You Write Like … Varian? Garrosh? Arthas?

sheeyitEvery once in a while I check back at I Write Like to see if I’ve changed. I used to be a Cory Doctorow but at one point I changed into a Chuck Palahniuk. Don’t know how I changed from a Cory to a Chuck but I seem to be consistently Chuck now.

This got me thinking about the WoW blogs I read. I KNOW there are writers I would recognize from their posts. Some of them I’d only need a paragraph or two and there are a few where one word would suffice … one word and I’d know who the post was written by. For example, the picture above. If you read her you will instantly know who that is.

The rest of my life, whenever I hear someone shout out SHEEYIT! she’ll be the first person I fondly think of. This may not be the best reaction because I might want to get out of the way of whatever caused the SHEEYIT! in the first place but there it is. I can’t change it.

I think I would recognize Matty by the lyrical beauty of the story. I think I would recognize a Navi poem anywhere. I could go on and on.

I was trying to figure out how we could test this but typically … because I’m not a planner … I was off willy-nilly in another direction. I’m still thinking. Maybe I’ll come up with something or one of you planners will.

Me? Oh that’s easy.

OMG! … WTF! … !!! … yeah. The End.

10 Responses to “You Write Like … Varian? Garrosh? Arthas?”

  1. I got Chuck the other day, too: quite a distance from JRR Tolkien. Talk about a WTF! But hey, I like both writers, so… I love this post Tome – it is at the heart of what I am all about – finding and sharing our own voices. Pretty cool, my friend.

    • There are so many I’m sure I would know from just their posts. I can’t think of a way to test it though. It would need an uber-planning machine like JD or something.

      I can buy the Tolkien for one of your stories and the Chuck for one of your non-story posts. You’re a multi-personality poster!

  2. Apparently I write like a lot of people as just about every text I analyzed came up different lol.

    I guess that means I have no writing style. I did get Margaret Atwood a few times – yeah, I wish 😀

    • Oh wow, Margaret Atwood! Maybe we should label our posts, we could have categories by author, lol.

      I don’t write anything that could be considered fiction but I noticed that one post that was “close” to fiction got a Ursula Le Guin so I was happy on that one!

  3. Good to know I have contributed at least one (corrupted) word into the internet vernacular! 😀

    According to that thingie (which I tried all of one times), I write like William Gibson. Is it bad that I have no idea who that is? /coff

  4. I’ve never seen that “I write like”. I’ll have to have a look at it. 🙂

  5. Woah, it says Douglas Adams for me. >.>

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