The Azerothian-MMO-IRL Space-time Continuum Has Been Breeched!

spacetimeIT HAD TO HAPPEN! All that energy passing between real life and Azeroth! We were warned! Did we listen?

Apparently not. The planes of existence have grown paper thin and now they’ve been breeched! Maybe that kid Wrathion was on to something but I didn’t really pay that much attention when he was going on and on because I knew I wasn’t going to collect all that stuff for him.

AAAIIIEEEE!!! I should have listened.

Okay, I’m sorry but my camera has died so I’ll have to recreate what happened with old photos. BUT IT HAPPENED!

So I go to check for mail and see an eery glow emanating from the mailbox. Yes, SEE! How spooky is that! I know!

CAT! Look what you’ve done with all your talk of magic mailboxes! You’ve broken the Azerothian-MMO-IRL Space-time Continuum! What if bosses start showing up in my mailbox! With fear and trepidation I cautiously approached the glowing mailbox.

Oh … this isn’t scary, it’s okay Cat. It’s just a box. No harm done. But wait, it’s from WarcraftsByEuphyley! Euphyley’s not scary at all. Someone has sent me something from Euphyley’s shop!

puggOMG! It’s the cutest Pug ever! It’s from that tricksy Navi. I though she wanted to send me a Holiday card. Thank you Navi! It’s even cuter than the picture. My non-wow husband even loved it!

And does it battle you ask?

outforcountHere’s my dog, down for the count after one round with the Pug. Proof positive of the pug’s battle prowess. I went to review my wonderful gift but found that on Etsy you have to have bought the product to review so I’ll review it here.

Euphyley you are incredibly talented, my non-wow playing husband took one look at it and said, “It’s a butt scooting Pug! I really like that.” And he’s never seen one … well in Azeroth anyway. It really is even cuter in person.

And Navi, thank you so much. That Pug will have a place of honour over here in the real world. I even spelled it your way … just, you know … in honour of you.

waitingMy only fear is I’m waiting for Cat to show up and start sitting in the driveway in cat form staring at our mailbox now. I’m not sure if the neighbors will deal well with that. Naw … I’m not going to worry about it, they’ve got chickens and bunnies. I can have one little feral kitty.


16 Responses to “The Azerothian-MMO-IRL Space-time Continuum Has Been Breeched!”

  1. WoW, your mailbox really is magic!

    Hmm, Tome, if your neighbors have chickens and bunnies, they might take *more* exception to your feral kitty than if they didn’t.

  2. What a perfect gift for you. I bet your dog didn’t know what hit him.

  3. What cracks me up is Navi thinking we would stop for one second and not open up a box/gift…AS IF! LOL! Hey, I’m celebrating Hanukkah/Christmas/Feast of Saturnalia/Kwanza – hey, makes no difference! Perfect little pug, Tome!

    • LOL! Yes, packages barely make it into the house around here! I love him but I have to watch my husband as he keeps moving him to a “better” location. I think he’s trying to steal him!

  4. Keep a close eye on your carpets. Those butt-scooting pugs are known to leave skid-marks!

  5. You and Matty are the WORST children in the world – opening your Winter Veil presents before Winter Veil!!

    But I’m glad you both liked them – Euphy is one talented person! 😀 And as I said before, what’s better than a gift from a friend made by another friend? 😀

    And your poor dog. You need to level him btw.

    • I’ve always been bad. I used to hunt the house as a kid looking for birthday presents hiding place, lol. Time did not improve me!

      He says his pet battling days are over, he’s going to stay on the couch far, far away from that Pug!

  6. /Applause

    Oh man, that was great. And it’s the season for it, too.

  7. OMG that is sooo cute! 😀

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