Deathwing Meets the Old Ladies

stunnedYeah … Cim is … stunned. I think she’s checking to see if old Deathwing is hiding down there. It was another amazing evening meetup of the Old Ladies Raiding Guild. And I almost missed it.

I love football but it has a soporific effect on me if my team is not directly or indirectly involved. Doesn’t matter what time of day the game is, if it has no bearing on my team … snoring is likely to happen. Since MY team can’t fire their owner, the Colts vs. Chiefs wild card game means nothing to them … sssssnore … OMG! It’s 6:30pm, WAKE UP!

We first visited Firelands again where that Cat was up to her usual inadvertent attempts at tanking. Gurdrid, our tank for Firelands was very understanding and didn’t yell at that silly Cat. I don’t know, I blame it on always being alone and I think what’s going through Cat’s head is OMG! OMG! QUICK, KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS ME! HELP! I’M GOING TO DIE! FASTER, FASTER! Maybe she should change her profession to tank but considering she’s directionally challenged and everyone expects the tank to lead on, that probably wouldn’t work out.

Shocks were to follow as Ragnaros grows feet … I KNOW … in Heroic and doesn’t stay conveniently located so that Cat can happily stay in one spot whaling away on him. Thankfully we quickly put an end to THAT.

Cat was pouting because once again that ratbastard Staghelm did not drop a certain staff so she stalked back home and Cim the Warlock joined. To be fair to Cat it’s really because I hoped Cim would be less likely to cause trouble in Dragon Soul. Never having faced Deathwing or even read up on it the likelihood of me screwing up was GREAT.

I don’t raid, I don’t have helpful addons, I don’t know what my dps is because I’m afraid if I did know I’d die of embarrassment and never return. I was … concerned.

dsgroupI had been happy that Neo, my Fenris/Dragonblight server mate had joined us for the evening. Gurdrid, after having to deal with cheeky cats, said she’d rather not tank Dragon Soul as like me, she’d not met Deathwing before, at least in there. Neoangalo the Warlock left us and Neostrike the Death Knight came in to tank for us.

It was wonderful, I could not see anything with all the tentacles waving and bad guys jumping around and blood running and … yeah … chaos. And through the chaos a Death Knight voice calmly directed us and WE PREVAILED.

I was stunned silent. Okay … yeah … I’m always silent but you know what I mean. Deathwing was dead. Something I’d never hoped to see. I think that’s when Cim ran over to check and make sure he wasn’t hiding. It was a lot like another WoW moment that meant a lot to me.

cimthrallCim didn’t want to leave. It was embarrassing. Thrall finally had to say … show’s over … move along. Thanks for the help … bye. That was incredible. Thank you everyone!

10 Responses to “Deathwing Meets the Old Ladies”

  1. That was one of our best nights yet, and they’ve all been pretty awesome! Neo can come along (er….Raid Lead) anytime! Love those calm raiding voices. Unlike mine: RUN! STOP IT! GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! Things to that effect…lol!

    • It was a wonderful night! I really enjoyed it and I’ll have to stop watching football prior to the run, lol. Can’t trust my husband to poke me awake and the dogs are no better as they’re sleeping next to me.

  2. I had fun too!! I always enjoy going back and smashing faces on toons I wasn’t raiding on when things were current. Also, I’m glad y’all didn’t mind me giving some strats, I always worry about people thinking I’m trying to take over their raid. Let me know what else you “never thought you’d kill” and we can make it happen!

    • I’m glad you had fun Neo, I know I certainly did! I can watch videos and read about fights but I’m afraid I can only learn by experience and your instructions on Deathwing were perfect for me. Not too much info, and calm delivery. Thank you! And I know I can speak for Matty too, we love anyone who is kind enough to help.

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a tonne of fun again last night. Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I didn’t want to raid while running away every few minutes to attend to the rather sick wee lad (good news, he’s better…bad news, mom picked it up).

    Thanks for linking back to me. Going back and reading that post brought a smile to my face and also allows me (at least) to appreciate just how much you enjoyed this one.

    • I’m glad to hear he’s feeling better but I’m sorry the Missus now has it. May it make a swift departure!

      All of the get-togethers of LBR and OLRG have been fun but there are ones that are just special and I’ll never forget!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        That’s what makes them so great. 😀

        And the plague has moved on from both of them. It seems to last about a day. Needless to say, I’m the one now hoping it only lasts a day.

  4. Oh nice to read what I missed earlier. Hope to get those heroic FL achievements sometime and I still wish I could bring my BE instead. Grats on all the new kills and achievements to show for it.

    • I’m glad you could be there! Yes, I wish we could have cross-faction runs on old content, I mean they do work together sometimes.

      I have three achievements in there left to do too, fingers crossed that we’ll get them done!

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