The Combined Server Rant That Never Was

combinedLiwu logged on yesterday excited to check out her newly merged server. Fenris and Dragonblight had joined! She decided to go visit the Isle, get her 20 elite creatures done.

Hmm … no pink flamingos in evidence … really nothing to kill anywhere. OH! There’s a buffalo thingy, she rolls over to it to have it tapped by a caster as she arrives. Okay must be something else I can find. This happened repeatedly, over and over and over. WTF! This has never happened before.

Never mind. Since Liwu’s gear has finally broken the iLevel 500 mark she’s moved up to beating up Gulp Frogs. She set off to trim the frog population … no frogs … not a one anywhere. She decided to look underwater. There’s one, she rolls up to it and has it tapped out from under her … UNDERWATER. This time she checked, it was a Fenrisian, Fenran whatever. It seems the dearth of creatures has turned us all into asshats. In two hours of messing around on the Isle she only successfully killed four creatures.

The mood on the Isle wasn’t too nice either. Tempers flaring, harsh words flying, geez. I’m going home. OMG! Trade was … just … let’s just say much, much worse. WTF people? So then I started feeling all ranty and got mad that I have my characters on an Eastern time server because I WANT to be on an Eastern time server and now it’s not. I HATE THAT! I HATE … OMG!

Apparently the discontent from Trade Chat was catchy! OMG! I’m turning … I’m turning into an asshat … I’ll be ranting in Trade next, Cim will be stealing kills out from under Melee cause she’s mean anyway. Somebody SAVE me!

And someone did. Checking my mail I found a lovely note from a reader on Dragonblight welcoming me and sharing his battletag. Thank you Dan.

This morning Cim set out for the Blazing Way to continue her grind to exalted. At 7am eastern it is just usually me up there. This morning she knocked off her five rares with the Champions of the Black Flame, Huolon and Cinderfall just like that. I haven’t seen a Cinderfall kill in the daytime since the first week the Isle was out. This having company thing’s not bad.

Maybe, just maybe there’ll be Dragonblightians who will want to do crazy things like me, like knocking off Galleon. Yes, I know no one probably wants the gear but hello! Son of Galleon’s Saddle! Hey, it could happen, it’s worth a try. The possibilities are endless, I’m all excited again  … whew … asshatery averted.

Welcome Dragonblighters … Dragonblightians … yeah, I don’t know … but you know what I mean.

Now I can get on with serious ranting … like why do people send me all this work in December? December? WTF? I don’t have time for this. I have holiday stuff to do. Buy gifts … make cookies … ugh, clean. Seriously, I consider this really bad form people … rant … rant …


25 Responses to “The Combined Server Rant That Never Was”

  1. Neo aka "Dan" Says:

    I prefer dragonblight-ites

  2. Yes, it has both positives and negatives. Although, on a pvp server, it’s more negative, at least for me personally since I never wanted to be on a pvp server in the first place.

    The time change thing can be annoying. Winterhoof is now 3 whole hours behind my time. I have no idea anymore what time things on the calendar are supposed to be happening. Is this in real (aka my) time, or server time? The person who posted it is in my time zone so I think they mean 8 my time, but what if they mean server time instead? Argh!

    • Has to be way worse on PvP server, poor Ironsally may have to move again, she got killed there when it was empty, lol.

      I know, I have a hard enough time counting back to figure out server maintenance time now the server is PST too, I don’t have enough fingers to figure it all out.

    • I hate the time change too >.<
      I can always put the trolls on /ignore, report trade chat language violations (yay fun mini-game!) etc. but I can't for the life of me figure out what time it is.
      Only good thing so far is more pets on the AH…although I can't afford any of them.

      • Oh! I forgot about the mini-game! I’ll have to remember it, so far the ones I’ve seen that deserved it were all from my server but I didn’t hang around long.

        Yes, there’s lots more on the AH but the prices on everything I sell plummeted. I’m going to wait a while on selling and see how it goes. And some really good pets are on there now but yeah, expensive.

  3. Coming soon to a theater near you:

    Trade Chat: the Virus.

  4. Well I guess there are pros and cons. Yay to a new friend /waves to ancient’s fan Dan. I am glad there was some positive things from a server merge. I was worried that you were going to be yelled at or never get any mobs to kill. Though I worry for you when expansion hits… imagine the population explosion!

  5. I saw your server was merging and meant to ask you about it. Now I know! Good to see some good things coming out of it. I would like to do those WBs too since Galleon still has a headpiece I’d like – the mounts are definitely a bonus though.

  6. As Navi said, there *are* pros and cons to it. But honestly, I still hate CRZ’s and can’t imagine connected realms being any better. I wish Blizzard would’ve left servers alone and just stopped opening so damn many new ones.

    As for stuff like Galleon…you have friends. You can group them to your server. Or theirs if Galleon is there. Just sayin’ 😉

    • Thanks JD! What puzzles me is they don’t seem to merge similiar time zones, they don’t seem to worry about faction balance. I wonder just what decides who gets merged with who. In our case it seems that Dragonblight’s Horde population is as thin as ours.

      • JD Kenada Says:

        I think they pull names out of a hat.

      • Almost all pve servers are alliance dominant and pvp servers horde dominant, so they have very few options to worry about faction balance. Plus a lot of people chose servers because of the imbalance.

        I think they have a target number of population and they are trying to combine ones in a way to get as close to that as possible.

        I’m worried about the time zone change now that you mention it as my main server is EST and the one it’s supposed to merge with is not. I hope they keep it EST. I think it’s easier for someone who lives on the west coast to be on an EST server, than it is for someone living on the east coast to be on a PST server.

        I think they should fix the calendar to just always auto adjust to your local time zone.

        • Fenris was EST, I’m guessing Dragonblight was PST as that’s what it is now. Amazingly there are now way more people on at my 7:00am their 4:00am, those guys are late nighters, lol.

          I never thought about the Faction difference on difference types of servers. I know I stopped playing my Horde character because the absolutely dead Orgrimmar was so sad.

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