OLRG and Surprises!

olrgThe Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild met again last night, it was a lovely turnout! We were feeling so badass we finished off Bastion of Twilight and went on to The Throne of the Four Winds and The Black Temple and WE WERE prepared. I hope people found some nice mogging pieces. I do think I remember Plenty of Paladins’ Tyl getting a great looking crossbow.

I had mentioned to Matty that although it wasn’t my birthday it was being celebrated yesterday so I would try to make it. I kinda cheated and mentioned around two hours before start time that I was hoping to make it. That of course did get me some eye-rolling from my daughter who thinks I’m a big dork. I do NOT get eye-rolling from my son-in-law as we both think being a dork is fantastic.

It was a great party as the celebrant gets to pick where or what we eat and since it was me … pizza and cake! Perfect! The only unfortunate incident was that the cake was sitting a little close to the edge of the table. None of us noticed my dog sneaking back there and licking the icing off half of the cake. Needless to say he enjoyed the party too.

My mother was spending the night and wanted to SEE the people I was talking about … I’m not sure what she was expecting. Her grasp on this kind of stuff is minimal. She kept coming in and asking where they were. I kept telling her each little person you see is um … a real person, get it? Like me sitting here, see? No, okay … see the one we only see from the back all the time? That’s me! And all those other characters you see have people sitting somewhere in the world just like I’m doing? See? I don’t think she ever got it. I don’t know what she was expecting, big looming real life faces? I don’t know.

I was thrilled to get a USB headset so that by the next time we meet I can actually hear people and maybe … maybe … speak. I know, that’s crazy talk but you never know. So yay! Great birthday and it isn’t even here yet!

frigidfSo Cat logs in this morning and has mail? Odd, she’s usually the one sending everything to other characters, must have forgotten something. No! It’s a present! From someone named Rhollon, this sent her into a panic … Rhollon? Rhollon? I don’t remember that name! I don’t know who to thank!

Um … Cat?


Why don’t you open it, I’ll bet that might clear it up.

Oh … yeah … that might work.

A Frigid Frostling from Matty! I always wanted one but kept thinking it might, just might drop for me so I never gave in and bought one. Thank you so much, Cat just loves him! She was a little upset she missed meeting Rhollon as Matty said he’s a Human Male and she REALLY likes those Human Males.

blingbunnyAnd Liwu finally has her very own Blingtron much to her delight and her first customer? None other than the Darkmoon Rabbit! A celebrity!

I know! So much exciting stuff happening and it still isn’t even my birthday yet. Thanks so much again Matty. And thanks to all you Old Lady Raiders for a wonderful evening.

15 Responses to “OLRG and Surprises!”

  1. Rolly McEyeballs Says:

    Glad you had a good raid, and glad I didn’t have seconds of cake! Ew!

  2. Rhollon is HAWT – but sadly, got deleted just after sending the gift! Glad you were there, and again, Happy Birthday!

  3. That of course did get me some eye-rolling from my daughter who thinks Iā€™m a big dork. I do NOT get eye-rolling from my son-in-law as we both think being a dork is fantastic.

    You know, it’s typically the other way around that the mom is the one giving the eyeroll. How’d THIS happen?

  4. Happy Birthday! The raid really was so much fun and I’m so glad you came to celebrate with us!
    And at some point Tyl might have to make himself a purple mog to match that crossbow.

    • Thank you! I felt bad after though cause I should have let Cat come instead of Cim as there we all those good looking guys like Tyl and RepGrind’s Kerick there. Maybe next time!

      Yes, I remember it was a great looking crossbow. It needs it’s own mog!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great one.

  7. Happy birthday Tome! Next year you should invoke your rights as birthday girl to take everyone for a prancercise. šŸ˜›

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