the last couple of days. I really didn’t want you to have to farm another one since I know what that’s like (both killing and from dailies) so after your recent comment, I wanted to rectify the situation.

    I love that she has a great dancing career ahead of her and I must say, the name is excellent but OMG twerking… that’s just hilarious! šŸ˜€

  2. Aw! So cute! Getting a little fox–I keep forgetting to do Tol dailies, too! Dangit! But thanks for the reminder – I’ll get back in there!

    And yes I got the reference, and thank you for the ear worm! lol!

  3. Can’t argue with Hendrix references. You have good taste. šŸ˜€

  4. Fans of left handed guitar players, at that.

  5. OneCrazyPaladin Says:

    Cool beans. Neat fox kit.

  6. What a “cute little heartbreaker”. So now you’re going to take her home and do her no harm. She’s sweet.

  7. I feel guilty ancient….

    • Don’t be silly, I would have had that little fox a long time ago if I could remember what it was I was supposed to do. I should make lists and be more organized instead of running around willy-nilly all the time. You’re going to make me feel guilty that you feel guilty, lol!

  8. a day and tree fiddy too late. šŸ˜¦ dang old lochness monster.

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