New Year’s Resolutions … Uh-uh

confessionsI never do new year resolutions irl or WoW. I can disappoint myself just fine without setting me up for failure so I stay away from them. What I do have though are new year’s confessions. Yeah, even better.

As it happens a Priest passed through town and my characters started confessing. Don’t know what got into them. It was a real eye-opener for me.

Confession Sasche: I’ve only cannibalized one body when I was quite young. It was disgusting and gross and I never did it again.

Confession Liwu: I couldn’t wait until I learned Synapse Springs but I never remember to use it. I fell off a cliff on the Timeless Isle and forgot I had a Parachute Cloak and died. I’m afraid if the Gnomes find out they’ll pull my Engineer’s License.

Confession Janinna: I HATE being a Death Knight. I have a spammable macro from back in Wrath or Cata, can’t remember which. I don’t know or care what’s happening or whether ANYTHING is happening when I spam it. I just want to be who I was before.

Confession Catwynn: I haven’t liked any of the transmogs she’s made for me except for the first one. She keeps putting me in dresses. I hate dresses … I want my pants back but I don’t want to hurt her feelings so I don’t say anything.

Confession Tome: I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show … not even once. I know. But I promise I’ll watch Matty’s videos for the next Old Ladies Raiding Guild meet-up. I’ll watch them but I can’t promise they’ll … you know … help.

15 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions … Uh-uh”

  1. LOL confessions, now I like that! But my confessions are so boring, it is rather fun to read all your toon’s ones 🙂

  2. It’s just the dance number, not the whole thing. I am thinking that the only people who should ever watch RHPS are those in their own personal Time Warp (me). Just to see Susan Sarandon as a young ingenue is worth the price of admission, however, Tim Curry in a bustier will require years of eye soap, so might as well skip it. But the dance number is infectiious, so do not be afraid to click. No transvestite cult film classics were harmed in the making of the post, promise.

    And holy-moly, if I wrote a list of confessions…the chapel in Stormwind would catch on fire. The times I got bored and “helped” the tank last night in LFR alone…

    • But I really should see that sometime, I enjoyed the Time Warp video and yes, wasn’t Susan cute.

      I’m pretty sure I have more confessions but that’s all that came to mind. One they all do, since server merge they get buffs from people and aren’t paying attention. They are so UNUSED to such kind behavior and miss thanking them.

      Oh, and Cat’s a cheater cause she threw all the people in that noodle cart quest the same food. Geez, I see I have a lot more confessing to do!

      • Having your kids watch RHPS and then look at you… and you find yourself trying to explain “All the other kids were doing it!” And then they tell their friends, “Come see this old movie my Mom and Dad use to pay to see every weekend!”

        A few years ago I made the New Years Resolution “Never make any more resolutions!” I’ve kept it ever since!

  3. So, you were celebrating Festivus, then?

  4. Don’t feel too bad, I’ve never seen that movie either.

    • Whew, I thought everyone but me had seen it. I looked around and it looks like you can watch it online. I’ll have to remember to check it out sometime. I liked Matty’s Time Warp dance number so I might like it all.

  5. Nope, me neither (RHPS) although I rewrote a couple of the songs for a friend’s retirement once. Haven’t seen Priscilla queen of the desert either. Not for me.


    I make resolutions but don’t tell anyone so they don’t know when I blow it. As you so aptly say “setting myself up for failure”. /lol i like that idea.

    • Just asked my husband and he never saw it either and here I thought I was the only one!

      Ah, very crafty indeed! If I decide to make a resolution I think I’ll try that method and no one will be the wiser.

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