WoW Personality Test


There’s Cat having the time of her life on the Timeless Isle, I think she’s waiting for her noodle order to be up. She loves it there. I’ve been hearing and reading complaints about the Isle which set me wondering about why I like it so much.

I decided the Isle must be some kind of personality test. Depending on your type you may love it or hate it. In anything that passes for a personality test I come up INFP. There are loads of places that will define this type for you but I see that some of them kind of gloss over the negative so I’ll let you know them.

It’s very hard to stay focused on any one thing. OH! Look! A pretty! Oh, another! Cat! Cat! Come back! Nope, she’s gone.

INFPs are disorganized. Woah Nelly! Did they ever hit that one on the head.

INFPs are very flexible. Read this as I take anything that comes along and except it. I am very adaptable, which I sometimes think is bad as I’m sure other types are busy trying to improve whatever they’re given. Not me.

INFPs don’t like facts and logic. Damn right. I have no time for that fact nonsense.

INFPs don’t notice the everyday details of life maintenance. OMG! Have you been spying on me in my house!

So anyway, back to the Isle. I decided an open-ended, run-all-over-the-place-looking-at-the-things, opening all the boxes, flying clutched high in the air by an albatross kind of place is my kind of place because I am an INFP. I don’t know what else explains me dropping everything else to spend hours happily looting Crane Nests unsuccessfully while occasionally killing any rares that pop up and dancing around as a pink pirate and throwing down Darkmoon Carousel rides for other INFPs to enjoy. What’s not to like!

So I’m just guessing here. Obviously, as we’ve already established that I don’t like facts but I think those who don’t enjoy the Isle must be one of those types with a T in it. Those thinky logical types, instead of a feely type. Those with a mission … and who stick to it. Unlike me … whose plan seems to be not to have one.

Who’s conducting this personality test?  You got me, maybe one of those thinky lore players would know. Me, I’m just sitting here eating lotus noodles enjoying the view of the beach.

28 Responses to “WoW Personality Test”

  1. I like the isle. A great timewaster! And of course, helps me spend my money on those deaths I didn’t know I had in me.

  2. What does INFP stand for? And of course my mixed bag of personality traits runs hot and cold

  3. I kinda like it! It was really good fun exploring all the shinies at first, but now I have to grind and that’s not fun. Boo!

  4. Having spent a lot of time there, I still like it although I still wish that rare crab would spawn…

  5. *waves hand in air*
    Fellow INFP here! No wonder we get along. ^.^
    I won’t look at your house if you promise not to look at mine. >.>

  6. I like to bang my head on keyboard when I don’t get a pet drop from a rare.
    Not sure what personality type that would be… 😀

  7. well now, this explains why you haven’t worked up the nerve to “poke about” and make that macro.

  8. I finally remembered my Myers-Briggs type! I’m ISTJ — funnily, I find it easier to remember that I’m the *opposite* of ENFP than what I actually am — and I have found myself thinking, “hmm, Kam needs some Lesser Charms, better go do some Isle of Trolls and Mogu dailies” rather than “better go run around on the Timeless Isle for awhile”. I like having the structure, direction, and gameplay timer of dailies.

    For example, my Paladin is currently doing Golden Lotus stuff in the Vale. What she *really* wants is the Sapphire Cub JC pattern drop, but as long as she’s grinding mogu, she might as well be getting some extra rep for it from the quests. Having the quests gives her a timer for how long to spend grinding mogu — when she’s done with the quests, that’s enough dead mogu for one day.

    I can hang around on the Timeless Isle long enough to collect the six chests that respawn weekly and do the “kill 20 elites” quest once per week. After that, even though “collect N coins to buy X item” *is* a specific, measurable goal, I get bored of just running around watching and waiting for rares and events to pop up.

    • I read a description of ISTJs and although I was kidding about the Isle being a personality test it may indeed be, lol. You’re a thinker who likes structure so I can see why the Isle would get old pretty quick!

  9. A long time ago –back in college– I tested as ISTJ. I have one of those MBTI tests around, so I might want to take it just to see what I’d score at these days.

    Considering I’ve no real desire to go to the Chromie’s Place Timeless Isle, I wonder what that says about me. That I don’t like to follow the crowd, I suppose.

    • Another structured thinker like Kam! Oh and, logical, organized, sensible. Man, we’re like opposites except for the introvert part. I’m guessing there aren’t going to be too many ISTJs running around on the Isle.

  10. ISTP here. Don’t the E’s even play the game? or do they just not read the right Tomes?

    • Had to go look you up. Oh my, frequently involved in risky daredevil hobbies! Your wife must be a ISTP too as she faces down bears. Yeah, that is weird. Surely some extroverts play. All those people talking in trade can’t be introverts, lol.

      • Wouldn’t call that a ‘hobby’ exactly. Makes her sound a bit like Davy Crockett – “killed him a b’ar when he was only 3”. lol

  11. Roo the Hunter Says:


    Introvert(33%) Sensing(25%) Feeling(12%) Perceiving(11)%

    aye, we seem to find our own, no matter where they are in the world.

  12. As a self-professed alt-whore, I absolutely love the isle. My only complaint is the agonizingly slow Albatross ride to gather the last 2 sturdy chests and the blazing chest, especially on a max-pop realm where everyone likes to troll you and try to kill your Albatross before it can cross the pond. Hello, 3am trip to the Isle to avoid traffic!

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