The Agony and the Ecstasy

pvpvgearI’ve always liked professions, I’ve always felt good that my band of misfits can help each other out, and I’m just a little sad when another character reaches the level cap. Nowadays professions are somewhat borked, leveling characters and professions no longer mesh … but I still enjoy them.

Except for this. HOW MANY DAMN GLADIATOR PIECES ARE THERE? NO! No … thanks, but don’t tell me. I don’t think I could handle the truth. All Cat wants is her Snow Lily Belt, she’s still wearing that butt ugly thing she got from Galleon ages ago because SHE KNEW she’d have a nice upgrade soon. HA!

Cim the Warlock who has way fewer patterns to learn bought her belt off the AH rather than wait but Cat being Cat … she wants to CRAFT her own, it seems to be a big issue to her … so she waits … and waits. OH! OH! Not a PvP piece! It’s a … it’s a … oh … healy leather. Another week goes by. OH! This is something good! This might be it … mail.

She sniffs her disappointment once again and runs off to decimate anything on the Isle that drops leather, hopeful that tomorrow will be THE DAY. Poor thing.

turboYou know Alts are kinda spoiled brats. I know, I know. It’s totally my fault. I think Liwu made us buy her Hula Doll when she was around level 65 cause she was afraid they might be out of stock when she hit 70. I know, crazy. I think Griftah has an endless supply of that stuff but we all humored her.

We would have humored her a lot more with mats but that low level stuff isn’t available, at least on our AH. So instead she wheedles Death Knight to go out and speed mine and TA DA! Turbo-Charged Flying Machine was hers! I know the driving force that got her leveled to 71 was that ride. I’ll be interested to see if the speed at which she levels continues. Can the thought of Sky Golem at the end of the road keep her rolling … we’ll see.

Okay, I see my problem now. I wrote this thing this morning and then came back to check for typos and stuff before I published it. This is dangerous, it seems that whenever I don’t just throw caution to the wind and post immediately I later decide to trash the post. Maybe I’ll just forget about typos, it’ll be like live TV! Anything can happen! Teh unedided post!

18 Responses to “The Agony and the Ecstasy”

  1. Tai feels Cat’s pain when it comes to the leatherworking. Every day he farms up his leather and does his cooldown and most every day he gets some pvp piece he has no use for. Though he -has- managed to learn a healing mail belt recipe and an agility mail belt recipe, neither of which is any use at all to a Mistweaver Monk. On the positive side… by the time he learns the belt and pants he can actually use he’ll probably have mats collected for both. Good luck, Cat! Hopefully the RNG will be kind and she’ll learn her belt pattern soon.

  2. Heh, Kamalia sympathizes completely! I will probably also have learned all the other Blacksmithing PvP recipes before the ones for the cool Pally belt that has a little book on it finally shows up.

    • I guess I should be happy that she learned the legs fairly early and not complain. Maybe if I PvPed I’d appreciate them.

      Liwu has been kind of skating ever since she made that Turbo Machine, flying around checking things out, lol. She better get back to leveling!

  3. Also, big grats to Liwu on reaching 70 and being able to make & fly that narfy Turbo Flying Machine! I

  4. Professions used to be one of my favorite things to do in WoW, but this expansion they really haven’t been as much fun as before. And yeah, the PvP patterns are endless, especially for leatherworking. They have gear for 5 classes after all (compared to 3 for the rest), and many of those classes have multiple sets. >.<

    • I know, it does seem endless, I looked up the patterns she hasn’t learned yet and there are still a heap of PvP ones left. If they sold on my server maybe I wouldn’t mind. One day that Snow Lilly belt will be hers!

  5. Both my Druid and Monk nod and weep in sympathy. I’ve yet to have any non-PVP caster recipe drop for my poor plush Tauren. At least my Monk still has a few levels until 90 anyway…

    Meanwhile, my pally’s already learned all his BS recipes from the Balanced Trillium CD. I think my lock’s closing in on finishing her Tailoring stuff as well.

    • I think my Warlock was ahead of the bunch on her tailoring but once she got revered for the Harmonious pet she’s slacked off on her cloth gathering so my poor Druid may still get there first.

      I hate to say that my Alchemist steals the mats for the Balanced Trillium to make money so my poor Death Knight has only been able to do like three. I guess she’ll be finishing some time in the next expansion!

  6. Leatherworking and tailoing for me, I’m still making all the PVP items but the chopper looks great and I changed back to my rocket after seeing so many people running around on their sky golem. It’s still worth making though. You’ll love it!

  7. Yeah, professions need an update. It would be nice to actually make *useful* items leveling up instead of pouring gold into mats and vendoring stuff for silver *shudder* or paying a fortune for old expansion mats to get those last 5 skill points.

    One of my Engineers is “stuck” at Cata level engineering just because I refuse to pay outlandish amounts for Eternals and it’s impossible to farm them with CRZ.

    My Tailor has the entire Malevolent (or whatever the latest one is) PvP set and only 3 PvE pieces have popped. Don’t even know how many there are or how many we get.

    Yeah, PvP cloth armor…just what everyone wants 😛

    • I know, I thought, oh no problem I’ll buy the crystallized earth. Nope, no one sells it on my server and yet a bazillion people are there farming stuff because they apparently sell it on their servers.

      Yeah, it’s bad enough dealing with RNG with pet and mount drops without having it in professions too … sigh.

      I’ve sent my Death Knight to Wrath to speed mine again for Liwu. Kind of enjoying it anyway, I forgot how much I liked the Wrath zones. I really love Storm Peaks.

    • Roo the Hunter Says:

      your capes! I want the two different ones with agi on them. :Þ

      But PVP armor is the way of the future, I am forseeing. Blizz kills two birds with one stone, that way.

  8. Roo the Hunter Says:

    82 for LW. You aren’t following my blog with the CMG LW recipes being listed. 🙂 Over 50% the way there. I have 84 slots open just incase it isn’t 82. And Snow Lily Belt was the first one I learned.

    Random my buttocks – I believe that what ever class you are in the game counts against you in which recipes you learn.

    I started late in getting the recipes (a week after everyone else started) but I make it a habit to do each (LW, Engineering, Tailoring, BS, Alch for Living Steel and Tri-whatever bars, Enchanting for the sha whatever thingie it’s called).ANd those Jared Power sources – I got 40 something of those since my dreams of making any type of gold off the new Engineer mount fell thru. Just going to make them and make them.

    • I know you list the LW recipes. I just don’t want to look because I’ll become demoralized, lol. Druid is very good and does them every day, my Warlock however bought her stuff and kind of slacked off. I told her she should at least make bags to make up all the money she spent!

  9. I remember Liwu. I think she was around as Xishuei began casting Fireballs out and about around Westfall. 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed the professions as well. Often I would pick ones that matched the character’s personality (which is why Siori had Herbalism and Enchanting, while Carrera had Inscription and Goblin Engineering). The problem is that once the game got its overhaul, most profession items became useless. I’ve always felt every craftable item should serve one of three purposes: good for raiding/leveling, good for PvP, or good for Transmog. Alas, some don’t fit any of those categories. 😦

    • Liwu may make her engineering mounts but between you and me she rides the kingdom on her Sapphire Panther with memories of JD in her head!

      I know, there’s a level 85 helm I want to make but I’m sure as soon as you enter Pandaria you’ll be handed a green quest reward that makes it obsolete. I’m hoping having her own Blingtron will keep her working towards 90!

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