OLRG (with real men) Ride Forth Once Again!

helkesrideThe Old Ladies, with a touch of real men, ventured once again into Firelands. Cat got a very pretty staff, only later remembering she equips a mace. No matter, she put it into void storage for when she’s carrying around a staff again.

Tyl, Plenty of Paladins’ Hunter once again scored a lovely crossbow I think, she’s got a lot of transmogs ahead of her!

I always consider it a good run if Cat doesn’t sidle up to Repgrind’s handsome, Human Male Kerick and embarrass me by dancing, but this one was even better! She didn’t embarrass me, okay well … she did get lost and Prinnie of That Was an Accident! had to rescue her, but the best thing was … those mounts really do drop!

Ragnaros actually let go of a Smoldering Egg of Millagazor and I was very pleased when Helke won the roll! After all, Cat really loves Crazy Cat Ladies, I mean who wouldn’t?


noodletreatYes! I know! How cool is that! The OLRG (with real men) were kind enough to get Cat out of her mope by going to The Temple of the Jade Serpent and smacking the noodle cart boss down!

She hurried off this morning to show it off to Dog, and I’m pretty sure he was the recipient of a noodle treat. She seems a little concerned there … maybe a grease fire … but she’s a very happy Cat today thanks to Matty the Tanking Wolf and all of the OLRGers with real men included! Thanks to all for an especially good night!


11 Responses to “OLRG (with real men) Ride Forth Once Again!”

  1. Remind me again what night this is on? I’d love to get back in playing with you all! 🙂 That short time of no subscription messed me all up in the scheduling department!

  2. Just make sure Cat does her homework before serving up noodles to those Pandaren for the treasure noodle cart. Will save her a lot of frustration.

    • Also, let Cat know she’s not alone and I would be happy to help drag her through Stormstout Brewery for the deluxe noodle cart (the last dungeon for the carts, the Pandaren is a single person scenario).

  3. I want noodles! Bring noodles! lol That was tons of fun – till we meet again!

  4. Grats on your noodle cart! Also dungeons are designed to get lost in, as are cities (even those laid out in a grid), hospitals and anything with more than 2 floors.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never seen the mounts drop in there. I’m glad you finished the noodle cart. Pretty soon you’ll be throwing noodle bowls in the solo scenario. It was good the first couple of days (I wanted to complete the timed one to prove to myself I could do it).

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