Bizarre Things I do When Servers are Down

socialYeah … maintenance … can’t login. What to do … what to do. I know! I’m going to see which of my characters wins for the most socially inept! What? Yeah, I have no idea and I’m even trying to backtrack and see where that came from and I can’t. Somewhere in my morning rounds of blogs and websites I picked up this idea but can’t track it down.

They had to be level 90 to be fair. I thought it would be a newer character rather than an older one. Not so as it turns out.

Zor! Avoidant personality much? I mean Janinna has an excuse, she just mines all the time and she’s a lot younger than you, but you guys tied. What’s up with that.

My Hunter is my first character, born in the end of Vanilla. In all fairness it did take her until somewhere in the twenties to even figure out chat let alone emotes, but still. Apparently she’s lived her WoW life like some kind of reclusive mountain man hiding out in the mountains and wilds of Azeroth, avoiding social contact for the company of her pets.

Janinna’s no surprise, it’s all about the ore, no time for anything else. Business, that’s it.

And the evil Warlocks are rather chatty … well chatty for me anyway, because of the whole keyboard thingy.

This morning I read Godmother’s post about her theory that MoP has been a year-long Beta Test for what happens next. Godmother is a thinky thinker. I really like her idea, not to mention she had one of my favorite movies in the post. I still get all teary-eyed over I would like to have seen Montana. Me too Vasili, me too.

I’m not a thinker, I’m a feeler. Um … that sounds awful. Let me rephrase, I’m about feelings … that’s better. I tried to come up with how I felt about the past year in Pandaria. A good measure is alt-playing. Have they been active? Nope.

Aside from leveling them to take advantage of their professions they’ve seen little playtime. Ironsally is furious she’s on pet detail on a low population PvP server. She’s barely moved. By this time in an expansion, since I don’t raid I’ve usually exhausted anything interesting to do and moved on to my alts. This means they must have thrown so much interesting and diverse stuff at us this expansion that I never moved on to making up my own stuff to do. I have a feeling Godmother’s right.

So see, alts? It’s not your fault you’ve been standoffish. You’ve been locked up in that stuffy server almost the whole expansion. No wonder you couldn’t /wave, /hug and /lol. Oh wait … uh … Janinna? Now that you’re a Worgen you can skip the whole /lol thing, really … just take my word. You’ll make more friends that way.

7 Responses to “Bizarre Things I do When Servers are Down”

  1. Once upon a time, I would review my statistics, but then things got redesigned and I forgot about it.

    Reviewing now I’m shocked that Aldonza is almost as social as Kallixta. Not quite as huggy and wavey as Catwynn though.

    Now I have something I can do during downtime!

  2. Now I gotta go look too …

    Looks like Daschela has already outfacepalmed Electrika. Not sure what that means, if anything. But she’s clearly not into personal affection as she hasn’t hugged anybody ever!

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