The Key to the Trash Bin of le Chien

leChienThat’s my dog doing one of his two favorite things. Resting on his couch, which used to be ours by the way, or eating. I was going to take a picture just for this post but I was too chicken to run to the store yesterday for batteries. There was a tornado watch. I WAS SURE if I left the house I’d come back to find it gone. Anyway, had I taken one it would probably have looked just like this one.

Everyday after lunch I go to the basement where I have an exercise contraption, it’s not a treadmill but kind of a skier. I do half an hour while reading. I can’t seem to break the 30 minute mark, but never mind that. I realized that this 30 minutes was my dog’s run through the Palace of Lei Shen.

He impatiently waits for me to finish my lunch, sometimes urging me to hurry by poking me with his nose or snapping his mouth open and closed at me like a crocodile which is his version of cheeky talk. When we get down there he waits for me to climb on board and then he’s off!

He spends the entire time trying to break into The Trash Bin of le Chien. The bag of dog food is kept in a trash bin to protect it from him. I’m always amazed by his optimistic outlook as he’s been doing this for years and not broken in yet but his enthusiasm never wanes.

As soon as the skiing sound stops, so does he and it just hit me the other day, he’s doing the Palace of Lei Shen! Just like me! He’s doing a timed run for treasure which to him is food! It’s like he’s playing his own version of WoW!

I’ve never managed to get through to the other door either! And my enthusiasm hasn’t waned! I still get so excited when I find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen!

I think my dog’s a gamer, just that he’s cleverer than I am because he made his game up himself while I bought mine.

This behavior HAD to be rewarded, I opened up the Trash Bin of le Chien and gave him his prize. FUD … well that’s how he spells it, geez.

19 Responses to “The Key to the Trash Bin of le Chien”

  1. LOL! He’s both handsome *and* smart!

  2. OMG, you are SUCH an easy boss to defeat! And I can’t beat that boss by the way, I am such a chicken when it comes to that place because my DPS is pathetic! And I get lost! So I have 7 keys in my bag waiting for me not to be a chicken. Now all you have to do is hide food in 20 places around the house and see if he can finish that before you finish your palace run 😀

  3. Oh that’s excellent although I agree, you need more hidey places now 🙂 I haven’t done that place for ages. I should go back just for the money.

  4. LOL! I had a dog who did the same thing – I called the trash can the “Puppy Buffet.” It had a lid on it, but he would “bribe” one of the cats to jump on the lid and snap the locks open and well, you can guess the rest.
    Sometimes I think pets are smarter than I am…

  5. Great Looking Dog!! Thanks for the chuckle – we have two cats that rule the house with an iron paw. While we still had our dog, she passed away a year ago due to old age and kidney failure, the cats used to take great joy in taking their dry food and batting it off the counter to the “blind” dog on the floor. Naturally, they would wait to see if the dog could find it before batting more down or they would jump down and lead the dog to the nibbles. Animals are awesome – yes, they are smarter than we are because they make up their own games. 😀

    • I’m glad he can’t read, at least I think he can’t. He’d be after me for a cat of his own to help in his never-ending search for just one more bite of food, lol! What nice helping cats.

  6. I always thought my parents were weird for keeping the dogs food in a bin but it turns out it’s prefectly normal! My parents dog is no where near as intelligent! My brother once played a trick on her so she thinks her food is kept in the genuine bin (not in the ‘fake’ bin that contains her food) so she gets excited when you go to the wrong bin 😛

    • Aw, she’s been tricked! I didn’t keep it in the bin when he was a puppy and one day I came in and he’d bored right through the side of the bag. He’d eaten so much I thought we would have to have a trip to the vet so I learned my lesson!

  7. zwingli Whisperwind Says:

    That is so awesome! I have a cat that likes to wake me up at 5am for her fud. 😉

  8. Roo the Hunter Says:

    after reading this post all I can say is “Thank God, all I have are ferrets”. I can use them to go down the gopher holes to get me pennies I might drop. Don’t believe me? How do you think the Grand Canyon got dug? Aye, a Scotsman dropped his pennies down a gopher hole.

    • After you talked about your ferrets I actually went to look at them and considered buying one but my husband talked me out of it, lol. He said they’d scare the dogs and he’s probably right so no extra pennies for me.

  9. Roo the Hunter Says:

    I always do my best to talk people out of buying ferrets from the pet store. You are better off going to a rescue shelter and there are a ton of them. Also you will want 2, especially if they have bonded. No harder to take care than one. BUT (notice it is a big but), be prepared for expenses. They tend to get one or 2 cancers and it is expensive to treat them. My two are from a local humane shelter, and so far, I have spent a couple of 1000 buckaroos on them in the 4 years I have had them. Plus they are not caged but have an area 15′ x 20′ that is their own. And it is ferret proof (if they can get their head into the opening, they will get their body). I feed mine a variety of Gerber turkey baby food, Wysong can turkey (Aus Jus canned – $3.99 a can) and Wysong dry (3 pounds for $25.00). They go thru that in 6 weeks. Plus daily playing – think of kittens even when they are adults. And there are 7 litter boxes I empty twice a day, once in morning, once in the evening. A lot of work, but I would not have it any other way. 😀

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