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controlOkay first, I really do know these guys are all me … on some level. That aside, they really do seem to do their own thing. I am not much of a planner, I’m more spontaneous but in this case I really DID HAVE A PLAN DAMMIT.

Liwu was to be my Engineer, I thought at level 90 she would get set up on the farm and plant Snakeroot Seeds to grow her metal needed for all the great things she’d make for us. About the first thing Liwu did on hitting 90 was don her Timeless Isle gear and set off for … well … The Timeless Isle.

Hey Liwu! Been there, done that! Come back!

Nope, she stayed there beating up the pink Flamingos because that’s about all she could handle. She did AT LEAST keep up with her daily Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source, I guess that’s something. But she made everyone else do her farming. She’s very persuasive, only one she couldn’t charm was Cim the Warlock, no surprise there.

dkfarmerSo, okay. Not what I planned but I guess we’re on track. I can NOT WAIT until she has 30 Jard’s Peculiar Energy Sources and she’ll make me my Sky Golem! It seems I’ve been waiting forever! I know she was about halfway there the other day I should check and see how it’s going.

liwupetOMG LIWU! What did you do! We agreed you’d make my Sky Golem first! We’ll have to start over now.

I always felt Liwu’s temperament was similar to Cat’s but take a look at that screen shot. There’s a definite, “Yeah, so what” look going on there. I should have seen it but I was fooled by all the sweet, cuddly pandaness. I see Cat’s hand in this too, very suspicious Liwu made a battle pet like Pierre first.

She’s not been the only one to go off track. I had absolutely no desire to get to exalted with Emperor Shaohao for the Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. None.

scuttlersWell now I find out Cim’s been killing a few Ancient Spineclaws every day to get a Scuttler’s Shell so she doesn’t have to bother with the mobs in Firewalker Ruins on her way up to The Blazing Way to kill endless Burning Berserkers for cloth. It started out as cloth grinding and I guess at some point she realized she was getting lots of rep and now she won’t come down. My PLAN had been for Cim to go look into the Proving Grounds finally but … nope.

So it looks like WE ARE getting a Golden Cloud Serpent whether we want it or not and we ARE NOT getting a Sky Golem in fifteen days. I’m not sure what we’re getting in fifteen days.

I’m really, really worried that in fifteen days we will be seeing a Rascal-Bot appear. I just feel it. I’m thinking I’ve got a good 45 more days before there’s any hope of a Sky Golem. There’s no point asking because I really don’t trust that Liwu anymore. I mean I expect devious from the Warlock but a Monk?

I seem to have lost control somewhere … sigh.

I Come Here in Person to …

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totawarriorwish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Okay, this week just got away from me. I had planned on participating in Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2013 but it looks like I’m not going to make it but I will say I’ll be forever grateful to Amerence and Blog Azeroth for hosting it. The first one was the event that got me actually commenting and to create a Twitter account. Yeah … I still suck at Twitter, I just lurk there in the morning. Life in the fast lane … too fast for me.

So … what? No, it is me. YES IT IS! I definitely AM a Fury Warrior irl. Okay, okay. I don’t actually wear revealing tops irl, I wear old T-shirts but other than that it’s me. The long gray hair is unfortunately spot on. I don’t really want to have long hair but I can’t stand getting it cut, it’s a 3 hour ordeal so once in a while I bend over with a pair of scissors and lop off a few inches when it starts getting stuck in car doors and stuff.

And oh, now that I’m a Fury Warrior some WoW mysteries have been solved. For years I’ve watched people run their mount through mobs creating a train of six or seven. I always thought that was risky behavior, what if one dismounts you? Are they crazy?

No, they must have been Warriors. I never knew. Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m off, and I’ll be running directly through groups of mobs … because I don’t care. They better HOPE they don’t dismount me. Because … Fury Warrior.  Today is a good day to die!

For you … not me.

Empathy for the Unreal

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halfhillWhen patch 5.4 hit and the Timeless Isle was available, all my characters who could headed out for the Isle. It consumed them. Those left behind were ignored. I started feeling a strange unease, I didn’t know what was wrong. One day I logged into my Jeweler who was sitting in Halfhill. Since I was there, she did some dailies for the Tillers.

I felt better. I then knew what had been wrong, I had abandoned the Tillers. I really like the Tillers … a lot. I loved Farmer Yoon’s story from the first day we met and I helped him with some stubborn rocks. I felt bad that I’d been too busy to visit. I visit every day now and I feel much happier.

Suspension of disbelief has never been a problem for me but I realized that I also felt empathy for these virtual characters, the ones I’ve created and the NPCs.

peculiaMeet Peculia. She was created on a free account to do nothing but reach level 10 and then wait there until I needed to make a raid group. That’s it. I felt guilt while leveling her. She was full of excitement as most characters are, excited to see the world although I knew she never would. This is how I get in trouble. I may have to level her to allay the guilt.

cimthoughfulHere’s a surprise, I didn’t think that Warlock had it in her. She’s feeling that maybe Tina would have been happier left where she was. I mean she only picked her to stay on her farm because she was the only BFF she had, no surprise there, to get rid of the annoying ? over that little shrine thingy. Now she wishes she’d waited and asked Jogu who probably would have been happier or at least too drunk to care.

purloinYes. My handsome Blood Elf, Purloin. How am I going to tell him I don’t see a future for him. He’s waiting for me to return. I can’t seem to level males … I want to but can’t. How will I tell him he’s about to be deleted to make room for a sassy female Goblin. What’s worse is that I actually remember every character I’ve ever deleted and that’s a bunch. They haunt me.

Okay, this is one of those posts I’m glad my husband doesn’t read. He already thinks I’m pretty squirelly but I can’t help it. I think some of us invest so much life into our characters that we can’t help but care about their virtual lives. I know I do, but … you know … in a totally I’m not crazy kind of way. Right? RIGHT?

OMG! Cat was Right!

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catzueSo I’ve been chuckling about Cat sitting there staring at the Timeless Isle mailbox. That’s not getting any leather gathered Cat! Come on!

Oh yeah, well I don’t see you posting, what’s that about then?

Cat you know I’ve been busy trying to level old mature Tota the Warrior. I thought Mages were my absolute worse class but no, not by a long shot. I hope Tota forgives me one day. In an attempt to get away from the CRZ crowd I sent her to the most desolate place I could think of, Desolace. Unfortunately I send her a little early apparently cause it was a deathfest. Sorry Tota.

So anyway that left Cat to stare at the mailbox at her leisure. I got a frantic message from her this morning. Come! Come quick! Quick! OMG!

Calm down Cat, I’m on my way. Wonder what got her all riled up.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Cat parading around showing off the most evil, evilly battle pet that’s ever lived, the feared Darkmoon Rabbit!

Cat, where did you get that rabbit? How …

See, I told you the mailbox was magic but you didn’t believe me, did you? I received this wonderful birthday surprise from Helke aka Ishtla aka Ravenpayne! I was stunned, Cat had been right all along. That mailbox connected straight to wonderful people!

hearthstoneplayersThank you so much Ishtla! Cat and I love him! Cat set off to show off her new pet. They seemed too intent on their game of Hearthstone so she flew off to the farm. She sat there a while thinking about a name.

fierceishtlaSince she has a Helke and a Ravenpayne, yes, she’s very generous. I know. Cat finally came up with Fierce Ishtla. Unfortunately she took a while thinking and now there are fewer chickens on the farm. Sorry … bunny was hungry. I think she’ll be forgiven as Fierce Ishtla spared Hillpaw’s Prize Chicken, whew.

Thank you so much Ishtla! I think this might be the push Cat needed to get off her butt and start battling those celestials once again. Once Ishtla’s level 25, all will fall before her!

Magic Mailbox

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bubblesYou know I’d never thought about it before but I’m beginning to think that when Cat’s in a form she doesn’t really retain the … um … reasoning powers of a Night Elf. This morning, just like yesterday morning the mailbox on the Timeless Isle contained a wonderful present.

Cat saw she had mail after doing the daily Path of the Mistwalker. She likes it because it makes collecting her leather go by fast. Mail? I have mail? What could it be?

It’s from Cymre! It’s a Gu’chi Swarmling! Another little critter that had eluded her! She pondered what to name the little Swarmling … hmm … I have a Cymre, I have a Foxy Cymre so I guess Cymre’s out. She decided to name her pet Bubbles. Now I’m not sure if she’ll keep that name as she liked Cymre’s idea better. Cym suggested Grubby Cymre and it does have a nice ring to it.

So Cat decided to rename her Swarmling AND change Cymre’s name to Hooty Cymre. There! That’s perfect! Thank you so much Cym!

Yeah … look at that screen shot … Cowardly Zue is jealously eyeing that pet. There is only one drawback. Maybe when Cat ever comes out of Cat form it will resolve itself but she’s now convinced the mailbox is magic and I can’t get her to stop sitting there starring at it.

So if you see a Cat starring at your Timeless Isle mailbox tell her to move along, nothing to see here. It’s NOT magical although many people are!

OLRG and Surprises!

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olrgThe Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild met again last night, it was a lovely turnout! We were feeling so badass we finished off Bastion of Twilight and went on to The Throne of the Four Winds and The Black Temple and WE WERE prepared. I hope people found some nice mogging pieces. I do think I remember Plenty of Paladins’ Tyl getting a great looking crossbow.

I had mentioned to Matty that although it wasn’t my birthday it was being celebrated yesterday so I would try to make it. I kinda cheated and mentioned around two hours before start time that I was hoping to make it. That of course did get me some eye-rolling from my daughter who thinks I’m a big dork. I do NOT get eye-rolling from my son-in-law as we both think being a dork is fantastic.

It was a great party as the celebrant gets to pick where or what we eat and since it was me … pizza and cake! Perfect! The only unfortunate incident was that the cake was sitting a little close to the edge of the table. None of us noticed my dog sneaking back there and licking the icing off half of the cake. Needless to say he enjoyed the party too.

My mother was spending the night and wanted to SEE the people I was talking about … I’m not sure what she was expecting. Her grasp on this kind of stuff is minimal. She kept coming in and asking where they were. I kept telling her each little person you see is um … a real person, get it? Like me sitting here, see? No, okay … see the one we only see from the back all the time? That’s me! And all those other characters you see have people sitting somewhere in the world just like I’m doing? See? I don’t think she ever got it. I don’t know what she was expecting, big looming real life faces? I don’t know.

I was thrilled to get a USB headset so that by the next time we meet I can actually hear people and maybe … maybe … speak. I know, that’s crazy talk but you never know. So yay! Great birthday and it isn’t even here yet!

frigidfSo Cat logs in this morning and has mail? Odd, she’s usually the one sending everything to other characters, must have forgotten something. No! It’s a present! From someone named Rhollon, this sent her into a panic … Rhollon? Rhollon? I don’t remember that name! I don’t know who to thank!

Um … Cat?


Why don’t you open it, I’ll bet that might clear it up.

Oh … yeah … that might work.

A Frigid Frostling from Matty! I always wanted one but kept thinking it might, just might drop for me so I never gave in and bought one. Thank you so much, Cat just loves him! She was a little upset she missed meeting Rhollon as Matty said he’s a Human Male and she REALLY likes those Human Males.

blingbunnyAnd Liwu finally has her very own Blingtron much to her delight and her first customer? None other than the Darkmoon Rabbit! A celebrity!

I know! So much exciting stuff happening and it still isn’t even my birthday yet. Thanks so much again Matty. And thanks to all you Old Lady Raiders for a wonderful evening.

Re-enlightenment and Vale of WTF

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88Aw … isn’t she cute? There’s poor Liwu at level 88. I have to say for such a cheery little thing she sure is bloodthirsty, geez. Anyway, I’ve come to a point now that I’m pretty sure that I have forgotten more WoW knowledge than I still know. It’s like my internal WoW hard drive jettisons old knowledge when I get new knowledge, I wish I could upgrade it.

To be fair to … well me, she did sit as a low level for ages before I took her up again but I feel so bad for her. She could have been riding her Sky Golem ages ago if it weren’t for me. When Monks visit the The Peak of Serenity they can accept a challenge and if successful they receive Enlightenment which is a nice boost to leveling.

So for whatever reason once we started leveling again I decided it was available each level, based on what, I haven’t a clue. I just make this shit up in my head. Had I actually PAID ATTENTION somewhere BEFORE level 88 I would have noticed the trainer saying TO ME, come back tomorrow for more training. It’s a daily. When did I lose that information and pervert it into something COMPLETELY ELSE. Sigh … a mind’s a terrible thing to lose.

There were a few recriminations and mumbles of, I could have had my Golem by now but she got over it pretty quick. This coming right after her harrowing experience on entering the Vale for the first time. She had been pushing hard to get to level 87 so she could see the shrine.

Once 87, she hurried to the Temple of the White Tiger to meet up with Anduin and get on that caravan to the Vale. Okay, I know there’s been back and forth for years about which faction Blizzard favors. I didn’t pay it any attention … until now.

Liwu was so excited she rode on, not waiting for the others. I don’t know what happened to them, they’re all dead I expect. She rode on to be accosted by all these level 90 sha thingies. WTF! Help! Where’s the path! Help! But the thing is you can get safely to the Horde Shrine, no problem. Seems suspicious.

We managed to get to a safe place to plan. I know! We’ll cut through Mogu’shan Palace, that should work. So off we set towards the Horde Shrine on the SAFE PATH, oh! Oh look! I see a group of Golden Lotus soldiers! Ride towards the Golden Lo … RUN LIWU RUN! Crap! They aren’t Golden Lotus, they’re pissed off Horde! Run for your life! We barely made it.

She’s going to need therapy after this, They’ve probably got a therapist at the Peak of Serenity … I’ll have to check.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

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undeadFirst, I should get this out of the way. If you’ve read many of my posts you may already know this. I am low maintenance. I always have been. I was one of those kids that you could give a cardboard box and she’d entertain herself for hours. I don’t know if that speaks to a lack of IQ or a great imagination. Depends on who you ask.

There is only one, ONE beef I have with Blizzard after just leveling a character to 85. CRZ … that’s it. I really didn’t WANT anything other than another expansion. I thought new character models would be nice for those who wanted them but I didn’t really care one way or the other … I thought.

When I watched the art panel I could see trouble coming. Look at that Forsaken! OH! OH! And the Orcs! And the Gnomes! And the Dwarfs! I have to have one of each! I need one of everyone! And I don’t even want to think what will happen if they improve the Human Male, Cat will be uncontrollable!

And Sasche has been mooning around after seeing that handsome Forsaken up there saying, I wonder what Frank will look like … I wonder if he remembers me, giggle … sigh.

I have my eleven slots full … what to do … I know! I see Fenris is to merge/blend/coalesce whatever they’re calling it with Dragonblight, that’s it! I will invade Dragonblight and when they come together I’ll have 22 slots.

Let’s see … I need a Orc and a Goblin … oh and maybe … yeah, getting ready for those Warlords is going to be a ton of work, I’d best get busy.

My only concern is, am I going to recognize Cat, Sasche and Cim when Warlords gets here? I know, I’ll tell them to hold up signs when I first login. You know, like they’re my driver or something picking me up at the airport. Yeah … that’ll work.

Okay, got to go agonize in the character creation screen over my Orc.

The Warlords of Draenor Oh My!

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mapOkay, I’m really, really excited about this expansion … yeah … okay, it’s true I would have bought it if it had been Corgis Unleashed but this is SO much better. To get real live hard facts about it, as always, you should look elsewhere.

What excited me the most was when Chris Metzen addressed a question about why no Emerald Dream Expansion. He said they had many, many expansion set ideas and they would keep churning them out as long as we wanted. Okay, I’m paraphrasing but whew, I got a little spooked by that level 100 thing but according to Metzen they’ve no plans to end WoW on a nice round number.

So garrisons, boosts to level 90 for one character, bag enhancements, character model updates and pretty pictures!



steamI know! How cool is Draenor! I can’t wait to get there except I see in that one shot that stupidhead Gulp Frog has followed me to Draenor to mock me. Damn that frog.

BlizzCon Lunacy

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greencatSo I’ve been reading all the posts and looking at the pictures of those who have already arrived in Anaheim‎. I just wanted to say I hope you all have a wonderful time and … pssst … hey Cat! What?

Cat, you’re ah … green … I assume green with envy, they aren’t going to buy this whole, “I’m so happy you’re happy crap.” They can SEE YOU.

Oh … LOOK AT MY MURKALOT! Isn’t he cute!

This morning dawned and I went temporarily insane … well, insaner. I started pricing air fares to go to LA today, this minute. I’m not sure what I was going to do, maybe sit on the curb in front of the convention center until I was hauled off for vagrancy? I don’t know. I forgot I didn’t have … you know, a ticket.

That didn’t seem to faze me though, what stopped me is that I don’t have a dog babysitter. Now that did make me come to my senses finally. So I’ve decided to stock up on some popcorn, maybe drag a cooler up here so I can watch everything via virtual ticket.

Have fun, be safe and take lots of pictures! See you next week when you’re back in Azeroth!