Matty’s Solstice Advent Challenge: 17, 18, 19


Light of Flame.

For day 17, *cough* cheater *cough* I’m using my new Flamethrower. I’ve given her flaming red hair, the title Flame Warden and the name Flaminga in the hope that I’ve successfully eradicated ANY resemblance to a Demonology Warlock. I’ve convinced myself she’s a totally new class, The Flamethrower. This way I’ll finally be able to learn Destruction. My only wish is that I could change the Void into something that looks like a Shaman’s Fire Elemental … maybe a glyph or something, oh well.


Tree lights.


City lights.

Solstice Advent Challenge

9 Responses to “Matty’s Solstice Advent Challenge: 17, 18, 19”

  1. LOL at the use of Flame Warden!

  2. Good luck with the fire focused Dwarf! She could have a fire elemental battle pet out, like the fel flame or the scorchling to add to the atmosphere.

  3. Okay, perhaps I too shall start a Dwarf and try affliction again…now to think of a clever name

  4. […] the polar opposite of Tome’s Flaminga with a demeanor  as cold as the snow around her. Unlucky in love, she now freezes the […]

  5. I love the idea of Flaminga the Flamethrower. If she doesn’t like big fiery spells I’m not sure who does. 😀

    Those lights out it Terokkar are so pretty. They really add something to the zone. 🙂

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