Cymre’s Double-Dog Dare

So yesterday Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief posted a link. OH! I must try that! How am I going to convince Cat to go along … hmm … wait! I know! I’ll tell her Cymre double-dog dared us! Oh come on, it’s just a tiny fib.

Well Cat fell for it right away as I knew she would. We started preparations. First was to find suitable soothing Yak music for the on-board music system. Check.

Next, listen to sound advice from Thelandira and Cain. Check. Slow walking engaged.

The pace of the video is admittedly slooooooow. Hopefully you enjoy the music.

All Cat had to say afterwards was, “I ain’t never going back no more.”

9 Responses to “Cymre’s Double-Dog Dare”

  1. Circus-schmircus I have Tome!

  2. Good gracious. The jump was so smooth I didn’t notice. I had to play it twice. You make it look easy.

  3. Oh well done! You made me quite dizzy at first LOL
    It looks like a yak is more steady than my mammoth, it doesn’t sway it’s head like mine did but I agree – you make it look easy đŸ™‚

  4. […] time there with them. This week, I was pleased to see that the jumping puzzles had reset. Following a tip from Tome, I turned on RP-walking and pointed my camera straight down when I did the tightrope puzzle, and I […]

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