Not Just Another Pretty Face

undeadFirst, I should get this out of the way. If you’ve read many of my posts you may already know this. I am low maintenance. I always have been. I was one of those kids that you could give a cardboard box and she’d entertain herself for hours. I don’t know if that speaks to a lack of IQ or a great imagination. Depends on who you ask.

There is only one, ONE beef I have with Blizzard after just leveling a character to 85. CRZ … that’s it. I really didn’t WANT anything other than another expansion. I thought new character models would be nice for those who wanted them but I didn’t really care one way or the other … I thought.

When I watched the art panel I could see trouble coming. Look at that Forsaken! OH! OH! And the Orcs! And the Gnomes! And the Dwarfs! I have to have one of each! I need one of everyone! And I don’t even want to think what will happen if they improve the Human Male, Cat will be uncontrollable!

And Sasche has been mooning around after seeing that handsome Forsaken up there saying, I wonder what Frank will look like … I wonder if he remembers me, giggle … sigh.

I have my eleven slots full … what to do … I know! I see Fenris is to merge/blend/coalesce whatever they’re calling it with Dragonblight, that’s it! I will invade Dragonblight and when they come together I’ll have 22 slots.

Let’s see … I need a Orc and a Goblin … oh and maybe … yeah, getting ready for those Warlords is going to be a ton of work, I’d best get busy.

My only concern is, am I going to recognize Cat, Sasche and Cim when Warlords gets here? I know, I’ll tell them to hold up signs when I first login. You know, like they’re my driver or something picking me up at the airport. Yeah … that’ll work.

Okay, got to go agonize in the character creation screen over my Orc.

26 Responses to “Not Just Another Pretty Face”

  1. The Forsaken actually look creepier in their old models. I suppose those who are into having attractive/hot dead people will love that, but I feel they took the edge off of the most unsettling playable race in the game.

    • What quality makes the old/current models creepier?

      • Look at the pics above; they’re almost human. Even the jawbones and/or metal jaw mesh perfectly with the skin of the rest of the face. The older models looked more skeletal. with tattered flesh hanging by a thread.

        • Eehhh, at this point I feel like the one image doesn’t really give me enough to make a call on whether or not the older ones were creepier – for all I know, they picked the Forsaken equivalent of a male model.

          I think it does make sense for the bone jaws to mesh perfectly, though, especially if it’s the dude’s original jaw, just exposed. That said, I totally agree that a dislocated metal jaw could be cool!

          I actually like the way the skin seems pulled or weird around the neck and where bones poke out. I’m relieved that they kept exposed bones, as I’d heard that exposed bones are taboo in China, where a large number of players are.

        • I do want glowier eyes. Is that a word? It is now.

        • I’ve given this more thought, and I believe the thing that stands out the most is the muscle definition. Typically you’d expect the dead to have their muscles rapidly waste away, especially if they’ve been in the ground. The freshly dead may not have that issue, but given that most of the Forsaken have been “dead” for a while now you’d expect their muscle mass to have wasted away, like you saw in the old models.

    • Oh, for me they look creepier when they come closer to looking like they really were once human. As they are now, although I know they were, it’s not registering. I’m really interested in seeing the Human makeover, I know people have been wanting that for forever, especially for the male.

      • I agree with Tome: looking closer to who they may have been as humans is more tragic and disturbing. Oh and Tome, if all goes well all heirlooms, etc., will be accessible cross-realms, so have all the alts you want. In fact, why don’t we plan right now for our old ladies to hang out on a realm of choice?

        • I liked your realm, I’ve never seen so many people at the shrine EVER on my server, lol. That heirloom cross-realm thing is great. Now I need to make sure I have enough of them for all these characters I’m planning.

  2. LOL at Sasche sighing over Frank and Cat wondering how much yummier the human males will be πŸ˜›

  3. I pretty much had the same reaction to the new character models as you did, like, holy crap I’m going to have to roll ALL THE RACES! when they’re finished. I know I’m the type that’s quite easily pleased, and entertained, and sometimes very shallow, so these model remakes make me very happy πŸ˜€

    • Me too! What was funny though is I didn’t even know I would get so excited about them until I saw them. Watching the art panel was probably my favorite part of the virtual ticket, although it was very, very sad to learn over a billion kobolds have been slaughtered. I’ll light a candle for them, lol, I have bunches that I stole from them.

      • Hahahaha, yeah I’m pretty impressed by that number as well. I’ve killed my fair share over the years. Kobolds and murlocs will always hold a special place in my heart because they’re the first ‘proper’ enemies I ran into in Elwynn Forest way back when I first started playing πŸ˜€

  4. When it comes to IQ and imagination, I think many would agree you do just fine Tome. As for rolling races, I’m glad I have at least one of every race. That said, you never know what I’ll decide to do. I suppose I should start with the characters I already have.

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