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The Isle of It was Dead When I Got There

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ky-leYesterday was one of those days. As Cim approached the Timeless Isle she saw this incredible piece of real estate. She got off her mount to inquire as to whether it might be for sale but Ky-Le took her inquiry the wrong way I guess and she ended up flagged … and forgot about it. Of course when she reached the Isle someone killed her while she was killing a turtle. Later on while doing AoE on a rare someone ran up and killed her. Someday she should really learn how to PvP.

voidlordSo yeah … she called for a taxi and the bird took the Voidlord instead … sigh. She finally gets up to the lake to camp Garnia, whew. I found she has a talent for logging in right after someone else kills Garnia.

Cim needs four more rares for the achievement and most reside up around the sanctuary. So after missing Garnia again she went to take a look and found Flintlord Gairan was standing there. She called out and called out and nope, nobody coming. Probably should have looked him up first. If I had I would have read, “don’t pull him from maximum range or he’ll charge you and probably one-shot you.”

No probably about it. Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. What else can I do?

Because MoP has had so much to do, I’m about to lose my membership in the Azerothian Altoholics Society. And I’ve been jealous of all those handsome Blood Elves people have so that’s it! Roll a Blood Elf male!

purloinThere he is! Salty Purloin the Rogue. I really should train fishing on him or he’ll look like a big poser. He was invited to a posh party and there he is dancing … wait a minute … what’s he staring at? OMG! Of all the nerve! If I were you Purloin I’d stop checking out that girl before her boyfriend sees you.

Hmm … we’ll see how this goes. This guy looks to be trouble to me.

A Hunting We Will Go

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timelesshuntMy Hunter was my first WoW character. There she is, Elder Zorakar. The last time I played her semi-seriously was in the pre-focus days when mana was important, since then she wanders about looking for pets to tame and picks flowers. Cat and Cim sent her Timeless Mail from the Isle until she had a whole set. Yeah … you see where this is going don’t you.

She wanted to go to the Isle. I told her that while ilevel 480 might seem like a dizzying height to her it really wasn’t, especially for someone who didn’t know their class. Sorry Zor, but you know it’s true.

Please, please! I’ll just stay there long enough to get 20,000 coins so I can replace my Sonic Pulse Generator with the Featherdraw Longbow, that’s all I want!

zorbeginsWe took a nostalgia swing by the place it all started and … WHAT THE HELL! OMG! These kids today! They start out with an insta-pet? Unbelievable! So against my better judgement we got her gemmed and enchanted. Surely she aught to be able to kill those little pink flamingo thingies on the Isle without trouble … shouldn’t she?

Zor is Beast Mastery, has always been and probably always will. Okay Zor, we’re here. Do you know what you’re supposed to do? Should I look up your rotation for you?

No, no. I’m good. Let’s go!

We land and TURTLE! Let’s get him! Wait … er … too late. Zor! Zor! Heal you Cat! She’s about … whew. The call went out for the ship event. Oh! Can we do that after the turtle? Sure, just kill the turtle first.

Okay, the ship event is one of the things that actually lasts long enough to get there, I mean if you kill your turtle first. People went racing past us to the ship … still killing turtle … still killing turtle … healing pet … killing turtle …

Next thing I know old Captain Genest is yelling, “This Cannot be! The Vazuvius could never fall to the likes of you!” and everyone comes running by … and we almost got this turtle down. Yes … it took as long as downing the ship. Obviously we’re missing something here. I know her gear is low but not THAT low.

OH! Glaive Toss! Sounds cool, perhaps you should be using that Zor, and oh! Look at this one, you get another pet to attack! Oh, and Focus Fire … THAT’S what the lovely screen display meant!

Wow … we sure got rusty doing nothing but picking flowers but I’m happy to report she’s still alive and doing much better after a little research into the present day Hunter. 15,000 or so coins so far and I’m not sure she’ll be leaving after she gets her bow, she’s having too much fun.

moondanceCat! What are you doing! This is Zor’s post, she hardly ever gets one, stop that at once! Sorry, ever since she saw Cymre doing it she’s been making that poor Moon Moon dance. The poor thing must be exhausted.

So anyway … what I’m worried about is if the Shaman gets wind of this … yeah. She’s in the 470s and sporting two Tankards O’ Terror that I bought her to bonk virmen on the farm. Blizzard considers this as having empty slots … doesn’t bode well.

And I last played her seriously in BC … with a two-hander. I know … Shaman carnage for sure. I’ve sworn all my characters to secrecy, I hope that’s enough. I’m not worried about the Death Knight, all she likes to do is mine and play Rammstein on her black market Goblin iPhone.

The Key to the Trash Bin of le Chien

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leChienThat’s my dog doing one of his two favorite things. Resting on his couch, which used to be ours by the way, or eating. I was going to take a picture just for this post but I was too chicken to run to the store yesterday for batteries. There was a tornado watch. I WAS SURE if I left the house I’d come back to find it gone. Anyway, had I taken one it would probably have looked just like this one.

Everyday after lunch I go to the basement where I have an exercise contraption, it’s not a treadmill but kind of a skier. I do half an hour while reading. I can’t seem to break the 30 minute mark, but never mind that. I realized that this 30 minutes was my dog’s run through the Palace of Lei Shen.

He impatiently waits for me to finish my lunch, sometimes urging me to hurry by poking me with his nose or snapping his mouth open and closed at me like a crocodile which is his version of cheeky talk. When we get down there he waits for me to climb on board and then he’s off!

He spends the entire time trying to break into The Trash Bin of le Chien. The bag of dog food is kept in a trash bin to protect it from him. I’m always amazed by his optimistic outlook as he’s been doing this for years and not broken in yet but his enthusiasm never wanes.

As soon as the skiing sound stops, so does he and it just hit me the other day, he’s doing the Palace of Lei Shen! Just like me! He’s doing a timed run for treasure which to him is food! It’s like he’s playing his own version of WoW!

I’ve never managed to get through to the other door either! And my enthusiasm hasn’t waned! I still get so excited when I find a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen!

I think my dog’s a gamer, just that he’s cleverer than I am because he made his game up himself while I bought mine.

This behavior HAD to be rewarded, I opened up the Trash Bin of le Chien and gave him his prize. FUD … well that’s how he spells it, geez.

Howlin’ For You

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moonmoonDo I have actual paying-me-money work to do? Yes. Do I have vacuuming that needs doing, laundry to do, yard work, smelly dogs who need baths? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did I do that? Noooooo … I felt a compelling NEED to acquire Moon Moon. I HAD to have Moon Moon the very first day the Darkmoon Faire was in town. HAD TO. Sometimes I think I’m one card short of a deck … really. And it’s too late in life to start worrying about fixing it so I’m just going to go with it.

I started my Moon Moon quest at 9:30am and thankfully it was over at 6:00pm. The first few times were painful, although groups were cautioned not to let Moonfang get too far from where she spawns or she would reset, she repeatedly did just that. One attempt had four resets but the grand prize winner was 14 resets. I know! Did I leave? NO! I needed Moon Moon.

In the middle of the day I was becoming dejected and not looking forward to having to buy my Moon Moon. One was listed on the AH at 350,000. Yeah, like that’s happening.

I took a Moon Moon break at the 4:00pm spawn to feed hungry dogs and put clothes in the wash. It was agony. That was probably my lucky time and I missed it! Oh no! So I turn up for the 5:15 spawn and finally, finally … Moon Moon was mine!

Cimmeria the Warlock handles this kind of stuff because Cat doesn’t like chasing butts around. Cim doesn’t care about pets so she told Cat she owes her big time for Moon Moon. Hate to think what she’ll require of Cat, it’s like making a deal with the devil. Not my business. It’s between the two of them.

So anyway, here’s the interesting part. I have not been lucky with pet drops from the rares on Timeless Isle. I can’t even count the times Cat and Cim have whacked those skunky guys around … nothing. So I whined at Bubbles of Mischief. That wasn’t enough for me, oh no, I then went and whined at WoW Misadventures about my crappy pet drop luck.

Then I login … kill my first Jademist Dancer … a Jademist Dancer drops. NO WAY! I’m never that lucky. Move on to the skunky bunch and WHAT! A Skunky Alemental drops! What is going on here?

bobsocksSo today I get Moon Moon? I see a pattern, you might want to try it yourself. I’m not sure if whining at Bubbles of Mischief or WoW Misadventures did it or possibly it was the COMBINATION of the two! Not sure if the order matters, I’m not sure who I whined to first.

You might want to try it, it worked for me … and oh … I did have my lucky Spongebob Squarepants socks on. You might need those too. It couldn’t hurt.

Revenge of the Rares

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willypathThere’s no doubt that Cimmeria is a cold-hearted bitch Warlock but this first one was my fault. I take the blame. Cim was checking the BMAH and on leaving I saw Willy Wilder scurrying down the path.

Quick Cim! Get him! I know he drops SOMETHING, I just don’t remember what. Quick, he’s going to get away!

She dispatched young Willy on that lonely path. She riffled through his pockets and only found a Blood-Soaked Invitation. Oh … maybe someone needs one, I can give it … oh, it’s BoP. So poor Willy Wilder met his end on a dark morning for an item that vendored for 5 gold. I know, I’m ashamed I had a hand in it.

Cim continues on to the Vale and sees Yorik Sharpeye sitting down there in his once beautiful spot.

No! Cim no! Leave him alone! He’s been through enough! Why on earth do you need to kill him?

I have two Sha Crystal Fragments, I need a third for a Sha Crystal. So Yorik died for a fragment. I had no hand in that. That’s all on you Cim. No good will come from this wanton killing, mark my words. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA was her response … yeah Warlocks.

Cim then heads off to the Timeless Isle. No one has even had a glimpse of Garnia yet, Cim plans on being the first. She catches a ride on an albatross and Garnia’s there! Right in the middle of that lake! I told her to tell the Isle in case anyone else was waiting for Garnia and then to wait a bit.

I thought we’d wait about five minutes to give anyone wanting a go at Garnia time to catch a ride up. Garnia was still swimming around in the middle. I left Cim for a minute to check on something over here and when I got back Cim was fighting for her life.

That sneaky Garnia had come over to the side and ambushed Cim. By the time I got there she was nearly dead, her minion was dead. She summoned another and barely made it out alive. Of course no pet dropped.

Well you nearly bought it there, serves you right for poor Yorik.

Oh yeah? What about Willy, whose fault was that?

Alright, alright …

OH! Neverending Spritewood!

Click … ring ring … ring ring.

I had to answer it, I was waiting for a call.

Yeah … when I got back Cim was taking a dirt nap. Not only that I saw she had an audience … staring down at her dead body … laughing. Geez, is she going to be livid … maybe I should just leave … no.

She had a lot to say when she revived, I can’t even repeat it. When she calmed down I told her we might give some thought in the future before indiscriminately killing EVERY rare we saw because apparently there’s a rare grapevine out there and they saw us coming.

They were probably all shouting REVENGE FOR WILLY AND YORIK WILL BE OURS!

Yeah … be careful out there … or just don’t answer the phone.

Bizarre Things I do When Servers are Down

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socialYeah … maintenance … can’t login. What to do … what to do. I know! I’m going to see which of my characters wins for the most socially inept! What? Yeah, I have no idea and I’m even trying to backtrack and see where that came from and I can’t. Somewhere in my morning rounds of blogs and websites I picked up this idea but can’t track it down.

They had to be level 90 to be fair. I thought it would be a newer character rather than an older one. Not so as it turns out.

Zor! Avoidant personality much? I mean Janinna has an excuse, she just mines all the time and she’s a lot younger than you, but you guys tied. What’s up with that.

My Hunter is my first character, born in the end of Vanilla. In all fairness it did take her until somewhere in the twenties to even figure out chat let alone emotes, but still. Apparently she’s lived her WoW life like some kind of reclusive mountain man hiding out in the mountains and wilds of Azeroth, avoiding social contact for the company of her pets.

Janinna’s no surprise, it’s all about the ore, no time for anything else. Business, that’s it.

And the evil Warlocks are rather chatty … well chatty for me anyway, because of the whole keyboard thingy.

This morning I read Godmother’s post about her theory that MoP has been a year-long Beta Test for what happens next. Godmother is a thinky thinker. I really like her idea, not to mention she had one of my favorite movies in the post. I still get all teary-eyed over I would like to have seen Montana. Me too Vasili, me too.

I’m not a thinker, I’m a feeler. Um … that sounds awful. Let me rephrase, I’m about feelings … that’s better. I tried to come up with how I felt about the past year in Pandaria. A good measure is alt-playing. Have they been active? Nope.

Aside from leveling them to take advantage of their professions they’ve seen little playtime. Ironsally is furious she’s on pet detail on a low population PvP server. She’s barely moved. By this time in an expansion, since I don’t raid I’ve usually exhausted anything interesting to do and moved on to my alts. This means they must have thrown so much interesting and diverse stuff at us this expansion that I never moved on to making up my own stuff to do. I have a feeling Godmother’s right.

So see, alts? It’s not your fault you’ve been standoffish. You’ve been locked up in that stuffy server almost the whole expansion. No wonder you couldn’t /wave, /hug and /lol. Oh wait … uh … Janinna? Now that you’re a Worgen you can skip the whole /lol thing, really … just take my word. You’ll make more friends that way.