Pandaren Treasure Noodle Muscle Cart

treasurecartCat is ecstatic. The two things she’d dreamed of both came true. A legendary cloak? Nope. A sought after achievement? Nope, a Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart! It’s like the ultimate muscle car of noodle carts! Look at that baby!

gtoSee what I mean! That cart is totally a Pandaren Treasure Noodle Muscle Cart!

I did some reading about the noodle cart quest chain and it sounded like Cat could complete the step Is That A Real Measurement? without having to kill the last boss in Stormstout Brewery, which is the one I thought might be a problem alone, so off she went! First two bosses, no problem at all. She collected her quest items from the mobs before the last boss. Another step closer to noodle cart!

Cat has always been saddened by the lack of a Hopling. Sasche had tried to find all thirty Golden Hoplings ages ago and finally gave up and left empty handed. This was her chance! No matter HOW LONG she had to stay in there she was going to find those hoplings!

nooblesSuccess! I had been admiring Erinys’ bucket list and wishing I were that organized but I think I may have completed the two things I really wanted. We are ready to met the Warlords! I want the Crawling Craw too … yeah, like that’s ever happening.

Before Cat set off for the final scenario I did more reading and found an interesting comment at Wowhead. Someone said just spam the 3 button giving everyone the same food until they’re happy and leave. Don’t worry about whether they’re merchants or scholars or whatever. Sounds good to me, I told Cat to just fling the same food at everyone and it worked great.

Anyone having trouble with The Secret Ingredient Is… should give it a try. I had been a little worried considering the amount of frustrated comments on the quest, whew! Done!

We even did some archeology hoping we might be on a run of luck … another Canopic Jar … okay, the lucky streak’s over, but it was fun while it lasted.


10 Responses to “Pandaren Treasure Noodle Muscle Cart”

  1. Woot, congratulations on the cart and the hopling. Here’s hoping you get a claw soon too!

  2. I can understand why Cat is ecstatic. Big grats on the noodle cart and the hopling. Really like the name you gave the hopling. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m not sure why I fixated on that Noodle Cart but I was so happy to finally get it. Not so much for the food I just like to look at it, lol.

      Isn’t he cute, I think Cat likes him even more since she had to wait for him!

  3. Grats on your new goodies. I feel ever so slightly silly now cos I’ve been taking that scenario so seriously, thinking I’d fail if I served more than one person the wrong meal :p

  4. Oh, you are so right! Grats on your Muscle NoodleCart!
    Heh, I love the name “noobles” for your hopling 😀

  5. Am I right in guessing that Cat took on Stormstout Brewery alone? I’m at that point in the quest chain right now, and if Cat can do it, maybe Carlatta can, too! Oh, you have me all excited now!

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