Magic Mailbox

bubblesYou know I’d never thought about it before but I’m beginning to think that when Cat’s in a form she doesn’t really retain the … um … reasoning powers of a Night Elf. This morning, just like yesterday morning the mailbox on the Timeless Isle contained a wonderful present.

Cat saw she had mail after doing the daily Path of the Mistwalker. She likes it because it makes collecting her leather go by fast. Mail? I have mail? What could it be?

It’s from Cymre! It’s a Gu’chi Swarmling! Another little critter that had eluded her! She pondered what to name the little Swarmling … hmm … I have a Cymre, I have a Foxy Cymre so I guess Cymre’s out. She decided to name her pet Bubbles. Now I’m not sure if she’ll keep that name as she liked Cymre’s idea better. Cym suggested Grubby Cymre and it does have a nice ring to it.

So Cat decided to rename her Swarmling AND change Cymre’s name to Hooty Cymre. There! That’s perfect! Thank you so much Cym!

Yeah … look at that screen shot … Cowardly Zue is jealously eyeing that pet. There is only one drawback. Maybe when Cat ever comes out of Cat form it will resolve itself but she’s now convinced the mailbox is magic and I can’t get her to stop sitting there starring at it.

So if you see a Cat starring at your Timeless Isle mailbox tell her to move along, nothing to see here. It’s NOT magical although many people are!

7 Responses to “Magic Mailbox”

  1. Bubbles did seem a bit funny for a name although he may blow bubbles when he’s drunk /shrug

    I’m so glad you like the gift. I love using grubs for Taran Zhu in particular.

  2. Very fun! All my mail box has are bills…lol!

  3. yay! I wanted to give cat my cursed frog but i noticed she already had one! Maybe giving cursed frogs is not a very friendly thing to do though… but I do so hate that bufo. Very much.

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