Re-enlightenment and Vale of WTF

88Aw … isn’t she cute? There’s poor Liwu at level 88. I have to say for such a cheery little thing she sure is bloodthirsty, geez. Anyway, I’ve come to a point now that I’m pretty sure that I have forgotten more WoW knowledge than I still know. It’s like my internal WoW hard drive jettisons old knowledge when I get new knowledge, I wish I could upgrade it.

To be fair to … well me, she did sit as a low level for ages before I took her up again but I feel so bad for her. She could have been riding her Sky Golem ages ago if it weren’t for me. When Monks visit the The Peak of Serenity they can accept a challenge and if successful they receive Enlightenment which is a nice boost to leveling.

So for whatever reason once we started leveling again I decided it was available each level, based on what, I haven’t a clue. I just make this shit up in my head. Had I actually PAID ATTENTION somewhere BEFORE level 88 I would have noticed the trainer saying TO ME, come back tomorrow for more training. It’s a daily. When did I lose that information and pervert it into something COMPLETELY ELSE. Sigh … a mind’s a terrible thing to lose.

There were a few recriminations and mumbles of, I could have had my Golem by now but she got over it pretty quick. This coming right after her harrowing experience on entering the Vale for the first time. She had been pushing hard to get to level 87 so she could see the shrine.

Once 87, she hurried to the Temple of the White Tiger to meet up with Anduin and get on that caravan to the Vale. Okay, I know there’s been back and forth for years about which faction Blizzard favors. I didn’t pay it any attention … until now.

Liwu was so excited she rode on, not waiting for the others. I don’t know what happened to them, they’re all dead I expect. She rode on to be accosted by all these level 90 sha thingies. WTF! Help! Where’s the path! Help! But the thing is you can get safely to the Horde Shrine, no problem. Seems suspicious.

We managed to get to a safe place to plan. I know! We’ll cut through Mogu’shan Palace, that should work. So off we set towards the Horde Shrine on the SAFE PATH, oh! Oh look! I see a group of Golden Lotus soldiers! Ride towards the Golden Lo … RUN LIWU RUN! Crap! They aren’t Golden Lotus, they’re pissed off Horde! Run for your life! We barely made it.

She’s going to need therapy after this, They’ve probably got a therapist at the Peak of Serenity … I’ll have to check.

13 Responses to “Re-enlightenment and Vale of WTF”

  1. Don’t feel bad – I know the experience boost is a daily. I just completely forget about it until I’ve already been leveling a few hours…
    Yeah I noticed getting an Alli toon to the Shrine these days is a dangerous adventure. No problem with Horde though…

    • After I thought about it maybe it was just as well. Trying to level your professions as you go is hard enough since you out-level a zone after a few quests.

      I know! Next person through there will know to be careful, lol. I sure wonder what happened to that caravan though. Next time I’ll stay and see.

  2. Aww, I haven’t done the daily on my alt for a few months now. Her buff is still at 8 or 9 hours or so. So close to the golem now, you can do it!

    • Right now I think I’ll have to send her on a side-trip to a sprite cave for motes, that’s all that’s holding her back from 600, those pesky motes!

      • How about we team up next time I am on and give all your alts a lift?

        • LOL! JD’s right, it’s all about style! I’m happy to say she’s now 90 and got her engineering to 600 today! Um, well no. Nothing else got done here … in the real world but come on! Engineering to 600! That’s important!

          And thank you Matty! I’m trying to decide who goes next, that handsome Rogue or that seasoned Warrior Tota.

  3. I have three monks. THREE! None of them are enlightened. Professions? Not even sure. But they sure do look cool when they go Ki-YA, and round-house kicks to the face.

  4. Oh, poor Liwu!
    I wondered about how Alliance get to their Shrine now the other day myself, as I was bringing my Priest into the Vale for the first time. It didn’t look like it would be simple or safe. Could you run south to Mistfall Village and then up through the burial grounds? Or would the mogu ghosts aggro on you? Or is the Big Blossom Digsite scar too big, and you couldn’t creep around on the south side of it relatively safely?

    • She tried creeping around but couldn’t get past the digsite. She finally gave up and with a yell charged through to the palace, lol. It’s amazing she didn’t meet with a bad end right there.

  5. That’s awful! I hadn’t even thought about how the poor Alliance would get to the shrine. I guess the littlest death knight is lucky that Tyl was around to just fly her over there. They really should have put some thought into that for the sake of the poor little 87s trying to get there to set their hearth. I’m glad Liwu made it safely.

    • My next Alliance character is around level 10 I think, that will give her time to plan! Except she’s a plate wearer so I’m not sure she’s going to get the chance to run through the Vale since I can never figure them out, lol.

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