The Good Old Bad Old Days


Liwu made it to level 60 and with the help of Death Knight’s fast mining was able to make her Flying Machine. What made it all even better is it’s Hallow’s End a favorite time of mine. Disguised as a Goblin she set out to enjoy one of my favorite expansions. I told her she’d love it, just wait and see. I’ve always loved leveling alts through these quiet zones. I remember how I loved … what is that lunatic doing … there’s a Troll named Troll, possibly a 90 as he’s one-shoting everything, running around the Hold. How is this fun? No really, I really wonder about that.

Never mind Liwu, let’s go look for ore, I really want to get your engineering going. There’s a node! Just have to kill those two Orcs standing by it … WTF! Do you not see me standing on this ore fighting for it? What is wrong with you … you … you IDIOT! Some people, I swear. Never mind, one bad apple.

Look! There’s more Fel Iron over here! Just have to clear out that Hellboar, this is great, we’ll have enough … WTF! Dammit, do these people just follow you around, enjoying stealing your ore while you fight? What kind of entertainment is that? Who are these people? And you know what really hurts is that it’s always your own side doing it.

Thanks to the advanced technology of CRZ, it became clear that the memories of the halcyon days of my WoW youth that I’d been telling Liwu about were false memories. Distance and nostalgia had put a glow on what had been a GIANT PITA!

It’s all coming back to me now. Dead quest givers, ore ninjas, flagged opposition members dancing on your kills when you tried to loot them. Waiting for what seems forever for a respawn and then a Death Knight runs in and death grips it away, no group kills back then. Wow … how did I forget all that.

Never mind Liwu, we’ll have some peace and quiet once we reach your homeland. It’s lovely and deserted and … oh no … connected realms. OMG! HURRY LIWU HURRY!

14 Responses to “The Good Old Bad Old Days”

  1. Big fat poo-poo doo doo heads.

  2. Outland is one of the reasons I quit my 2nd account. There were too many asshats around (PvP server) and I couldn’t even survive to turn in quests.

    CRZ REALLY sucks in this area.

    I think I might have just summoned Bocat with that phrase . . .

    • I cannot even imagine the pain on a PvP server, I wonder if they’re in Zangarmarsh. I could try moving on sooner than I planned and see if it’s a little quieter there. There is a LOT of traffic in Hellfire.

      • I think they primarily stay in HF. I tried ZM and TF and didn’t have too much of a problem.

        I needed Fel Iron though, and it was MUCH easier to find it in HF. Even on my max level miner I couldn’t get any ore.

  3. Roo the Hunter Says:

    yeah, jerk-offs all around.

  4. I’ve found that on both PvE and PvP servers, HP isn’t worth trying to do anything but level out of it ASAP. Once I get out of HP, there is more ore to mine and fewer people trying to mess up my game.

    I’m guessing that the ore-bots/griefers are too lazy to travel much father than HP 😀

    The only other place I found was a CRZ/PvP problem is the DK area in Zul’Drak. Once past that, the rest was quiet.

  5. Why does she look angry in the plane! Is it because of the CRZ? Damn!

  6. Selfmanic Says:

    Yeah, the last week has been bad for people trolling the game. Had horde stationed at every fight master in one zone killing anyone who came in. Managed to get out of the area to find that they were everywhere, at every major quest site. Finally signed off for a few days, logged in yesterday and it was back to normal, shrug.

    • OH! Thankfully I didn’t have to endure anything like that, geez. And after she moved along to Zangarmarsh it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Now she’s settled down in Nagrand one of my favorite places for a while.

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