Do Not Mock the Cat

mockingcatI am never EVER going to hear the end of this. A little while ago I did kinda poke fun at Cat’s belief in magic mailboxes. So today … and she wasn’t even in cat form … when she opened her mail and found this, she took a screen shot and triumphantly declared she’d been right all along and I was … wrong. So there, scoffing human who doesn’t even believe in magic!

It also proved that Dragonblightites are some pretty nice people. Cat loves her new Rascal-Bot Neo! Thank you so much! First thing she did was set off to battle! She wanted to give him a few levels before he meets Farmer Nishi. He did really well surviving the nasty attack of a vile, dangerous … okay it was a Marsh Fiddler but still, he was only level one and I thought he handled it well. Now, he needed a name!

rascalWe encountered some difficulty there. Rascal Neo … nope … Rascally Neo … nope, can’t have that either. How ’bout Rascalli Neo? Nope. OH! It’s taking exception to the Neo part not the rascal part. Finally, Rascallyneo was successfully named.

Then … well … it IS Cat. She looked Neo up to see if he was a handsome Male Human. OH! He’s a Dwarf! And a Warlock! How did I not see how handsome and manly … well, dwarfly … those Dwarves are? And oh, he must be very brave, he’s killed so many evil villains … oh …

CAT! CAT! Come on! Snap out of it! I thought your heart belonged to Jarel Moor? You’d better hope Jarel doesn’t read this.

Thank you so much Neo! I did have  to allow that Cat was right all along and I was wrong, Azeroth’s mail boxes ARE magic. She wouldn’t let it go though and I finally had to go visit Cim the Dour Warlock to get a little peace from all the “I told you so’s!”


8 Responses to “Do Not Mock the Cat”

  1. That little guy is adorable! The pet, not Jarel…

  2. With your amount of surprise mail it must be magic. Let’s hope you never run out of the stuff. Nice one Neo. 🙂

  3. It’s an awesome pet and cute to boot! Grats!

  4. Lovely gift Neo! what an awesome friend 🙂

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