My Obligatory CRZ Winter Veil Morning Shot and then …

crzwinterveilYeah … so I manage to sneak away from food preparation to go to Ironforge and open presents. Not happening. The really nice thing about CRZ is that I now feel better about my server. I mean we’re absolute angels in comparison to what some people must have to put up with on a daily basis.

So … I was given FFXIV for Christmas because I did so much complaining around here when it came out. I whined about how I didn’t buy it before they stopped selling it. I’ll try that. One less person clogging up Ironforge.

ffwtfI spent an enormous amount of time trying to make what I considered a believable character. I know, I know, it’s a fantasy world but I was unable to even come CLOSE to not cute and perky. I am not cute and perky so I put dirt and scars and stuff on her face … still cute … and perky.

And I have a bow on my butt. How am I to hold up my head as I tell people, yes … yes … I am a hardened adventurer and I will take your quest and dispatch whatever evildoers I come across. Don’t you imagine they’ll be laughing their asses off? And what the hell is with the garter belt contraption I seem to be wearing … just … WTF!

chipsI mean would you hire these guys to clear out a Dragon infestation? No, probably not. Where’s their armor? Unless those really ARE abs of steel.

Same problem I have. I’m a fire flinging Thaumaturge and I’m wearing bows on my butt and look like I just stepped out of some chorus line at an establishment of dubious repute … geeeeezzzzz.

I ran around in that getup for a while but I seem to find Ul’Dah impossible to navigate and I can’t find the damn Lady Bugs I have to kill. Enough.

I’m going to go back now and drink in the ambiance of Ironforge. Ah … so good to be home. Warts and all.

7 Responses to “My Obligatory CRZ Winter Veil Morning Shot and then …”

  1. I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘dragon infestation.’ Okay, sorry. I’ve been hitting the egg nog pretty hard.

  2. You left me a bit befuddled at the end there as I had always believed that Drinkin’ IS the ambiance of Ironforge. Or did you mean you will be drinking in one of the many fine establishments in the Ironforge environs?
    Abs of steel maybe on the dudes but um… butt of many jokes? She does look a bit daft dressed (or half-dressed) like that.
    Enjoy though.

    • I know, I wouldn’t hire her to go out on dangerous quests dressed like that, it just doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.

      LOL! I made a pun and didn’t even know it. I can literally DRINK in the Ironforge ambiance!

  3. Don’t ever change.

    I nearly spewed my coffee when I saw the Chippendales.

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