BlizzCon Lunacy

greencatSo I’ve been reading all the posts and looking at the pictures of those who have already arrived in Anaheim‎. I just wanted to say I hope you all have a wonderful time and … pssst … hey Cat! What?

Cat, you’re ah … green … I assume green with envy, they aren’t going to buy this whole, “I’m so happy you’re happy crap.” They can SEE YOU.

Oh … LOOK AT MY MURKALOT! Isn’t he cute!

This morning dawned and I went temporarily insane … well, insaner. I started pricing air fares to go to LA today, this minute. I’m not sure what I was going to do, maybe sit on the curb in front of the convention center until I was hauled off for vagrancy? I don’t know. I forgot I didn’t have … you know, a ticket.

That didn’t seem to faze me though, what stopped me is that I don’t have a dog babysitter. Now that did make me come to my senses finally. So I’ve decided to stock up on some popcorn, maybe drag a cooler up here so I can watch everything via virtual ticket.

Have fun, be safe and take lots of pictures! See you next week when you’re back in Azeroth!


10 Responses to “BlizzCon Lunacy”

  1. Don’t sweat it. You’ll read all about it shortly anyway.

  2. JD Kenada Says:

    Share some of that popcorn, and livestream would ya? 😀

    I agree, hope those who attend have a great time. I plan to live vicariously through a great many this weekend.

    • I wish! I was very disappointed to find out you can’t gift a virtual ticket. I can’t believe they missed a chance to make more money, lol. I had plans and they blew them!

      I do hope everyone has a good time and that they document every little bit for us!

  3. Already seeing a lot of excitement and pics today. Here’s to the next couple of days /clink

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