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Blizzard’s Revenge or Beware Kittys!

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highwingI was vaguely aware there were birds on The Timeless Isle that would pick you up but didn’t get around to investigating until I received the quest, Rolo’s Riddle. For the final step of this quest a ride to an inaccessible place was in order. I have to what? I have to kill an albatross to land? Very funny Blizzard. Some kind of payback for our whining?

Little did I know how much punishment Cat was to receive. But first, I found Mossgreen Lake to be an easy pickup spot. He’ll come low enough for you to do some damage so he’ll stop and pick you up. Kind of 45.50ish. The bad part was when he picked Cat up she turned from Cat to Caster, not good as to get him to drop you you’ve got to kill him. In caster form she’d have a hard time killing a critter.

I fly up to the Red Lake where the final riddle to complete the quest is located and she cannot kill him. She’s out of mana and he’s barely scratched. Now she beats on him a while. Trouble is there’s so much time between her melee hits he keeps moving in between. Now he’s moved out of water dropage range. I finally hearthed to get off him.

Hmm … now I know why people were arriving in the lake area with half-dead birds. A lesson learned. Next flight she hopped, she beat him down way before arriving at the lake so that when she arrived she had regenerated her mana and could kill him in the desired location. Yay! Success! Even get an achievement for it!

Now that I had the whole process down I couldn’t seem to let it go. I hopped another flight and managed to tame a rare Skywisp Moth, a battle pet who frequents those high peaks. Took another ride looking for Sturdy Chests and just sightseeing.

So overall, after a rocky start I really enjoyed my flights. Still kinda waiting to see what form that bad luck from killing an albatross might take though.

gamblingOh! That might be it! I wasn’t going to mention it but Cat’s developed a gambling addiction. That darn Master Kukuru suckers her into that cave every time she gets a little ahead on the coins. They burn a hole in her pocket. And she’s not lucky. Usually spends 500 coins and the box contains 100 coins. Not a good exchange rate. I’ve told her but it’s like she’s possessed. Can’t stop. She’s got the luck of an albatross killer.

Screaming Like a Little Girl

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screamSo yesterday I was all happy. Yay! I’m out of my mope! Things are looking up! I’m going to read all the blogs and comment! Yeah … I should have known I was tempting fate. I had sent work off for review. I probably had MOST OF THE DAY to read and then go to the Timeless Isle! YAY!

Nope. I published my post and the phone rang. Phone-ringing early morning is not a good sign. My Mother. Not a good sign. She said she had a doctor appointment and felt too bad to drive, I must drive her. A round trip to my Mother is three hours since she refuses to live close to any of her designated drivers. Okay, what can you do.

I have an irrational fear. Just one … I’m not greedy. Snakes. I really, really hate them. I really, really fear them. I see one and the hair on the back of my head stands up. I get chills. I scream.

So I go to the basement to bring the dogs in from their morning jaunt in the yard. At the bottom of the stairs. IN MY HOUSE! THERE IS A SNAKE.



Yeah, it went on for a while, the thing’s hearing is probably permanently impaired now but I don’t care, I hate it!

I had to leave to go drive my Mother but for some reason I was convinced snake would get the dogs while I was away. My husband thinks I’m pretty funny. I attribute all sorts of mystical powers to snakes. They could climb the stairs. They could squeeze under the door at the top of the stairs. They could GET THE DOGS!

I must resolve this before I leave. This means I must approach crafty snake. OMG! I get a trash can lid and manage to put in on top of snake. In my mind I have sufficiently protected the dogs. I can get the hell out of the house of doom with a clear conscious.

Four and a half hours later I return. Dogs are okay. We wait for husband to come home. We don’t go down to the basement. I don’t even open the door to the basement lest SNAKE is lurking on the top step … having escaped confinement.

There is a big thunderstorm going on in the background, kind of setting the mood. Husband’s late. FINALLY he arrives. I tell him my snake story which he seems to find amusing.

He’s more afraid of you than you are of him.

BULLSHIT! That’s not even possible.

Snakes are good, they eat rats.

I DON’T CARE, I’M NOT AFRAID OF RATS … JUST SNAKES … please just get him out of here!

So, long story short … I guess that’s not possible. Long story ending. The snake was gone, kind of proving my point that they have super powers. It’s still in the basement. I gave my husband a flashlight to search but snake is too crafty … it’s hidden. IT LIVES … IN MY BASEMENT.

I’m writing this two stories away from the snake but I keep turning around to check my back.

I really did have a WoW related post in mind … but I can’t concentrate on anything but SNAKE.

Anyway, the moral of the story is if something good happens and you’re all happy about it DON’T post it on a WoW blog. Apparently the fates closely monitor WoW blogs for happiness and you may end up with a SNAKE in your basement. Or a RAT or a SPIDER or … I don’t know a WEIMARANER … just insert your own irrational fear. I’m not kidding … be careful.

Signing off … two staircases away from the basement.

Blog Lurker Recidivism

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jailI’ve been writing posts coming on three years soon. Before that … I was a lurker. Yes … a WoW blog lurker. When I started posting it wasn’t scary as I knew no one was reading them but me. I entertained myself with posts about my dog. I got a comment! And I see that while I’ve been talking about my dogs and yelling about crap, my first commenter has written a whole book! Must remember to look into that.

Anyway, I piddled along for another year or so. I replied to my commenters … I became a replier. A baby step forward. Then came an event that changed everything. Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event. I had to get a Twitter account, YIKE! Okay, I’m still crappy at Twitter, but still it was a start.

I started commenting, ON BLOGS OTHER THAN MINE. I made lots of WoW friends which was the whole point of this exercise. I chatted without a care in the world. I wasn’t a lurky LURKER anymore. Nobody cared that I’m a friend of run-on sentences and totally eschew grammar and punctuation. There was no judging. I felt at home.

Recently an event irl depressed me. I thought I would feel relieved when it happened but I didn’t. Go figure … even I don’t understand me. I’d be the first to admit I have a fragile psyche but what I don’t understand was why this event knocked me back briefly into blog lurker land.

NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY STUPID, JUST SHUT UP! Yeah, I do self-loathing real well. I felt like this.

oopsAnd the very WORST thing is … LOOK AT THAT GUY! Not a hesitation … not a glance … NOTHING while she goes down in flames … okay water. Yeah … nobody cares … boo hoo … nobody cares …

I deleted posts … here’s a picture.

stormcupI totally lost my nerve. I hung out in places like this trying to get my mojo back. I know! Pathetic.

But an inquiry came from one of my blogging friends. Was everything alright? It wasn’t, but I lied … I know, I’m awful but the thing is her concern is what turned things slowly around. I love her for that.

I have met so many kind and caring people in the WoW community who MORE than compensate for the in-game ratbastards. So yeah … you’ve been warned. I may be commenting again. Saying stupid things that no one cares about that I don’t care about whether anyone cares about … come on, you know what I mean.

Wish You Were Here

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POSTCARDNo really, I meant that. I’m here with a bunch of total strangers, and yet still a fun first hour. So yeah, thought I’d send a postcard from my vacation. I’ll write when I get work.

She Shoots … She Scores!

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nishiThis whole not logging in until my right shoulder/elbow/arm recovers is getting depressing so I thought pet battling should be okay, right? I was about 12 fights away from getting Vengeful Pet Brawler, I should do What We’ve Been Training For.

What? Oh, no … Farmer Nishi has nothing to do with this post. I just took her picture as a reminder of what delusional thinking looks like. Every time I visit her with another baby to level she says, “You think you stand a chance?” Come on Nishi, everyone knows you’re an easy mark … yeah, like me. I suck at PvP pet battling. I’ve grown to hate it. I mean I read about teams, try them out with the same result. Utter failure, again and again and … yeah.

Oh … totally unrelated. This whole expansion I thought Pandaren were saying, “The world is your oyster.” I fly off so fast I never heard the last word. Now playing one-handed I’m slower and I found out they’re saying, “The world is your TEACHER.” OH! Okay, makes more sense I guess.

So anyway I had a plan. Decided to go look around for advice. I found a post about a team Ratshag was using. Sounds good. I’ll give this a try. The last time I took the weekly it reset before I could even get to ten wins. Yuck. Here goes.

First battle. They take one look at me and forfeit. Whew … how lucky is that. One down. Don’t know what that was about.

Second battle. They see me. They forfeit. What the hell? Do they think I’m Ratshag? Never mind, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

gifthorseThird, forfeit. Fourth, forfeit. Fifth, forfeit.  Yeah … I even got the achievement No time to heal. And at this point I’m laughing hysterically, about to fall out of my chair.

It’s ME! Guys, it’s me! The failiest pet battler there is! They are running in fear from the worst PvP pet battler EVER. ROTFLMAO! I have about an 8% win rate. WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME?

Ratshag didn’t mention that the team would strike such terror in the hearts of pet battlers that I wouldn’t even have to fight. Wow, this is great.

Sixth fight, forfeit.

Seventh fight … oh, want a piece of me do you? BRING IT ON! Okay, at this point I was probably drunk with a false sense of power from all the forfeits and I accidentally won.

Eighth fight, forfeit.


Tenth fight they run.

Yay! Since I only actually fought twice my win rate was 50%, a big improvement over 8%. I am just two battles away from winning 50 battles for the achievement. Why stop now!

Forfeit … forfeit. Done! Fifty fights completed!

I couldn’t believe my luck. That is some kick ass team alright. Hard to say how it would have gone down if I had actually had to fight. I will have to give it another try but now, it’s my team of choice.

I probably shouldn’t be spreading the word cause now maybe I’ll meet that team and we won’t know who should forfeit. Worry about that I guess when the time comes.

Anyway, always remember the sage advice of the Pandaren. The world is your oyster teacher and so apparently is Ratshag.

Foxy Lady

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foxyOkay, nobody’s going to get that reference unless they’re fans of electric-guitar players but still, it fits so I’m sticking to it.

I have stupidly made a bad condition worse by not backing away from the computer. Sitting here working and playing in front of a computer for sometimes 12 or 14 hours is … stupid. Among other things I now have tennis elbow without having stepped outside. I hopped around GW2 a little looking for vistas trying to do it one-handed. I got tired of dying. So I haven’t logged into WoW for a while, I’m trying to be good so I’ll be ready for the patch.

I logged in just to say hello to Cat, really that’s all. I had mail, must have mailed myself something and forgot. OMG! It’s from Cymre! It’s a Fox Kit! Thank you so much Cym! I’d been trying to remember to do the Tol Barad dailies to get the fox and I CANNOT seem to remember. At the rate I was going I’d have been level 100 before I got my Fox Kit.

I had to name the little fox, wouldn’t do to introduce the fox to all the pets as just … you know … fox. I already have a Jade Owl named Cymre, let’s see. Foxy Cymre! That’s it! And look at her dance! That fox has moves!

Since she’s such a good dancer I don’t think I’m going to let her battle, I don’t want an injury to interfere with her dancing career. Maybe just get her to level 25 so she won’t feel left out and then she’ll retire from the battling scene.

Thank you again Cym and rest assured Foxy Cymre will live the life of a prima ballerina. Dining on only the finest … um … mice and squirrel … and berries. Right now she’s teaching the others to dance … aw, so sweet. Hey! Stop! Stop! No twerking! No! Minfernal! Stop that at once! Although on second thought it might come in handy as a battle strategy. Hmm … it’s okay Foxy Cymre, teach ’em everything you got!