Let it Go Already WordPress

attractionsSo I get my “Your 2013 in blogging!” from WordPress, YAY YAY WOO-HOO! Wait … what? Seriously WordPress? Are you NEVER going to let this go? I am so TIRED of your carefully veiled jabs at me. It was a mistake, ALRIGHT? A mistake when I was a young blogger … it’s been over a year and a blog year is like … I don’t know … dog years. LET IT GO!

Yes, I typed the word that must not be typed. I moved on. I’ve atoned by occasionally posting sorta helpful facts, okay?

raquel OMG! I thought we had an understanding!  I thought we’d agreed to let bygones be bygones, what do you want me to say … I’m sorry … I’m sorry, I WILL NEVER TYPE THE WORD THAT MUST NOT BE TYPED AGAIN OKAY! Can we move on?

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people which is an interesting fact but has no bearing on your blog. You know your garden shed in your back yard?

shed If all your visitors in 2013 were to get in that shed there’d still be room … for more.

YOU BITCHBASTARD WORDPRESS! I don’t believe you, you’re just still mad about the N word, what are you trying to say? That most of my traffic is looking for unclothed Vrykul? Is that it?

I was in a good mood this morning WordPress, I was going to talk about how, since I got a headset that works, I’ve been listening to the different zone music and was … oh what’s the point. Apparently WordPress thinks that the majority of my traffic is perverts looking for … can’t type it … must not type it … um … unattired women. So I’m sure they aren’t interested in a discussion of WoW music.

Okay you guys, move along … nothing to see here. You know who you are. And to the rest of you, have a Great New Year!

16 Responses to “Let it Go Already WordPress”

  1. Oh that’s hilarious. Can’t wait to see what the report says next year.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year! Looking forward to lots more posts on γυμνός Vyrkul, Human males and anything else you decide to write about 😛

    p.s my Ancient Greek is exceedingly rusty* so technically it might say anything but I’m sure my intent is obvious!

    *I only went to three classes before switching to Ancient Latin.

    • Oh man, thanks Erinys. I’m pretty sure old WordPress can’t read Greek so I won’t get in trouble.

      I hope your New Year is a great one! It’s new year afternoon here right now. Maybe I should go to Azeroth to pass the time until the Eve of new year!

  3. It’s amazing how many things can be turned into a nudge nudge wink wink. Oh! Now you’ll get people looking for naughty Monty Python jokes. Whoops now you’ll get snake searches. Ah! Endless fun with search engines. /lol
    Of course I would come to someplace called Book of the Old One for un att ired bodi es . Leather (ooh!) bindings (oh oh) on the spines (nasty) . M u s t s t o p.

    I hope you and yours have a great new year. May 2014 grant all your achievement wishes in Draenor and Azeroth. (and the real world too.)

    • Thanks Martin, and I hope your new year is a great one too! I know, and WordPress just won’t let me live down my past indiscretions, lol. I long for the year that THAT word doesn’t feature in my yearly report!

  4. Happy New Year my dear Tome: if it’s only a few of us in that woodshed, then so be it. We’re in good company!

  5. Happy New Year Tome!

  6. Also, the search terms can be… um… interesting. Most of my pages are BIG and contain lots of words because I’m a ficcer. Also, my characters have healthy appetites, but I don’t go so far as to write actual smut. Nothing beyond what you might find in a James Bond movie, is what I’m getting at. Nothing especially pervy. But… Lots of words. Which, when you jumble them up and put them back together again, could be used to form decidedly depraved concepts.

    So I hope that the person interested in stories featuring Selena Gomez and some dogs enjoyed my tales even though the name Selena refers to Bannog’s little sister, and the dog in question was a mild-mannered Worgen butler.

  7. LoL! Be careful what you write because the WordPress gods will haunt you forever.

    Happy New Year and may all your posts be ummmm….”clothed.” 😀

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