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frolickI have actual posts to write, even have the screen shots for them but I’ve not been writing them. I’ve been goofing off instead. Yeah, Cat didn’t waste any time buying the Dandelion Frolicker who was on her “must have” list. Cat’s seen the crystal once and the Warlock did it once. Cat did much better at it than Cim but both of them are really talented at arriving in the vicinity to watch someone kill the sprites so … hooray for the AH! I am a crappy camper.

My Hunter was feeling that she was getting the whole huntery thing down until she aggroed a pack of things. OW OW OW!!!! She was doing such a bad job of AoE damage she drew a crowd. They all just stopped and stared in horror. So embarrassing, she’s hiding in that tent over there scared to come out.

But what’s really taking up our time is Liwu the Monk. I think it’s because she’s nearing 60 and yes, flying! And not just flying but FLYING MACHINE! Kind of makes no sense that I start a new Rogue which immediately revives my interest in my Monk … go figure, but that’s what happened. She’s about to enter Outland, I hope she’s prepared. I mean I even approached grumpy Death Knight to see if she’d be willing to head over there and gather the materials for Liwu. Squee! So excited! Yes, yes, doesn’t take much at all. I’m easily pleased. Flying Machine will be ours!

Okay … just wanted to say hi. If I can just get her to 60 and make that Flying Machine I’m sure things will go back to normal … well, whatever passes for normal here. And WordPress just congratulated me on my third year anniversary today, so I thought I should say something to commemorate the day I started talking about wow in the hope of finding like-minded people to communicate with … since there sure aren’t any in this house. I’m happy to say it worked!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Have an anniversary cookie!

21 Responses to “Placeholder Post”

  1. Rock on Tome! Happy blogaversary!

  2. haha .. cool .. happy anniversary πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! Three years, congratulations! πŸ™‚
    I am so sorely tempted to just buy that dandelion frolicker too. It’s so cute. πŸ˜€

  4. Well dang! Third birthday? Tome of the Youngster then? Congratulations. Well done.

  5. Happy happy blogiversary!

    And huzzah for flying machines! The Flying Machines are the only flying mounts *my* Engineer will ever use. πŸ˜€

  6. Happy Blogiversary!

    You know the Dandelion Frolicker was one of the prizes for my YouTube vid contest but I’m glad you managed to get one.

    • Thanks Cym! My faith in winning anything is about the same as my faith in ever getting that Frolicker to drop so I went for the sure thing on this one. Although I did come in second to you on that easter egg hunt so I shouldn’t say that I never win anything.

  7. Happy blogiversary Tome!

    It’s been fun reading about your adventures, both in and out of Azeroth. πŸ˜€

    Just be careful though, engineers do tend to be like Apple users, always gotta have the latest tech. Hopefully Liwu will get some use out of the Flying Machine before she discovers the Sky Golem has been released!

  8. The Flying Machine is awesome, there’s actually one sat in my guilds bank but that’s not much use to you sadly.
    Happy 3rd Blogiversary though!!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I hear ya about the sprite crystal. My priest can’t do it, just my DK can stomp them all and yeah, no pet. Yay for the AH!

    • Thank you! I know, I was so happy to just be able to buy one. And it looks like Garnia isn’t dropping anything for anybody as I’ve only seen it once on the AH, or maybe people just got fed up camping up there, lol.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Gwad, I really do need to come show you how to play a hunter.
    Be willing any time.


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