Winter’s Veil … Bah Humbug

cimshaWell finally … a little peace around here. Ms. “Squee! Another pet!” Cat and the crew are off to Ironforge spending their days flying back and forth trying to acquire a Rotten Little Helper. While I applaud their choice of pet for once … really … Cat and her bunnies and kitties and SQUEEEE gets old fast.

I don’t really “get” the whole pet thing. Since they all left me here ALONE at Winter’s Veil to learn Destruction, I’m sure no one will mind that I raided the bank and bought a pet suitable for a Warlock … yeah … no cute little kitties for me.

So after making my purchase, I headed back to the torture chamber proving grounds to get stuck on wave seven again. I saw a Zandalari Warscout sneaking along below. Oh! A pleasant diversion before I have to get back to class! Maybe he’ll have a bag of cloth on him.


That’s it! I’ve had it! This is humiliating and you DO NOT humiliate a Warlock. I headed back to the Shrine and reversed all the gems and enchants and reforges at GREAT expense to that interfering busybody handler … snicker … that will teach her!

purplecimTHIS is who I am! THIS is who I’ll remain, there will be no more fiddling with my spec. I AM a Demonology Warlock and a Demonology Warlock I WILL remain.

Um … two things … I learned two things. Although Warlocks act like they don’t care about things like Winter’s Veil they apparently do. Don’t pack up and leave them behind with a task they consider onerous. You will pay and pay dearly for it.

Second thing, it looks like I’ll have to do this Destruction thing from level one to get it right … sigh.

You just wait right there Warscout! Don’t you move Warscout! A Destruction Warlock is COMING FOR YOU … it’s just … you know … it might be a little while.


15 Responses to “Winter’s Veil … Bah Humbug”

  1. Never deny a warlock who she is. NEVER! And awesome – that is one pet I would love too – need to save my pennies or be very, very lucky! Shas need love, too!

    • I sure found that out, lol. My Shaman is having a better time adjusting to Elemental than the Warlock did to Destruction.

      I know! He was such a bargain that I couldn’t resist. My bank alt’s always looking for a good deal.

  2. I could host a “destruction warlock training seminar” this weekend. Maybe call it “We did start the fire”… Man my jokes are lame this early in the AM

  3. I’ve been bouncing my baby Warlock between Demo and Destruction – don’t know which one I like better yet lol.

    I’ve also been running 6 or 7 level 90s for the holiday boss every day to get that flipping Rotten Little Helper with no luck so far.
    I did get a Lumpy but I had one already. Wish we could trade them in or just buy the silly thing.

    Oh well. Another year of 5,394 Fruitcakes…

    • Me too, hiking up there seven times every day and they can’t stay cause they have to return to tend their farm to make ore for the Engineer. Just Fruitcakes again and again so far!

      I’ve got one more on the way right now, let’s hope the DK is the lucky one!

  4. I would be more than willing to help you with learning how to Destro lock.

    I think I left a short and sweet version in one of Bocat’s posts down in the comments.

    • Thank you! I think my problem is mental, big surprise there, lol. I see Cim and can’t stop trying to leap into Demo. I think I need to roll someone so different I don’t keep reverting to Demo half way through.

      I remember and your comment did help when I was tormenting Sasche the same way. I do not know why I can’t keep it in my head.

      • There is some merit in re-leveling as that spec.

        When I first had to switch to destro I made a baby warlock and learned how to play it from the ground up and it helped me understand it a lot more. I had been affliction for so long that everything else was foreign.

        Just don’t make the new toon and then end up going BACK to demo, cause I uh haven’t ever done that >.>

  5. Congratulations on the pet. It’s always exciting when you see a pet you want and can finally afford! Even better when you find one at a bargain price.

    Good luck with the spec.

  6. My warlocks are the happiest when they go for demonology. They can make do with affliction as well. But if I change them to destruction spec they start to go on strike…I think it’s all down to a matter of play style and personal preferences in the end.

    Good thing your warlock had that nice (creepy) pet to cheer her up a bit! 🙂

    • I think my first little Warlock back in Vanilla was Affliction so I’d probably be EVEN worse at that, lol.

      Hopefully the new Warlock will learn Destruction and I can stop annoying this one by trying to make her change!

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