Celestial Tournament? Nope, Little Tommy

liltommyMy husband is on vacation this week so it’s hard to find time to play or write. I’m sneaking on here. Let’s see if I get away with it. The first day of patch 5.4 I looked at the tournament. I ran through oodles of pets trying it out and then forgot about it until Monday night.

Monday night I spent hours trying to find a reliable Taran Zhu team. My problem was while I could beat all the tamers, I couldn’t reliably beat all three at the same time. I FINALLY got a decent Taran Zhu team. This is it! Going for the whole shebang! I’m ready! Got to get this done before tomorrow when a whole new bunch of tamers show up.

I have upwards of 230 level 25s. I put my celestial teams together without too much thought about whether they were level 25, cause really, how could they not be right? Wrong. I engage Zao and THEN notice my Crystal Spider is level 16. It went nowhere, I gave up and went to bed.

Tuesday a whole new bunch of Tamers. Same problem. While I can beat them all I can’t beat them all at the same time. Wise Mari would be easy if Nocturnal Strike ever hit but blinded or not it missed 5 out of 6 times so the rest of the team were pretty much toast. Same problem, these guys are not reliable. Must go back to the drawing board or look for advice from more experienced battlers and try again.

So I though I’d show you my RELIABLE team. My sure thing. My Little Tommy Team. They’ve won every day except for the first time they faced him and didn’t know what to expect.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti starts off with his Call Lightning. He gets switched out and Clockwork Gnome comes in and sets up his Turret. Jade Oozeling comes in and spits Corrosion and hits a few times. Gnome returns to set another turret and if needed Yeti finishes him off with Ion Canon mostly because I just love Ion Cannon but a good bonk on the head would do just as well because Tommy’s pet is running on fumes at that point.

So see, I haven’t been COMPLETELY goofing off. I have ONE reliable team. Those guys are pro. They are going to get extra rations, maybe some NOODLES from a Noodle Cart even.

YAY! I managed to write a whole post undetected! Do I dare take time to check for spelling? Nah … I don’t want to set a precedent like that.

13 Responses to “Celestial Tournament? Nope, Little Tommy”

  1. Lil Oonie sure seems intimidating when you first battle him but it’s a nice quick match these days for some easy coins. For the Celestial tournament, I’ve added some new team combos for several fights so you can get some ideas from my YouTube channel.

    Oh and I agree, Ion cannon is sure fun to watch. 🙂

    • I know! Now he’s become easy money. I’ll have to check it out. I did look at some people’s teams but they had these exotic pets I sure don’t have or they use pets that I have at level 5 or so. It’s so funny that I’ll still have to level some up.

  2. 230 pets at Level 25 and still nothing to wear? It makes me wonder what is considered an exotic pet nowadays. These kids with their dinglehoppers and a banded, bulbous snarfblat!

  3. I use a Yeti too – he’s a great pet to set up Call Lightning and Ion Cannon.
    The other two pets I use are Darkmoon Tonk (Shock & Awe. Ion Cannon) and Darkmoon Zep (Decoy then finish it off with a couple of Missiles.

    I haven’t done the full CT yet. I have over 100 pets at level 25 but I don’t think it’s enough.

    • I think my problem is I play favorites and don’t get to know other pet’s skills. I keep wanting to use the same few pets and since I can’t I’m stumped. Hopefully I’ll get these three down together sometime this week before they change again.

  4. Surely 100 pets is enough! That’s all I have! I still haven’t done this week’s ones and now I have to look at my combos because I didn’t want to use exotics… glad u have a good team for tommy!

    • If you know what you’re doing 25 pets are enough. BBB had a post about someone doing it with only 25. I didn’t level them for the tournament though, just hate to see those poor low level pets hanging around.

  5. Upwards of 250 level 25s – wow – that’s amazing. But also scary to think that even with that many to choose from the Celestial Tournament is that hard – can’t wait to get there & try it but don’t hold out much hope of success!

  6. Little Tommy is demon-spawn. Just sayin’

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