Most Heinous Boss Ever … No not Him

lectureTHE BEAN COUNTER. Yes, that’s right. Bank alt. We all got an email from failed Mage to report to Darnassus posthaste. WHAT? Come on! We’re busy killing rares and taking albatross rides, we can’t just …


While I realize this problem has been caused solely by Cat and Cim, I think you ALL need to hear … NOW.

Crap, what is she on about. Just because she doesn’t have fun out in the world she has to ruin it for all of us. It’s like being called to the principal’s office … or a tax audit. I guess we have to humor her, she DOES hold the purse strings. So … yeah … I guess we can make a quick trip. Sigh …

I’ve called you all here to discuss your funding. While you all are out cavorting on all these … Isles, I’m stuck here (yeah, cause she’s scared) trying to maintain our savings. Something you all seem to have little regard for. Do you like buying battle pets? Yes? Well that’s all going to stop unless changes are made.

Here’s the problem, when 5.4 hit we had around 200,000 gold, in one week this has dwindled to around 180,000. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE. You frittered away almost 20,000 gold in a week and I know I didn’t buy anything. Whatever it is HAS to change.

Cim, what have you been doing?

sadfaceYou saw all the rares were up in the Vale? Haven’t you already killed them? You want what? SkyShards? And I even have it on good authority that you didn’t even loot that particular rare because he disappeared while you were posing! Have you been doing ANYTHING productive?

wanderingOMG! Playing about with Elixir of Wandering Spirits is NOT productive! And do you think mounts grow on trees? That poor overburdened horse …

Alright let’s move along to the worst offender, Cat. Cat, the death has to stop. You cannot continue throwing yourself off mountains because you’re too impatient to wait for the next albatross. Moving about the Isle by death is COSTLY. It has to stop! No one is doing dailies, there’s no income. We cannot afford your repair bills because you’re too lazy to RIDE. This has to stop. I’ll forgive Cim falling off repeatedly while trying to walk on those ropes because she seems to be balance-challenged but you … NO!

Miners, start mining. Gatherers … gather. Chop chop, let’s get moving. To your chores people! Let’s get gold moving in again instead of out.

They were all pretty annoyed with her but she’s got a point. Moving around the Timeless Isle by death and gemming alt’s new finery adds up. Geez, who knew fun was that expensive.

37 Responses to “Most Heinous Boss Ever … No not Him”

  1. Let’s put things in perspective: I had around 6,000 gold, and now it’s dwindled to about 700.

    I think your banker needs to have a little chat with my girls, too. Is she interested in opening up a Charles Schwab office?

  2. Hehe, I know the feeling. My poor warrior probably spent close to 500 gold total in repair bills her first night on the Timeless Isle because I kept failing the jumps on the tightrope puzzle and falling to my death. And then there were all the assorted deaths to creatures….

    • What makes no sense to me is that Cat was great on the tightrope but Cim the Warlock is terrible which is strange as they’re both me. Maybe cat form makes it easier. I know! They are actually dying by creature again if I’m not careful!

  3. Aldonza is finding herself in the strange position of being both the biggest source of income AND expense. She’ll be giving herself a firm talking-to, I can tell you now!

    The perspective of a former bank alt now adventurer can be like one of those 3D pictures that need squinting. And leads to headaches.

  4. Little tip for saving on the death costs, at least for Cim. Get that glyph of Demonic Leap, and remember to push it when you fall off the rope or decide to jump off the mountain. I’ve been using Madorsa for all of my Albatross and rope walking needs simply because she can do that without dying … and if I still manage to fail, there’s a good chance I have myself soulstoned. I like to think that if I pop back up quick enough, no one will notice I was dead. :p

    • A very big thank you! I think I might even have that glyph and never even thought of it. And OMG! What a fail Warlock I am, never thought to soulstone her, lol.

      Yesterday she finally fell in the right spot and I was so fed up after all the bad falls I just ran her through all the bad guys creating a train to run to the blazing chest. Would have been great if I could have come back behind it. At least she got the burden of eternity before she was snuffed out!

      • Roo the Hunter Says:

        or not. I have no idea how the lockies live or die, but if you can cheat death with a itty bitty glowing stone and a glyph, do it. 😀

  5. All I can say is that it must be nice to have that much cash in a bank. I think I’ll be working until the day I die….

  6. Oh wow, that is a lot of gold.

    I’ve spent so much gold over the last few weeks trying to do all those Brawlers fights it wasn’t funny – card, death, repair, repeat. Before I knew it I was down 2K gold. OUCH!

    Then there was today when I was trying to balance on a tightrope while riding a mammoth. I think I died 6 times. The annoying thing was having to work my way up to the top every time. I need more plume feathers 😛

    I like the addition of the rares in the Vale… I was meaning to do a post for that after collecting a couple of new pics earlier.

  7. Hint: for the ropes…skip them. If you go to the end of the broken bridge, you can climb over the rail in the one spot that looks like a broken rail and jump down to the chest. You will take some damage but if you have something to mitigate the damage (wouldn’t use Levitate though cause you’ll overshoot it) you won’t die.

    Saved me a ton in repair costs because I kept falling off the ropes 😛

    The most gold I ever had was almost 30k, and that lasted about 2 minutes because I saw a battle pet I had to buy…

    • Oh thanks! My druid had no problem with the rope but it seems in human form I can’t manage it, I will get my Warlock to give that a try.

      I’m not a great AH player, I’m just tight, lol. I think it’s the memory of my poor first character being so poor she couldn’t afford to buy food for her pet until someone told me about the AH. I think she was around level 24 and had 4 silver to her name!

      • My first character spent all her time fishing because Tattered Cloth was worth 50 silver! That was a “fortune” compared with the few coppers I got from quest rewards and drops.

        Yeah, took me a while to figure out the auction house and I still can’t make gold 😀

  8. Roo the Hunter Says:

    so how did the macro work out? you never came back and said anything.

  9. Buy some Golden Gliders from the Kite vendor! It has so saved my many many many deaths 😀

    • I have the attention span of a gnat, lol. I knew you could get the gliders but as soon as I hit the Isle I go running off like a loon. I’m going to try to get organized and make a list and gliders will be on the top!

  10. LOL Yes the Isle is expensive… all the deaths. I put 1800 in our gb one morning. And with four people playing in our guild, one of them only in a half hour spurt, all but 400 of it was gone by evening. On nothing but repairs. 😛

  11. The repair bills certainly creep up there! I know I’ve died LOTS! I decided to save myself time and money and waste coins on gliders. It took a bit of practice, but I’m getting the hang of flying in fatigue then gliding to m y destination and clicking it off in … well mostly the right spot.

    • I’ll have to stop being cheap and spend the 1,000 coins for the glider. I imagine those will take some practice too. But first I’ve got to try that tightrope with my Yak. I envision sooo many deaths.

  12. For those of you whom are having trouble with the ropes (and any drop down of cliff thingies you need to do) may I suggest putting your toon in “slow walk” mode?

    I have done the ropes on 6 toons and have not fallen once because of walking slowly. Yea, it takes longer to get where you need…but you don’t run the risk of falling. Same when you need to drop off cliffs (except the one cliff for the pillar hopping to get to the chest – normal speed works fine on that one). With slow walk on you will pretty much fall straight down and rarely miss what/where you need. Walking backwards + slow walking works even better.

    Now, as far as tips on cutting down repair bills from creature deaths…yea…I got nothin’. I don’t know how much I’ve spent since 5.4 released, but I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot more than I would have liked. I die a LOT on that Isle regardless of which toon I’m on. If I’m on my tank toons I usually pull more than I can handle and go splat…I do this on my hunter often as well. My clothies tend to think they are tanks and end up going splat just by trying to kill two things at one time or by riding/running blindly into a mess of mobs.

    • I’ll have to try the slow walking with my Warlock. My Druid hasn’t been having too many creature deaths but that’s cause she uses her Shadowmeld to get out of spots. The Warlock however is guilty of the riding blindly into a mess of mobs too, lol.

  13. I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent. I’ve taken all my 90’s there to get the chests, and some of them definitely had no business being on the island.

    I skip one of the ropes for that chest by jumping to the second rope start while mounted. That means I only need to do one transition between ropes instead of two. And I do the slow walk to drop onto the pillar like Thelandira said. I went to gem\enchant the alts that I sent all the timeless gear too, and realized gems and enchants are through the roof because everyone is doing that. So if you do want to make some money it seems like anything that could lead to those two markets would be extra valuable right now.

    • I’ve only let two go there so far, I don’t think I could recover from six characters dropping like flies, lol.

      I’m definitely going to give the slow walking a try with the Warlock. In cat form I had no trouble but in human form I do, that might do the trick.

      I had been taking advantage of the belt buckle boom but then the miner stopped mining, pretty much everything stopped for those two. Haven’t even done the celestial match, just Little Tommy every day. Needless to say I’m having fun!

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