Bullies and The Escapist

bullyThe deck was done and it was a thing of beauty. The incessant shrieking of our fearful little girl dog quieted. My husband was pleased, I was pleased, all was good in the land … for less than 24 hours … but hey … you take what you can get, right?

Non-fearful dog and I were coming back from our morning walk and we were followed into our driveway by a county vehicle. Oh … another deck inspection I guess. I got a rl screen shot of the inspector. Perhaps he was having a bad day.

He’s quite a large gentleman, he steps out of his county vehicle and throws his cigarette on the lawn. I guess to establish who was in charge here. I have a theory that some people placed in authority really shouldn’t have it.

My husband’s cousin, who was a few years older than my husband, used to stand in the hallway and demand payment to pass by his room when my husband visited. Payment or beat down … your choice. He later went on to become a policeman … hmm.

Anyway, inspector said yeah … I’ll bet you paid a bundle for this … ??? … um, no the price was reasonable. Well you may think so but I KNOW they charge about three times what they pay for materials. OMG! They’re making a profit! Those devils! No, I didn’t SAY that, I was deceitful and feigned respect.

He went on to grab a stair support post and try to yank it out of the ground all the while saying this isn’t going to last, look at this … okay … it’s fine now but in a few years … and this is a trip hazard … and there should be … yeah … my time in the sun was over. This inspector was a bully, maybe he didn’t like the way my dog looked at him. Maybe he had it in for deck builders, maybe someone built him a bad one, who knows. If only RNG had returned the first inspector who was really nice and liked dogs. Evil inspector handed me my F and with a smirk, wished me a good day. Rat bastard.

I was upset … I’m a worrier. Actually I’m a world class worrier … not good.

escapistThere are all kinds of WoW players, it’s been pretty well established that the whole hardcore/casual thing doesn’t really work. There are competitors, completists, collectors and varying combinations of all WoW types. I’m an escapist. I do dailies and quests as an excuse to hang around in the beautiful content Blizzard created. I like living there. I used to live in books when I was young now I live here.

I leave the real world and worry about mobs, rep, dailies and after a while I calm down. Yes, I’ve said it … WoW is my Xanax. Right or wrong after an hour in-game I usually calm down and regain some perspective. That and hyperboleing to death any event that upsets me on the blog. Oh and making up new words … cause I can … I’m the boss here.

So yeah now I’m all fine with it. Stupidhead inspector can bite me. This too shall pass. I don’t have time to worry about it, I have saronite to mine.

10 Responses to “Bullies and The Escapist”

  1. As you were writing this, or posting this, I and young cub were having an amazing discussion about evolution (or lack thereof) and the nature of bullies….fascintating. Gives me more for my thesis.

  2. And too bad you didn’t channel DevilGirl: I would have told him to pick that cigarrette up. And used my big girl voice.

  3. 😦 Hate people like that. I’d have been secretly sticking mental pins in his effigy from the whole cigarette on lawn point but then bullies automatically regress me to being around 12 years with plaits and a massive attitude. With hindsight, I really would have sucked in the military :p

    • LOL! I’m with you Erinys, I would have been awful in the military. They’d have given me a psych discharge the first time I lost my temper because when I do I’m not quite sane anymore.

      Now, there must be an old doll of my daughter’s packed away in the basement, let me see …

  4. I am pleased you kept your cool. The cigarette on the lawn would have driven me nuts. Bullies and people with power who revel in it irritate me, and for all my diminutive size, I try to counter it, but sometimes to no avail. So what happens to the beautiful deck now?

    • The contractor assured me they’ll make it right. Probably not at high speed, lol. They are going to have to rip down the beautiful stairs and redo them because he didn’t like the way they joined the brick patio. The rest of the things he cited are just little niggly crap but the stairs … ouch.

  5. Yeah, sounds like the sort of person that shouldn’t have power. There are a lot of small community cops in the area that are exactly like this guy, whereas the City police and County sheriffs have a much better rep.

    Good riddance, if you ask me.

    • This is really the first time we’ve had to deal with a county inspector, hopefully he’s not the norm but the other seemed fine. You should be able to get a second opinion but I guess they’d be unlikely to veto their coworker unless he’s a pill at work too!

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