Copy Cat Cat

ENDYOUCat was so taken by a post at WoW Misadventures that she decided she had to do it too. Really Cat, you know what that makes you huh? A copy cat cat. She said she wasn’t, it was more of a homage to wolfgangcat’s patriotic idea. Okay Cat, whatever you say.

I didn’t know how to make a yell macro and it turns out it’s really hard … /yell WE WILL END YOU. Geez, so with that sorted out we set off to Orgrimmar. Cat planned on just walking in the front gate but damn they got that thing guarded. Must have heard we were coming. We snuck in the back and made our way to the AH. Unfortunately we got busted before we got in front of it but I am really sure we scared the hell out of the one person sitting there on their Enchanted Fey Dragon.

I feel really bad, I had hoped the server merge would help out with the Horde population slump but there was only one person there that I saw … of course I was being beaten to death  so maybe I missed something.

So anyway, YEAH YOU ONE PERSON ON THAT REALLY GREAT RIDE, WE WILL END YOU … that’s right, make one wrong move and we’re ending you. YEAH. Varian says.

So I forgot to turn chat bubbles on but since I didn’t want to spend another 75 gold just to threaten one person, I went and yelled in the Vale and stuck it in. So that part’s fake.

So thank you for that idea, I enjoyed it. I think they’ve really been put on notice not to take one wrong step.

Alliance? If you’re around Orgrimmar couldn’t hurt to reiterate … but um … tell them wolfgangcat send you. Sasche gets word of what Cat’s been up to there could be hell to pay. Warlock’s aren’t really known for their sense of humor. I doubt saying it all was a prank would go over very well.


13 Responses to “Copy Cat Cat”

  1. AWESOME! You’re not a copy cat – you’re getting your Lion Teeth back.

    We really need to make this an event 😀

  2. This is awesome! And I’m a little tempted to let Tyl take part too.
    Of course now I have to share my silliness. I play Horde so much and my brain is so silly today that the first thought I had reading this post was: Why is Cat sneaking into Orgrimmar? Can’t she just walk in? Then I remembered she was a NIght Elf.
    Go Cat!!

  3. Seriously – I need to make some real life macros, handy words that with one quick press of a button, come flying out of my mouth with conviction and fortitude…no matter the time of day. (if only)

    • I’m ashamed to admit that in real life all the WTFs are yelled out in full, frequently. I blame this on years of commuting into Wash. DC. I wasn’t ALWAYS like this, lol.

      Now I’ve started yelling WE WILL END YOU when anything I perceive as an infraction occurs. Husband caught eating a whole box of crackers after he just lost 25lbs. WE WILL END YOU! Not being a WoW player he just thinks this is nuts but we know!

  4. Oh I wish I could have seen that. I remember getting antsy when I had to fish in Stormwind and Ironforge… or racing to the Stockades before flying. Oh and my trip to the Deep Run Tram. Come to think of it, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in your cities.

    • Yeah, that run into the Stockades can still get you if you fly into the wall like Sasche did once, lol.

      Yes, it does sound like you’ve spend some time behind Alliance lines. Cymre the Undercover Agent!

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