OMG! Cat was Right!

catzueSo I’ve been chuckling about Cat sitting there staring at the Timeless Isle mailbox. That’s not getting any leather gathered Cat! Come on!

Oh yeah, well I don’t see you posting, what’s that about then?

Cat you know I’ve been busy trying to level old mature Tota the Warrior. I thought Mages were my absolute worse class but no, not by a long shot. I hope Tota forgives me one day. In an attempt to get away from the CRZ crowd I sent her to the most desolate place I could think of, Desolace. Unfortunately I send her a little early apparently cause it was a deathfest. Sorry Tota.

So anyway that left Cat to stare at the mailbox at her leisure. I got a frantic message from her this morning. Come! Come quick! Quick! OMG!

Calm down Cat, I’m on my way. Wonder what got her all riled up.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Cat parading around showing off the most evil, evilly battle pet that’s ever lived, the feared Darkmoon Rabbit!

Cat, where did you get that rabbit? How …

See, I told you the mailbox was magic but you didn’t believe me, did you? I received this wonderful birthday surprise from Helke aka Ishtla aka Ravenpayne! I was stunned, Cat had been right all along. That mailbox connected straight to wonderful people!

hearthstoneplayersThank you so much Ishtla! Cat and I love him! Cat set off to show off her new pet. They seemed too intent on their game of Hearthstone so she flew off to the farm. She sat there a while thinking about a name.

fierceishtlaSince she has a Helke and a Ravenpayne, yes, she’s very generous. I know. Cat finally came up with Fierce Ishtla. Unfortunately she took a while thinking and now there are fewer chickens on the farm. Sorry … bunny was hungry. I think she’ll be forgiven as Fierce Ishtla spared Hillpaw’s Prize Chicken, whew.

Thank you so much Ishtla! I think this might be the push Cat needed to get off her butt and start battling those celestials once again. Once Ishtla’s level 25, all will fall before her!

10 Responses to “OMG! Cat was Right!”

  1. What a great surprise. Go Go Celestial Tournament!

  2. That’s no ordinary mailbox, it’s a portal to happiness!

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! And happy birthday!! 🙂

  4. That does it. I gotta learn how to play the auction house game so I can buy one; my mailbox is not magical I fear. What an awesome gift! You must have gasped out loud! Yay!

    • I did! I try to keep an eye on the AH but they are rarely there and very, very costly when they are. And I think I’ve seen it on the Island maybe twice, once I did it and once early morning and we couldn’t get enough people.

  5. That’s awesome! See you should listen to Cat more often when she tells you something 🙂

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