controlOkay first, I really do know these guys are all me … on some level. That aside, they really do seem to do their own thing. I am not much of a planner, I’m more spontaneous but in this case I really DID HAVE A PLAN DAMMIT.

Liwu was to be my Engineer, I thought at level 90 she would get set up on the farm and plant Snakeroot Seeds to grow her metal needed for all the great things she’d make for us. About the first thing Liwu did on hitting 90 was don her Timeless Isle gear and set off for … well … The Timeless Isle.

Hey Liwu! Been there, done that! Come back!

Nope, she stayed there beating up the pink Flamingos because that’s about all she could handle. She did AT LEAST keep up with her daily Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source, I guess that’s something. But she made everyone else do her farming. She’s very persuasive, only one she couldn’t charm was Cim the Warlock, no surprise there.

dkfarmerSo, okay. Not what I planned but I guess we’re on track. I can NOT WAIT until she has 30 Jard’s Peculiar Energy Sources and she’ll make me my Sky Golem! It seems I’ve been waiting forever! I know she was about halfway there the other day I should check and see how it’s going.

liwupetOMG LIWU! What did you do! We agreed you’d make my Sky Golem first! We’ll have to start over now.

I always felt Liwu’s temperament was similar to Cat’s but take a look at that screen shot. There’s a definite, “Yeah, so what” look going on there. I should have seen it but I was fooled by all the sweet, cuddly pandaness. I see Cat’s hand in this too, very suspicious Liwu made a battle pet like Pierre first.

She’s not been the only one to go off track. I had absolutely no desire to get to exalted with Emperor Shaohao for the Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. None.

scuttlersWell now I find out Cim’s been killing a few Ancient Spineclaws every day to get a Scuttler’s Shell so she doesn’t have to bother with the mobs in Firewalker Ruins on her way up to The Blazing Way to kill endless Burning Berserkers for cloth. It started out as cloth grinding and I guess at some point she realized she was getting lots of rep and now she won’t come down. My PLAN had been for Cim to go look into the Proving Grounds finally but … nope.

So it looks like WE ARE getting a Golden Cloud Serpent whether we want it or not and we ARE NOT getting a Sky Golem in fifteen days. I’m not sure what we’re getting in fifteen days.

I’m really, really worried that in fifteen days we will be seeing a Rascal-Bot appear. I just feel it. I’m thinking I’ve got a good 45 more days before there’s any hope of a Sky Golem. There’s no point asking because I really don’t trust that Liwu anymore. I mean I expect devious from the Warlock but a Monk?

I seem to have lost control somewhere … sigh.

14 Responses to “Mutiny!”

  1. Hehe…I know the feeling. I have yet to get the class/professions thing right yet.
    My engineer made Pierre first (who doesn’t want a cute stove???) then I made the Sky Golem but I’m giving that away as a guild contest prize.
    So…instead of starting a Sky Golem for myself I folded and made the Rascal Bot (pets > mounts.) Maybe I’ll get that Sky Golem eventually.
    If Emperor what’s-his-face wants my rep, he’s going to have to offer a better mount for that stupid grind. Let me get the PvP pet instead of the mount and I’ll kill some cows for you.

    • I should have known the two pets would come first, lol. As much as I want the Sky Golem it will have to wait as, you know, battle pets come first!

      Yeah, I really, really don’t want another Cloud Serpent but when I saw how close she was to exalted something came over me and I cannot quit. I probably will buy the mount cause I don’t really have anything else to spend all those coins on.

  2. I guess I’m lucky that Seish is apparently very intimidating and a mount collector and managed to keep everybody in line until we got a Sky Golem first. (Hate to say it but for me it’s always mounts before pets šŸ˜‰ )
    His mutiny comes more in the form of somehow I find myself working on the Shaohao rep grind even though I really wasn’t planning on it. But well, might as well do something while waiting for a dps queue, right? Seish thinks that something might as well be killing yaungols for rep.
    Isn’t Pierre so cute, though?!

    • Yes, I have to admit Pierre is awful cute, kind of took the sting out of my disappointment, lol. I’m glad Seish kept things on the straight and narrow and you got your mount first!

      I guess my Warlock has a point. If she’s up there everyday grinding cloth and getting her 20 kills she might as well stay until she’s exalted but I hate to admit it when she’s right, lol.

  3. You realize we lost control of these pixelated pixies long ago, and now here is proof.




  4. I look forward to your update in 45 days! My druid has been kind enough to grow the trillium I’ve needed to finish my onyx JC mount. So much simpler than flying around right?

    I like those turtle shell hats too but if only I could see the Monstrous Spineclaw a little more….

  5. Exalted with that stupid rep? For a serpent that makes you seasick to ride? I’m glad that Liwu has a lot of common sense šŸ™‚

  6. Monks are single minded. Mine can be found either farming for ironpaw tokens or pvping at the moment neither of which are on my list of things to do. Plus she says she’s making rascal bot first and there is nothing I can do about it!!! (in a stroppy tone of voice with much rasping). In fact I think she’s spent too much time with Sprout šŸ˜¦

    • Yeah, I thought these Monks would be all zen-like and contemplative but I’m finding that’s not the case. OMG! I hope she doesn’t decide to PvP. I’m pretty sure like you I’ll be getting a Rascal Bot next no matter what I want!

  7. My characters do that to me, too! I have plans to do x, y, z before I log in, and then when I sit down, other characters insist upon doing a, b, c.

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