OLRG Fires it Up!

firecatThe Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild met last night to once again conquer the bosses of Firelands and prevail they did! I know I added a lot of achievements last night, hopefully many others did too.

catkitUm … Cat? This is a post about OLRG not you. Did you not take any screen shots of anyone beside yourself? Everything isn’t ALL ABOUT YOU you know. Cat? Cat?

Oh never mind, she ran off to show off in Halfhill. Sheesh. No, stupidhead Staghelm didn’t drop the staff but luckily Prinnie of That Was an Accident! … at least I think it was Prinnie, I’m still sorting voices to names … remembered the Burning Seeds. Cat’s night was made!

After putting Firelands in order we set off to Naxx. It seemed to be an evening for shoulder and great looking weapon drops. Cat didn’t fall in the fire during Ragnaros this time but Cim fell in the goop in Naxx. Sigh … that Warlock needs to join a Prancercise class or something, she’s so out of shape she didn’t make the jump the first time.

ladyfingers2Now while I’m talking about falling in goop, I heard some talk of people not coming because they were afraid they might screw it up. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR!

Screwing it up is my job and I’m not giving it up, so never let that be a reason to not join us. There is not one raid I know the first thing about and no one has yelled at me yet. One of the old ladies was making strange hand gestures but I didn’t have my bifocals on so I couldn’t make them out but I’m sure it was nothing … probably just cheerfully waving at me I’m sure.

Once again, thank you all!


12 Responses to “OLRG Fires it Up!”

  1. We really are the nicest raid group ever. Running with all of you always makes my day!
    And Cat makes such a pretty fiery kitty! Tyl knows a thing or two about kitties and he was impressed. So glad she remembered those seeds for you 😀

  2. CAN I GET AN AMEN! That is the whole POINT of OLRG – zero performance anxiety ! Come one, come all – it’s OUR game! And yes, you look fabu as kitty! Rock it, girl!

  3. I’m so glad you ladies are having wonderful fun!

  4. I am so glad the old ladies are going on with this – I will be so excited when I can join you again after new Year’s – hope you will still be running!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun as usual. Keep up the great work ladies.

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