That Psychic Chick Cymre

notayawmNo, that’s not a yawn. It might look like a yawn but it’s a roar of glee … but let me back up. Before Cat logged on, my Bank Alt did her morning accounting and saw we’d made a little money. She knew Cat wanted a Ji-Kun Hatchling. Yesterday there were two on the AH so she quickly checked … oh no, not a single hatchling for sale. Sorry Cat. Maybe tomorrow.

Cat was ready to set off to kill the Greench again. What? I know, they’re all still doing it. I think they like to get a fruitcake and then yell, I DON’T EVEN CARE! HA! HA! She noticed she had mail. WHAT!!??

It’s a letter from Cymre! OMG! OMG!

Cat, calm down. What is it?

It’s a Ji-Kun Hatchling! That Cymre has psychic abilities! What a wonderful surprise! I told Greatfather Winter I wanted one … but … but … I didn’t … OMG! … it happened!

chickcymCat thought about it for a while and decided to name her Psychic Cymre … well, because she must be! Thanks so much Cym!

I last saw Cat blowing kisses to that little Psychic Cymre Chick before they set off for her training. Cat’s not even going to miss me when I leave for the Land of IRL and I’ll know she’s having a wonderful Winter Veil training her Hatchling. Watch, it’ll probably be level 25 by the time I get back. That Cat sure has a lot of really nice friends.

11 Responses to “That Psychic Chick Cymre”

  1. LOL that name cracks me up. I was trying to think of a more meaningful pet you didn’t have so when i saw Ji-kun jr, I just knew I had to try and get one for you.

  2. So cute! That Cymre is one awesome lady – happy holidays!

  3. A Wonderful gift!!!

  4. Oh wow! Wonderful gift! Hope you have a Happy Holidays!

  5. Merry Christmas Tome 🙂

  6. […] was the first one to surprise me with a gift this year. I was able to reciprocate with a Ji-Kun Hatchling which seemed fitting for a […]

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